The BMT Rulebook

The Bad Movie Twins are ever striving to have the most complex and structured bad movie night in the world! We will not rest until we destroy all ambiguity and suck all of the fun out of watching bad movies. Our structure is now a multi-scale nightmare of complications:

1) How we get from movie to movie: The Categories and Chain Reaction

2) Order across all of the categories: The Cycle

3) Order across multiple cycles: The Stallonian Calendar

In addition we have two main rules we always attempt to abide by.

Any BMT film should, if possible, have a score below 40%.

Every film should be a “wide release”. Usually this means 1000+ theaters, a good amount of votes, etc. With the VOD age upon us this criterion is ever changing. However we decide to define it the movie should be “big”.

Let’s go!

The Categories

From the beginning of BMT we knew we wanted to spread our wings and fly. To watch a broad range of different terrible movies, not just comedies or action films, but also spooky horror films and tender romances. So The Cycle is comprised of eight categories as follows (in this exact order if possible):

Comedy – Got to get our laugh on. Or, usually with BMT, be bored by distinctly unfunny anti-comedies.

Action – Are you ready for some action packed ‘splosions? You better be because bad action films are usually light on plot and character development.

Horror/Thriller – The Bad Movie Twins have hated horror films all of our lives because we find them so spooky scary. This category demystifies the horror/thriller genre by showing that most of the time they are unintentionally funny garbage movies.

Romance – aka Girls Night Out. You ever want to grab yo girl and say “Hey boo, BMT has got you covered. Come watch this sweet Nick Sparks film with me”? I do not recommend it. But hey, there has to be a place to put dramas about people getting cancer sometimes.

Chain Reaction – See below. An interwoven mini-game that is almost exclusively used to make designing Cycles a near impossibility.

Achievement Unlocked (formerly Sci-Fi / Western / Drama (formerly just Sci-Fi)) – A second modification in for the 2021 season. After “completing” sci-fi generally the achievement category hunts for new sub-genres to complete as best we can in a year. The previous modification for the 2018 BMT season was to add additional genres to create a catch-all category. This was mostly because there aren’t that many Sci-Fi films left to watch.

Bring a Friend (formerly the Razzie category, and then Game Time) – A minor modification for the 2017 BMT season changed the Razzie category to Game Time in which we continue our quest to complete BMT challenges (watch all Razzie nominated films, the calendar, etc.).  Almost immediately we realized we just weren’t watching enough movies! Bring a friend started as a cycle in 2017 and became a full fledged category in 2018. Now our cycles involved precisely 10 films, which is fun. So nice and round as to almost suggest a kind of destiny … like we are communicating directly with God or something … it is nice either way I think.

The Transition – The category that transitions from one cycle to the next. The newest category it was introduced along with the Stallonian Calendar (see below) to tie cycles together in an increasingly confusing manner.

Wow, that sounds like no fun. This is already incredibly complicated. I bet you hope we are more than 25% through this explanation … nope! Let’s keep going!

Chain Reaction

Prior to BMT we used to play a movie watching game via email in which one of us would watch a movie and then, using the filmography of the actors within the movie, choose a movie for the other twin to watch. After watching The Animal and Pearl Harbor for the second time (each) we decided this was a horrid idea. And yet a mere one year into BMT we decided, hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we tried to build a chain through actors filmographies from cycle to cycle? And thus the Chain Reaction Category was born. Four years later …

(Start) Abduction Alfred Molina
Texas Rangers Ashton Kutcher
The Guardian Kevin Costner
3000 Miles to Graceland Kurt Russell
Poseidon Richard Dreyfuss
Mad Dog Time Gabriel Byrne
Ghost Ship Isaiah Washington
Hollywood Homicide Harrison Ford
Firewall Virginia Madsen
Red Riding Hood Gary Oldman
Tiptoes Matthew McConaughey
Failure to Launch Sarah Jessica Parker
Escape from Planet Earth Brendan Fraser
Furry Vengeance Ken Jeong
Zookeeper Adam Sandler
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Dan Aykroyd
Caddyshack II Chevy Chase
Doogal Whoopi Goldberg
Theodore Rex Carol Kane
The Pacifier Megan York
Cheaper by the Dozen Hilary Duff
What Goes Up Steve Coogan
Around the World in 80 Days Arnold Schwarzenegger
Conan the Destroyer Mako
Bulletproof Monk Jamie King
Cheaper By the Dozen 2 Bonnie Hunt
Random Hearts Charles S. Dutton
No Mercy Bruce McGill
Ride Along 2 Ice Cube
Are We Done Yet? John C. McGinley
Wagons East! John Candy
Hot to Trot Dabney Coleman
The Beverly Hillbillies Lea Thompson
Jaws 3-D Dennis Quaid
A Dog’s Purpose Josh Gad
Marmaduke Owen Wilson
I Spy Keith Dallas
Underclassman Roselyn Sanchez
The Game Plan Christine Lakin
Alpha and Omega Danny Glover
Proud Mary Xander Berkeley
Universal Soldier: The Return Daniel von Bargen
The Postman Will Patton
Armageddon Ben Affleck
Runner Runner Anthony Mackie
Gangster Squad Nick Nolte
Angel Has Fallen Morgan Freeman
Kiss the Girls Brian Cox
The Glimmer Man Michelle Johnson
Blame it on Rio Demi Moore
Now and Then Rosie O’Donnell
Fatal Instinct Christopher McDonald
The Skulls Leslie Bibb
Confessions of a Shopaholic Joan Cusack
Toys Jack Warden
Problem Child 2 Alan Blumenfeld
K-9 John Snyder
Eraser James Caan
Bulletproof Kristen Wilson
Walking Tall (2004) Johnny Knoxville
Men in Black II Rip Torn
Senseless Matthew Lillard
Wicker Park Josh Hartnett
Pearl Harbor Michael Shannon
Amsterdam Robert De Niro
Killer Elite Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Suicide Squad (2016)

