About Us

Have you ever started something that just kind of spiraled out of your control? That’s what happened with us, the bad movie twins (aka the Sklogs), and watching bad movies. The public reasoning behind the site is to preserve this venture for posterity. The secret reason is to support the continued growth of the Bad Movie Twin Media Empire (BMTME). After five years we have a rudimentary website. Who knows where we’ll be after ten years?! (Bad Movie Twin Productions? Probably not).

Enjoy the new movies as they are previewed and recapped, or root about in our Movie Archive. We have a bizarrely in depth rule book! Our own metric for categorizing bad movies! We challenge ourselves with … challenges! The amount of time we clearly spend on this will make you wonder if we have jobs (spoiler alert: we do!).


The Sklogs

All questions and comments can be forwarded to SklogBMT@gmail.com


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