Bad Movie Institute of Technology

Welcome to BMIT! A purely research-focused institution in the Sklog-iversity system founded in 2016 with zero students and two distinguished professors. Located exclusively online, BMIT brings you peer-reviewed research (your twin is your peer right?) investigating all of your favorite bad movie questions. Why don’t some movies have settings? How can we quantify “badness”? Why does this website exist? We will get into it, and we have opinions.

Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics Department

Department Head

Distinguished Professor of Bad Movie Science and Technology – Patrick

Patrick’s world famous research into the BMeTric launched BMIT to the top of the quantitative bad movie research department listings! Ever striving to predict and analyze the badness of movies, Patrick’s current research focuses on the Bad Movie Model, a predictive model for determining hopeful BMT candidates. An award winning (Smaddies Baddies 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017) researcher, Patrick hopes to destroy all joy in bad movie watching through quantification.

Previous Research Topics:

Current Research Project: Bad Movie Twins Bad Movie Data Analysis

Humanities, Arts and Social Science Department

Department Head

Distinguished Professor of Bad Movie Philosophy – Jamie

Jamie’s short story series on the Bad Movie Twins, the Bad Movie Multiverse, and the continues adventures of Rich & Poe have garnered a number of international prizes over the years (just don’t ask which ones, they are super secret). An award winning (Smaddies Baddies 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017) researcher, Jamie hopes to promote the wondrous majesty of bad movie watching through his works of fiction. See the Bad Movie Twin adventures every week in the prologue of the BMT previews!

Current Research Project: The New Adventures of the Bad Movie Twins