Pretty depressing huh? From cycle to cycle to cycle to cycle we go on and on. And then we thought, hey, let’s make this even more complicated.

The Cycle

You have seen the cycle in its native form in the category section, a loose conglomeration of genres in close temporal proximity. And then we thought, hey, let’s tame this stallion and saddle it with a theme (pun intended to finish the horse taming analogy!). The Cycle now ties the movies from each of the eight categories together in a meaningful way. So structured!

The Cycles started in August 21, 2014 as an attempt to complete our Prior to 2016 we completed seven cycles (although we were not very strict about covering all genres and skipped weeks like jerks):

Movies Set in States – Welcome to Mooseport (Maine), American Outlaws (Missouri), The Haunting in Connecticut (Connecticut), The Prince & Me (Wisconsin), Stone Cold (Mississippi), Say it Isn’t So (LudaChris Kleinsville).

Films Made in 2014 – Blended, Transformers Age of Extinction, The Singles Mom Club, Devil’s Due, Transcendence, Legend of Hercules 3D, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, A Haunted House 2, Need for Speed.

Female Leads – Tammy (Melissa McCarthy), The Sweetest Thing (Cameron Diaz), Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron), The Roommate (Minka Kelly), Because I Said So (Mandy Moore), Theodore Rex (Whoopi Goldberg), Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson), Glitter (Mariah Carey), Georgia Rule (Lindsay Lohan).

Movies Set in States II – Georgia Rule (Idaho), The Pacifier (Maryland), Hard Rain (Indiana), Silent Hill: Revelation (West Virginia; Silent Hill watched as a BONUS), Evening (Rhode Island), The Host (New Mexico), A Change of Seasons (Vermont), Devil’s Knot (Arkansas).

Movies Based on a Book – Devil’s Knot, Mortdecai, Never Die Alone, Bless the Child, Fifty Shades of Grey, Cheaper by the Dozen, Seventh Son (based on The Spook’s Apprentice), Scarlet Letter, Wild Bill (based on Deadwood and Fathers and Sons).

Movies Set in States III –Wild Bill (South Dakota), Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 (Nevada), Into the Storm (Oklahoma), Survival of the Dead (Delaware), A Thousand Acres (Iowa), What Goes Up (New Hampshire), Critter 2 The Main Course (Kansas), September Dawn (Utah), Be Cool (

Films Made in 2015 – Jupiter Ascending, Hot Pursuit, The Last Witch Hunter, Pixels, The Gallows, Unfinished Business, The Gunman, Fantastic Four, Ridiculous 6.

Starting in 2016 with the Stallonian Calendar (see below) the Cycle became more standardized (hooray!). So now there should be exactly one movie per category for the given theme.


Athletes in Films (aka Aaaiiiirrrrbbbbbaaallllll!) – Lock Up (Transition, Frank McRae), Juwanna Mann (Comedy, Rasheed Wallace), Firestorm (Action, Howie Long), The Chamber (Horror/Thriller, Bo Jackson), What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Romance, Dwyane Wade), Conan the Destroyer (Chain Reaction, Wilt Chamberlain), Steel (Sci-Fi, Shaquille O’Neal), White Chicks (Razzies, Terry Crews), Can’t Stop the Music (Transition, Caitlyn Jenner).

One and Done Directors – Can’t Stop the Music (Transition, Nancy Walker), The Tuxedo (Comedy, Kevin Donovan), On Deadly Ground (Action, Steven Seagal), Maximum Overdrive (Horror/Thriller, Stephen King), Down to You (Romance, Kris Isacsson), Bulletproof Monk (Chain Reaction, Paul Hunter), Eragon (Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Stefen Fangmeier), Harlem Nights (Razzies, Eddie Murphy), Cat in the Hat (Transition, Bo Welch).

BMT Calendar Challenge – Cat in the Hat (Transition, November 21), Taxi (Comedy, October 6), The Avengers (Action, August 14), The Fog (Horror, October 14), Material Girls (Romance, August 18), Cheaper by the Dozen (Chain Reaction, December 21), The Day the Earth Stood Still (Sci Fi, December 12), Basic Instinct 2 (Razzies, March 31), Fair Game (Transition, November 3).

Movies Based on a Book #2 – Fair Game (Transition, based on A Running Duck by Paula Gosling), Pinocchio (2002) (Comedy, based on Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi), Get Carter (2000) (Action, based on Jack’s Return Home by Ted Lewis), Phantoms (Horror, based on Phantoms by Dean Koontz), The Choice (Romance, based on The Choice by Nicholas Sparks), Random Hearts (Chain Reaction, based on Random Hearts by Warren Adler), The 5th Wave (Sci-Fi / Fantasy, based on The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy), Bonfire of the Vanities (Razzies, based on Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe), Deadly Friend (Transition, based on the book Friend by Diana Henstell).

