Welcome to the Bad Movie Archive (BMA). This section records the movies that have been watched since February of 2011. It is split into sections by year and should include a preview, recap, and potentially bonus notes. Marvel at our dedication, peruse our ramblings.

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4/12/2018 Assassin’s Creed Preview Recap / Quiz

Current Year

1/4/2018 CHIPS Preview Recap
1/11/2018 Max Payne Preview Recap
1/18/2018 Ouija Preview Recap
1/25/2018 The Women (2008) Preview Recap
2/1/2018 Marmaduke Preview Recap
BONUS Batman Forever Preview Recap
2/9/2018 Batman & Robin Preview Recap
2/16/2018 Fifty Shades Freed (Live!) Preview Recap / Quiz
2/23/2018 The Country Bears Preview Recap / Quiz
3/1/2018 The Snowman Preview Recap / Quiz
BONUS Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo Preview Recap / Quiz
3/8/2018 Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Preview Recap / Quiz
3/15/2018 Extreme Ops Preview Recap / Quiz
3/22/2018 Chernobyl Diaries Preview Recap / Quiz
3/29/2018 Monte Carlo Preview Recap / Quiz
4/5/2018 I Spy Preview Recap / Quiz

Stats So Far: 16 films (2 BONUS, 14 weeks), 423 total films