Bring a Friend Archive

In 2017 it was decided that the Bad Movie Twins were just missing out on too dang many bad movies! We only watch like … 60 a year *sob*. And thus Bring a Friend was invented. In the Bring a Friend cycle and genre we allow for a non-BMT qualified film to be “brought in” via some connection to a qualifying film. Because this website still serves as an archive of sorts it naturally needed a place to more officially store this information. In addition to the IMDb link for these film I’ll also try and provide some reasoning towards why we think the film is “big enough” and “bad enough” for BMT. We are big and bad dudes and demand only the biggest and baddest films after all. Enjoy!


Dirty Dancing (2017) – Street credit directly from this specific article.

Black Friday – It’s street cred comes from the director Darren Doane who directs Kirk Cameron films now. The argument for why it is bad is that even Gary Daniels fans think it is bad for a Gary Daniels film.

Asterix at the Olympic Games – Hard to confirm, but it does appear that there are a Razzies equivalent in France and this film won worst film of 2007!

D-Tox – No one can deny a straight-to-DVD Stallone film has got some big bad street cred.

Transmorphers – An Asylum film which is honestly cred enough, but it is also rips-off one of the bigger BMT franchises in Transformers and was notable enough to get actual genuine reviewers to notice.

Manos: The Hands of Fate – Featured in arguably the most famous MST3K episodes of all time. It is also considered one of the worst films ever made.


Teen Witch (paired with Vampire Academy as a teen supernatural film) – All of the cred comes from a single scene. Top That.

A Talking Cat?! (paired with Garfield and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties as a talking cat film) – Featured on The Flop House podcast, and the titular cat is voiced by Eric Roberts.

Edison Force (Paired with The 13th Warrior as films released long after filming) – This is one of those films which get all of its cred from its cast: Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Justin Timberlake, and LL Cool J headline a straight-to-DVD feature! Given a BOMB by Leonard Maltin.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (paired with Jaws: The Revenge as an attacking animal film) – Literally considered one of the worst films ever made.

Liz and Dick (paired with In Love and War as a dramatic love story) – Again, all from the cast really. This was supposed to be Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback … in a Lifetime film!

Foodfight! (paired with Alpha and Omega as an animated kids’ film) – One of the strangest stories in film history, like A Sound of Thunder on steroids. Just read this thing!

Groom Lake (paired with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier via the director, William Shatner) – The only other film besides Star Trek V: The Final Frontier to be directed by William Shatner. That’s nuts.

Samurai Cop (paired with Exit Wounds as a bad ass kung-fu cop film) – Is considered one of the best bad movies of all time. Featured heavily in multiple episodes of Red Letter Media.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (paired with The 15:17 to Paris as an A+ setting) – Has one of the worst scenes ever. Features multiple Playboy Playmates. And is directed by Andy Sidaris. Street cred up the wazoo.


Escape Plan 2: Hades (paired with Ernest Goes to Jail as a prison escape film) – Despite being direct-to-DVD it managed to get 23 reviews for a 9% qualified Rotten Tomatoes score, including reviews by indieWire and Hollywood Reporter.

Santa with Muscles (paired with Santa Claus: The Movie as a Christmas film) – Hulk Hogan … thinking he’s Santa. Nuff said.

Un indien dans la ville (paired with Jungle 2 Jungle, it’s own remake) – A rare foreign dub which was big enough to gain the attention of Roger Ebert, who put it on his worst of list for 1996.

Dracula 3000 (paired with Dracula 2000 as a Dracula in the future film) – This was just too good of an opportunity with Dracula 2000. It has Casper Van Dien and an incredibly low IMDb rating as well.

The Roller Blade Seven (paired with Daylight which stars Sylvester Stallone, this stars his brother Frank Stallone) – Donald G. Jackson has a somewhat legendary bad movie filmography, much like Neil Breen he produces micro-budget films. The first example of Zen Filmmaking we’ve watched.

Soultaker (paired with Lost & Found which stars Martin Sheen, this stars his brother Joe Estevez) – A notable film lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000. It also stars bad movie legend Robert Z’Dar.

Driving Force (paired with Black Dog which stars Patrick Swayze, this stars his brother Don Swayze) – A Mad Max rip off starring Flash Gorden, which was enough for me.

T.N.T. (paired with Sleeping with the Enemy which stars Julia Roberts, this stars her brother Eric Roberts) – A knock-off Van Damme film starring martial arts mega-star (?) Olivier Gruner. Basically a better version of Black Friday.

To the Limit (paired with Perfect which stars John Travolta, this stars his brother Joey Travolta) – As a true Anna Nicole Smith vehicle I think that is enough credit alone, something to check off our bucket list.

Future Cop (paired with Gangster Squad which stars Sean Penn, this stars his brother Chris Penn) – A Don “The Dragon” Wilson vehicle, you have to watch a low-budget martial arts films every so often to really feel alive. Red Letter Media owns it on VHS.

Buford’s Beach Bunnies (paired with The Circle which stars Tom Hanks, this stars his brother Jim Hanks) – Basically there are a number of soft-core porn “beach” movies that were made around this time. This one happens to star Jim Hanks which makes it specifically worthwhile.

Dead Weekend (paired with Mercury Rising which stars Alec Baldwin, this stars Stephen Baldwin) – The worst straight-to-video/cable release we could find for Stephen Baldwin.

Fallout (paired with Mercury Rising which stars Alec Baldwin, this stars Daniel Baldwin) – The worst straight-to-video/cable release we could find for Daniel Baldwin.

Backdraft 2 (paired with Mercury Rising which stars Alec Baldwin, this stars William Baldwin) – We couldn’t pass up a 30-tears-later sequel that somehow still stars William Baldwin and Donald Sutherland!

P.U.N.K.S. (paired with The Intruder which stars Dennis Quaid, this stars Randy Quaid) – Basically this is just a straight-to-video film starring Randy Quaid from the 90’s. Looks like Baby Geniuses.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (paired with Serenity (2019) which both star Matthew McConaughey) – Manages to cross McConaughey’s entire career basically, while also clearing out four of the seven Texas Chainsaw Massacre released in one go.


DOA: Dead or Alive (paired with Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life which are both based on video games) – Basically all video game films are terrible, but not all of them qualify for BMT. So sometimes some of them have to be brought along as a friend.

MVP: Most Valuable Primate (paired with Ed which are both kids sports films starring chimpanzees) – Self-explanatory, sometimes you have to just go a shade below the wide release animal-starring films, and see what the actual dregs looks like.

Black Eagle (paired with Whiteout as a Black/White combination) – Early Van Damme where he plays a bad guy. Also possibly the only bad film ever set on Malta.