Movies from 1986 – Deadly Friend (Transition, released October 10, 1986), The Golden Child (Comedy, December 12, 1986), Raw Deal (Action, June 6, 1986), King Kong Lives (Horror/Triller, December 19, 1986), Shanghai Surprise (Romance, August 29, 1986), No Mercy (Chain Reaction, December 19, 1986), Solarbabies (Sci Fi / Fantasy, November 26, 1986), Under the Cherry Moon (Razzies, July 2, 1986), Blue City (Bi-cycle Transition, May 2, 1986, Blue in the title).

Movies from 2016 – Fifty Shades of Black (Bi-cycle Transition, January 29, 2016, Black in the title), Dirty Grandpa (Comedy, January 22, 2016), London Has Fallen (Action, March 4, 2016), The Forest (Horror, January 8, 2016), Mother’s Day (Romance, April 29, 2016), Ride Along 2 (Chain Reaction, January 15, 2016), Gods of Egypt (Fantasy, February 26, 2016), Nine Lives (Razzies, August 5, 2016), Independence Day: Resurgence (Transition, June 24, 2016).


Sequels (aka Squeakuels) – Independence Day: Resurgence (Transition, sequel to Independence Day), Big Momma Like Father Like Son (Comedy, sequel to Big Momma’s House, BONUS Big Momma’s House 2), RoboCop 3 (Action, sequel to RoboCop, BONUS RoboCop 2), Friday the 13th Part III (Horror, sequel to Friday the 13th, BONUS Friday the 13th Part 2), Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (Romance, sequel to Miss Congeniality), Are We Done Yet? (Chain Reaction, sequel to Are We There Yet? watched as a BONUS), Species II (Sci-Fi, sequel to Species watched as a BONUS), Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (Calendar game, sequel to Baby Geniuses watched as a BONUS), Another 48 Hrs. (Transition, sequel to 48 Hrs.)

Punctuation in Title – Another 48 Hrs. (Transition, period in title), Car 54, Where are You? (Comedy, question mark in title), Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Action, ampersand in title), Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Horror, colon in title, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter watched as BONUS), Rumor Has It … (Romance, ellipses in title), Wagons East! (Chain Reaction, exclamation mark in title), Dragon Wars: D-War (Sci-Fi, hyphen in title), That’s My Boy (Razzie Game, apostrophe in title), 10,000 BC (Transition, comma in title)

<10% on Rotten Tomatoes (aka – 10,000 BC (Transition, 8% on Rotten Tomatoes), Epic Movie (Comedy, 2% on Rotten Tomatoes), Redline (Action, 0% on Rotten Tomatoes), Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (Horror, 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood watched as BONUS), License to Wed (Romance, 7% on Rotten Tomatoes), Hot to Trot (Chain Reaction, 0% on Rotten Tomatoes), Godsend (Sci-Fi, 4% on Rotten Tomatoes), The Whole Ten Yards (Games, 4% on Rotten Tomatoes, Smellement), One Missed Call (Transition, 0% on Rotten Tomatoes)

BMT Calendar Challenge II – One Missed Call (Transition, January 4), It’s Pat (Comedy, August 26), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (Action, July 24; Superman III watched as BONUS as June 17), I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Horror, November 13; I Know What You Did Last Summer watches as BONUS), Made of Honor (Romance, May 2), The Beverly Hillbillies (Chain Reaction, October 15), Jason X (Sci-Fi, April 26; Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday watched as BONUS), Cradle 2 the Grave (Games, February 28), Christmas with the Kranks (Transition, represents December 24th on the Calendar; Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas watched as a BONUS)

Bring a Friend – Christmas with the Kranks (Transition, brings along a Christian Film as a friend; Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas watched as a BONUS), Project X (Comedy, brings along a Missed Opportunity as a friend; xXx: Return of Xander Cage), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Action, brings along a TV Movie as a friend; Dirty Dancing (2017)), Friday the 13th (2009) (Horror, brings along a Bargain Bin as a friend; Black Friday), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Romance, brings along a Foreign Film as a friend; Asterix at the Olympic Games), Jaws 3-D (Chain Reaction, brings along a Straight-to-DVD film as a friend; D-Tox), Clan of the Cave Bear (Fantasy, brings along a Kids’ Movie as a friend; Air Bud: Golden Receiver as a BONUS), First Daughter (Games, brings along a Mockbuster as a friend; Transmorphers), The Bye Bye Man (Transition, brings along a pre-1980s bad movie as a friend; Manos: The Hands of Fate watched as a BONUS)

Movies from 2017 – The Bye Bye Man (Transition, January 13, 2017; Manos: The Hands of Fate watched as a BONUS), Baywatch (Comedy, May 25, 2017), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Action, May 26, 2017; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides watched as a BONUS), Rings (Horror, February 3, 2017; The Ring Two watched as a BONUS), The Space Between Us (Romance, February 3, 2017), A Dog’s Purpose (Chain Reaction, January 27, 2017), Transformers: The Last Knight (Sci-Fi / Fantasy, June 21, 2017), Table 19 (Games, March 3, 2017), The Emoji Movie (Transition, July 28, 2017)


Adaptations – The Emoji Movie (Transition, adapted from a technology), CHIPS (Comedy, adapted from a television show), Max Payne (Action, adapted from a video game), Ouija (Horror, adapted from a toy), The Women (Romance, adapted from a play), Marmaduke (Chain Reaction, adapted from a comic strip), Batman & Robin (Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Other, adapted from a comic book; Batman Forever watched as a BONUS), The Country Bears (Games, adapted from a theme park ride), The Snowman (Transition, adapted from a novel)

Mapstreet’s Map Alright! – The Snowman (Transition, set in Norway), Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (Comedy, set in The Netherlands; Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo watched as a BONUS), Extreme Ops (Action, set in Austria), Chernobyl Diaries (Horror, set in Ukraine), Monte Carlo (Romantic Comedy, set in Monaco), I Spy (Chain Reaction, set in Hungary), Assassin’s Creed (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, set in Spain, trumps The Gunman), Meet the Spartans (Games, set in Greece, trumps The Legend of Hercules), Behind Enemy Lines (Transition, set in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mind of a Madman – Behind Enemy Lines (Transition, produced by John Davis who also produced Norbit), Bringing Down the House (Comedy, produced by Ashok Amritraj who also produced Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li), Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (Action, produced by Elie Samaha who also produced Battlefield Earth), Alone in the Dark (Horror, produced by Shawn Williamson who also produced In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale), Alex & Emma (Romance, produced by Alan Greisman who also produced Texas Rangers), Underclassman (Chain Reaction, produced by Andrew Panay who also produced Old Dogs), Conan the Barbarian (2011) (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, produced by Boaz Davidson who also produced Wicker Man), Righteous Kill (Games, produced by Randall Emmett who also produced 88 Minutes), Cool World (Transition, produced by Frank Mancuso Jr. who also produced I Know Who Killed Me)

BMT Calendar Challenge III – Cool World (Transition, July 10), Little Man (Comedy, July 14), Speed 2: Cruise Control (Action, June 13), Anaconda (Horror, April 11; Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid watched as a BONUS), Crossroads (Romance, February 15), Cannonball Run II (Games, June 29th; The Cannonball Run watched as a BONUS), Wild Wild West (Western, June 30), The Game Plan (Chain Reaction, September 28), Vampire Academy (Transition, February 7)

Bring a Friend II – Vampire Academy (Transition, brings along another supernatural teen film, Teen Witch), Garfield (Comedy, brings along another talking cat film, A Talking Cat!?!; Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties watched as a BONUS), The 13th Warrior (Action, brings along another delayed release film, Edison Force), In Love and War (Romance, brings along another hopelessly romantic film, Liz and Dick), Alpha and Omega (Chain, brings along another animated film, Foodfight!), Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Sci-Fi, brings along another William Shatner directed film, Groom Lake), Exit Wounds (Games, brings along another martial arts cop film in Samurai Cop), The 15:17 to Paris (Transition, brings along another A+ setting in Hard Ticket to Hawaii)

Movies from 2018 – The 15:17 to Paris (Transition, February 9th), Show Dogs (Comedy, May 18th), Death Wish (Action, March 2nd), Truth or Dare (Horror, April 13th), Midnight Sun (Romance, March 23), Proud Mary (Chain, January 12th), The Darkest Minds (August 3rd), Mile 22 (Games, August 17th), The Nun (Transition, September 7)


Franchise-Zzz – The Nun (Transition, part of The Conjuring franchise), Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (Comedy, part of the Police Academy Franchise; Police Academy watched as a BONUS), Predator 2 (Action, part of the Predator / Alien Franchise), Hellraiser: Bloodline (Horror, part of the Hellraiser Franchise), Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (Romance, part of the Bridget Jones Franchise), Universal Soldier: The Return (Chain, part of the Universal Soldier Franchise; Universal Soldier watched as a BONUS), Highlander: The Final Dimension (Sci-Fi, part of the Highlander Franchise), Ernest Goes to Jail (Bring a Friend, part of the Ernest Franchise; Brings along another jail escape film in Escape Plane 2: Hades), Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (Transition, part of the Mortal Kombat franchise; Mortal Kombat watched as a BONUS)

Worst Films Ever Rejects (Appeared on this page at the time of viewing) – Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (Transition; Mortal Kombat watched as a BONUS), Beverly Hills Cop III (Comedy), Godzilla (1998) (Action), Troll (Horror), Town & Country (Romance), The Postman (Chain), Double Dragon (Sci-Fi), Santa Claus: The Movie (Bring a Friend; Brings along another Christmas film Santa with Muscles), Vampire in Brooklyn (Transition)

Siskel & Ebert’s Worst Of – Vampire in Brooklyn (Transition, in the 1995 episode), Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (Comedy, in the 1994 episode), Super Mario Bros. (Action, in the 1993 episode), The Guardian (Horror, in the 1990 episode), Jade (Romance, in the 1995 episode), Armageddon (Chain, in the 1998 episode), Lost in Space (Sci-fi, in the 1998 episode), Jungle 2 Jungle (Bring a Friend, in the 1997 episode; Brings along its own original film Little Indian, Big City which was in the 1996 episode as well), Medicine Man (Transition, in the 1992 episode)

1337 h4x0rs – Medicine Man (Transition, stars Lorraine Bracco who played Margo in Hackers), Bye Bye Love (Comedy, features Wendell Pierce who played Agent Gill in Hackers), Gone in 60 Seconds (Action, features Angelina Jolie who played Kate aka Acid Burn in Hackers), Swimfan (Thriller, features Jesse Bradford who played Joey in Hackers), Summer Catch (Romance, stars Matthew Lillard who played Cereal Killer in Hackers), Runner Runner (Chain, features Laurence Mason in a (cut) cameo role who played Lord Nikon in Hackers), Hackers (Sci-fi, with Fisher Stevens being the largest role left unrepresented by the current cycle; Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace watched as a 500th film BONUS, and The Lawnmower Man watched as an additional BONUS), Dracula 2000 (Bring a Friend, stars Jonny Lee Miller who played Dade Murphy aka Crash Override aka Zero Cool; Brings along Dracula 3000 as a friend), Daylight (Transition, stars Renoly Santiago aka Phreak)

Sibling Rivalry (aka Bring a Friend III) – Daylight (Transition, stars Sylvester Stallone; Brings along Roller Blade Seven as a friend which stars Frank Stallone), Lost & Found (Comedy, features Martin Sheen; Brings along Soultaker as a friend which stars Joe Estevez), Black Dog (Action, stars Patrick Swayze; Brings along Driving Force as a friend which stars Don Swayze), Sleeping with the Enemy (Thriller, stars Julia Roberts; Brings along T.N.T. as a friend which stars Eric Roberts), Perfect (Romance, stars John Travolta; Brings along To the Limit as a friend which stars his brother Joey Travolta), Gangster Squad (Chain, stars Sean Penn; Brings along Future Kick which stars Chris Penn), The Circle (Sci-Fi, stars Tom Hanks; Brings along Buford’s Beach Bunnies which stars Jim Hanks), Mercury Rising (Bring a Friend, stars Alec Baldwin; Brings along Dead Weekend which stars Stephen Baldwin, Fallout starring Daniel Baldwin, and Backdraft 2 starring William Baldwin), The Intruder (Transition, stars Dennis Quaid; Brings along Martians Go Home which stars Randy Quaid)

Movies from 2019 – The Intruder (Transition, May 3, 2019), The Hustle (Comedy, May 10, 2019), Shaft (2019) (Action, June 14, 2019), The Curse of La Llorona (Horror, May 3, 2019), After (Romance, April 12, 2019), Angel Has Fallen (Chain, August 23, 2019), Replicas (Sci-Fi, January 11, 2019), Serenity (Bring a Friend, January 25, 2019; Brings along Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation as a friend, which also stars Matthew McConaughey; Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III watched as a BONUS), Cats (Transition, December 20, 2019)


Adaptations – Cats (Transition, adapted from the musical), Holmes & Watson (Comedy, adapted from the book series), Point Break (2015) (Action, adapted from the 1991 classic action film), Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (Horror, adapted from the 70s horror classic; Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) watched as a BONUS), A Walk to Remember (Romance, adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel), Kiss the Girls (Chain, adapted from a James Patterson novel; Along Came a Spider watched as a BONUS), The Island of Dr. Moreau (Sci-fi, adapted from a H.G. Wells book), Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (Bring a Friend, based on a video game; Brings along DOA: Dead or Alive as another video game film), The Odd Couple II (Transition, a sequel to the original Odd Couple, based on a play)

Cliches – The Odd Couple II (Transition, a classic Odd Couple), Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (Comedy, a classic Fish Out of Water; Crocodile Dundee II watched as a BONUS), Turbulence (Action, a classic Die Hard Scenario), Perfect Stranger (Thriller, a classic Plot Twist Thriller), The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Romance, a classic Love Triangle Romance), The Glimmer Man (Chain, a classic buddy cop film), Masters of the Universe (Sci-fi, a classic MacGuffin film), Ed (Bring a Friend, animal protagonist; Brings along MVP: Most Valuable Primate as another chimpanzee starring sports film), Sanctum (Transition, Deus ex Machina)

Exotic Locales (aka Getting Bangkok Dangerous) – Sanctum (Transition, set in Papua New Guinea), In the Army Now (Comedy, set in Chad), Knock Off (Action, set in Hong Kong), Primeval (Horror, set in Burundi), Return to the Blue Lagoon (Romance, set on an island in the south Pacific), Blame it on Rio (Chain, set in Brazil), The Darkest Hour (Sci-Fi, set in Russia), Whiteout (Bring a Friend, set in Antarctica; Brings along Black Eagle as a Black/White friend, which is set in Malta), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Transition, set in Cuba)

The Past and Future Kings – Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Transition, set on the eve of the Cuban Revolution in 1958), Black Knight (Comedy, set in the Middle Ages in 1328), The Musketeer (Action, set in the 1630s-ish), Event Horizon (Horror, set in 2047), Heartbeeps (Romance, set in the near future of 1995), Now and Then (Chain, set in the 1970s), Supernova (Sci-Fi, set in the 22nd century), Cyborg (Bring a Friend, set in a dystopian future; Brings along Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow as a friend which is set in 2074), The Identical (Transition, set in the 1950s)

Twin Films (aka Bring a Friend IV) – The Identical (Transition, stars Blake Rayne as twins destined to be rock and roll stars; Brings along Sorceress (1982) starring the Harris twins), Father Figures (Comedy, stars Ed Helms and Owen Wilson as fraternal twins; Brings along Twin Sitters starring twin body builders Peter and David Paul), Bad Company (Action, stars Chris Rock as identical twins separated at birth; Brings along Dragon Hunt starring twin martial artists Michael and Martin McNamara), Urban Legends: Final Cut (Horror, stars Matthew Davis as a man searching for his twin brother’s killer; Urban Legend watched as a BONUS; Brings along Munchies, starring Harvey Korman as twins), Mrs. Winterbourne (Romance, stars Brendan Fraser as twins; Brings along Woman of Desire starring Steven Bauer as twins), Fatal Instinct (Chain, stars Kate Nelligan and Sean Young as twin sisters; Brings along Two Much starring Antonio Banderas as a man pretending to be a set of twins), The Astronaut’s Wife (Sci-Fi, features Cole and Dylan Sprouse as Charlize Theron’s twin boys; Brings along Firestorm starring Bentley Mitchum as a jazz twin out for vengence after his twin brother is murdered), Double Impact (Bring a Friend, with Jean Claude Van Damme pulling double duty as twin martial artists; Brings along Twisted Pair, the latest Neil Breen tour de force), House of Wax (Transition, with Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Michael Murray playing twins facing off with evil twins in a house of wax; Brings along Basket Case 2, also about separated conjoined twins)

Anniversary Films – House of Wax (Transition, came out 15 years ago), Doolittle (Comedy, came out this year), Red Sonja (Action, came out 25 years ago), Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (Horror, came out 20 years ago), Sex and the City 2 (Romance, came out 10 years ago), The Skulls (Chain, came out 20 years ago), Congo (Sci-Fi, came out 25 years ago), Fantasy Island (Bring a Friend, came out this year; Brings along Welcome to Sudden Death which also came out this year), Graveyard Shift (Transition, came out 30 years ago)


Movies Based on a Book #3 – Graveyard Shift (Transition, based on Stephen King’s 1970 short story of the same name), Exit to Eden (Comedy, based on Anne Rice’s 1985 novel of the same name), Solo (Action, based on Robert Mason’s 1989 novel Weapon), The Rite (Horror, based on Matt Baglio’s 2009 novel The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist), Message in a Bottle (Romance, based on the Nicholas Spark’s 1998 novel of the same name), Confessions of a Shopaholic (Chain, based on Sophie Kinsella’s 2000 novel of the same name), Sliver (Achievement Unlocked, based on Ira Levin’s novel of the same name), Rising Sun (Bring a Friend, based on Michael Crichton’s 1992 novel of the same name; Brings along After We Collided, also based on a book), Dangerous Minds (Transition, based on LouAnne Johnson’s 1992 autobiography My Posse Don’t Do Homework)

Movie Tie-Ins – Dangerous Minds (Transition, Coolio’s #1 single Gangster’s Paradise was produced for the movie), Little Nicky (Comedy, a Game Boy Color game was developed by Ubi Soft), Cutthroat Island (Action, a SNES game was developed by Acclaim Entertainment), Virus (Horror, a PlayStation game was developed by Cryo Interactive called Virus: It is Aware), The Bodyguard (Romance, #1 single I Will Always Love You was produced for the movie), Toys (Chain, a SNES game was developed by Imagineering Inc. called Toys: Let the Toy Wars Begin!), Days of Thunder (Achievement Unlocked, a NES game was developed by Mindscape), Xanadu (Bring a Friend, #1 hit single Magic by Olivia Newton-John; Brings along Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, a PC game was developed by EA called Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead’s Revenge), Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Transition, #1 UK hit single Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter by Iron Maiden; Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare watched as a BONUS)

Sequels (aka Squeakuels) II – Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Transition, fourth sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street; Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare watched as a BONUS), Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (Comedy, third sequel to Police Academy), Highlander: Endgame (Action, third sequel to Highlander), The Rage: Carrie 2 (Horror, sequel to Carrie (1976)), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (Romance, fourth in the Twilight Saga), Problem Child 2 (Chain, sequel to Problem Child, watched as a BONUS), Young Guns II (Achievement Unlocked, sequel to Young Guns), Halloween II (1981) (Bring a Friend, sequel to Halloween (1978); Brings along The Birds II: Land’s End, sequel to The Birds), Mannequin: on the Move (Transition, sequel to Mannequin, watched as a BONUS)

Leonard Maltin BOMBs – Mannequin: on the Move (Transition, both it and its predecessor, Mannequin, watched as a BONUS, received BOMB ratings), Son of the Mask (Comedy), Half Past Dead (Action), Soul Survivors (Horror), Two of a Kind (Romance), K-9 (Chain), Wild Orchid (Achievement Unlocked), Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (Bring a Friend; Brings along Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, and Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach watched as a BONUS), Fire Birds (Transition)

The High-Flying 90’s (aka Bring a Friend V) – Fire Birds (Transition, released May 25th, 1990; Brings along Airborne (1998)), Kazaam (Comedy, released July 17, 1996; Brings along Getting Lucky (1990)), Terminal Velocity (Action, released September 23, 1994; Brings along Crackerjack (1994)), Wishmaster (Horror, released September 19, 1997; Brings along Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)), Never Talk to Strangers (Romance, released October 20, 1995; Brings along Cover Me (1995)), Eraser (Chain, released June 21, 1996; Brings along Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1991)), Freejack (Achievement Unlocked, release January 17, 1992; Brings along Cyberjack (1995)), Hard to Kill (Bring a Friend, released February 9, 1990; Brings along The Patriot (1998)), Mr. Wrong (Transition, released February 16, 1996; Brings along Holy Matrimony (1994))

Anniversary Films II – Mr. Wrong (Transition, came out 25 years ago), Tom and Jerry (2021) (Comedy, came out this year), Snake Eyes (2021) (Action, came out this year), The Unholy (Horror, came out this year), Head Over Heels (Romance, came out 20 years ago), Bulletproof (Chain, came out 25 years ago), The Quest (Achievement Unlocked, came out 25 years ago), After We Fell (Bring a Friend, came out this year; Brings along Woman in the Window), Bio-Dome (Transition, came out 25 years ago)


Short and Sweet – Bio-Dome (Transition, 88 minutes), Meatballs Part II (Comedy, 87 minutes), Supercross (Action, 80 minutes), Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Horror, 88 minutes, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers watched as a BONUS), Yours, Mine & Ours (2005) (Romance, 88 minutes), Walking Tall (2004) (Chain, 86 minutes), Priest (Achievement Unlocked, 87 minutes), Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (Bring a Friend, 87 minutes; Brings along New Year’s Evil), Next Day Air (Transition, 84 minutes)

New Sklogs on the Block – Next Day Air (Transition, stars Yasiin Bey), How High (Comedy, stars Method Man), Mindhunters (Action, stars LL Cool J), Bones (2001) (Horror, stars Snoop Dogg), What Happens in Vegas (Romance, stars Queen Latifah), Men in Black II (Chain, stars Will Smith), Repo Men (Achievement Unlocked, stars RZA), Surviving the Game (Bring a Friend, stars Ice-T; Brings along Sonic Impact), Halloween: Resurrection (Transition, stars Busta Rhymes)

Alternative Dimensions (films by Dimension Productions) – Halloween Resurrection (Transition), My Boss’s Daughter (Comedy), Reindeer Games (Action), Halloween II (2009) (Horror, Halloween (2007) watched as a BONUS), Boys and Girls (Romance), Senseless (Chain), Imposter (Achievement Unlocked), Fortress (1992) (Bring a Friend; Brings along Beowulf (1999)), School for Scoundrels (2006) (Transition)

Merde de la Merde (remakes of European films) – School for Scoundrels (2006) (Transition, a remake of School for Scoundrels (1960), a British film), Fathers’ Day (Comedy, a remake of Les Compères, a French film), Sleepless (Action, a remake of Nuit Blanche, a French film), The Loft (Thriller, a remake of Loft (2008), a Belgian film), Nine Months (Romance, a remake of Neuf Mois, a French film), Wicker Park (Chain, a remake of L’Appartement, a French film), Brick Mansions (Achievement Unlocked, a remake of District B13, a French film), Original Sin (Bring a Friend, a remake of Mississippi Mermaid, a French film; Brings along Swept Away (2002) a remake of Swept Away (1974), an Italian film), Oscar (Transition, a remake of Oscar, a French film)

The Past and Future Kings (aka Bring a Friend VI) – Oscar (Transition, set in 1931; Brings along Arena set in 4038), Grease 2 (Comedy, set in 1961; Brings along Class of 1999 set 1999), Ben-Hur (2016) (Action, set around 33AD; Brings along The New Gladiators, set in 2072), Apollo 18 (Horror, set in 1974; Brings along Dark of the Moon, set in the near future), Bolero (Romance, set in the 1920s; Brings along The Terror Within, set in a post-apocalyptic future), Pearl Harbor (Chain, set during World War II; Brings along Slipstream, set in a post-apocalyptic future), Virtuosity (Achievement Unlocked, set in a dystopian future; Brings along River of Death, set in approximately 1965), 1492: Conquest of Paradise (Bring a Friend, set in 1492; Brings along Knight Rider 2000, set in a dystopian year 2000), The King’s Daughter (Transition, set in the late 17th-century; Brings along Spiderhead, set in a near future prison)

Movies from 2022 – The King’s Daughter (Transition, released January 21, 2022), After Ever Happy (Comedy, released September 7th, 2022), Blacklight (Action, release February 11, 2022), The Invitation (Horror, released August 26th, 2022), Where the Crawdads Sing (Romance, released July 15th, 2022), Amsterdam (Chain, released October 7th, 2022), Jurassic World: Dominion (Achievement Unlocked, released June 10th, 2022), Memory (Bring a Friend, released April 29th, 2022; Brings along Pinocchio (2022), released September 8th, 2022 on Disney+), Firestarter (2022) (Transition, released May 12th, 2022; Firestarter (1984) watched as a BONUS)


Clearly Good Movies – Firestarter (2022) (Transition, clearly this movie is “fire”; Firestarter (1984) watched as a BONUS), The Wizard (Comedy, clearly this movie is “wizard”), Money Train (Action, clearly this movie is “money”), The Fly II (Horror, clearly this movie is “fly”), Fresh Horses (Romance, clearly this movie is “fresh”), Killer Elite (Chain, clearly this movie is “killer” and “elite”), Arthur 2: On the Rocks (Achievement Unlocked, clearly this movie “rocks”), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Bring a Friend, clearly this movie is “fantastic”, Fantastic Four (2005) watched as a BONUS; Brings along Fantastic Four (1994) as a friend), The Good Son (Transition, clearly this movie is “good”)

The One and Only (Citizen Kane Films) – The Good Son (Transition, played on December 30, 1994), Cocoon: The Return (Comedy, played on August 31, 1990), Navy Seals (Action, played on September 11, 1991), Poltergeist III (Horror, played on September 1, 1990, Poltergeist II: The Other Side watched as a BONUS, which played on October 3, 1991), Man Trouble (Romance, played on January 11, 1997), Suicide Squad (2016) (Chain, played on January 29th 2021, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice watched as a BONUS), The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (Achievement Unlocked, played on September 1, 1994), Supergirl (Bring a Friend, played on March 15, 1986; Brings along The Punisher (1989) as a friend, played on January 13, 1992), Flashdance (Transition, played on June 29, 1998)

Wisdom of the Crowd (X’s Choice Awards) – Flashdance (Transition, People’s Choice 1984), Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (Comedy, Kids’ Choice 1996), Clash of the Titans (2010) (Action, Teen Choice 2010; Wrath of the Titans watched as a BONUS), Glass (Thriller, People’s Choice 2019), Glass (Thriller, People’s Choice 2019), The Wedding Planner (Romance, Kids’ Choice 2002), …

And thus the cycle was complete. But something wasn’t right. Something was missing. We needed something more. And then it dawned on us … more rules. We needed …

The Stallonian Calendar

Starting in 2016 were were proud to introduce a new schedule for the year (and presumably the rest of existence). It’s called the Stallonian Calendar and it goes a little like this:

1) There are generally 52 Thursdays in a given year. A BMT cycle consists of 8 weeks. This means that in a given year there are 6 cycles plus 4 open weeks. The Stallonian Calendar takes advantage of this yearly structure.

2) Instead of just having cycle after cycle and having the cycles overlap from one year to another we will instead have six cycles every year. These cycles will be separated or interrupted for 4 BMT Live! editions where we watch a BMT film in theaters. In this way each year starts fresh with a new interesting cycle.

3) Every 6 years or so there will be a year with 53 Thursdays. When we introduced this structure for the first time (the end of 2015) this was actually one of those years. In such a year there will be an extra week at the end of the year where we will watch a Sylvester Stallone film in celebration. This day shall be called Stallone Day (e.g. December 31, 2015 was the 53rd Thursday of the year).

So there it is. Pretty simple. Just adding some (we mean more) structure where there previously wasn’t (as much). It makes us happy and continues the tradition of the having the most structured bad movie night in the world. Someday we hope to have so many rules we will need instant replay to determine what is and is not a BMT film.

Since BMT will last literally forever we will begin to keep track of each Stallonian Calendar starting in 2016.


Full cycles – Athletes in Films, One and Done Directors, Calendar Challenge, Based on a Book, Movies from 1986, Movies from 2016

Bi-cycle connections – Black & Blue (connected the 1986 and 2016 cycles, movies with the word Black or Blue in the title)

BMT Live! – Zoolander 2 (Winter Season), Warcraft (Spring Season), Mechanic: Resurrection (Summer Season), Keeping Up With the Joneses (Autumn Season)


Full cycles – Sequels, Punctuation in Title, <10% on Rotten Tomatoes, Calendar Challenge II, Bring a Friend, Movies from 2017

BMT Live! – Fifty Shades Darker (Winter Season), The Mummy (2017) (Spring Season), Flatliners (2017) (Summer Season), Geostorm (Autumn Season)


Full cycles – Adaptations, Mapstreet’s Map Alright!, Mind of a Madman, Calendar Challenge III, Bring a Friend II, Movies from 2018

BMT Live! – Fifty Shades Freed (Winter Season), Slender Man (Summer Season), The Predator (Summer Season II), Hunter Killer (Autumn Season)


Full cycle – Franchise-Zzz, Worst Films Ever Rejects, Siskel & Ebert’s Worst Of, 1337 h4x0rs, Sibling Rivalry (aka Bring a Friend III), Movies from 2019

BMT Live! – Hellboy (2019) (Spring Season), Dark Phoenix (Spring Season II), Rambo: Last Blood (Summer Season), Countdown (Autumn Season)


Full cycle – Adaptations, Cliches, Exotic Locales (aka Getting Bangkok Dangerous), The Past and Future Kings, Twin Films (aka Bring a Friend IV), Anniversary Films

BMT Live! – Bloodshot (Winter Season), Boo! A Madea Halloween (Special Halloween Film), Dutch (Special Thanksgiving Film), Jingle All the Way (Special Christmas Film)

Stallone Day 2020 – The Specialist


Full cycle – Based on a Book #3, Movie Tie-In, Sequels II, Leonard Maltin BOMBs, The Hight-Flying 90’s (aka Bring a Friend V), Anniversary Films II

BMT Live! – The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (Summer Season), Space Jam: A New Legacy (Summer Season II), Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Special Halloween Film), Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (Winter Season)

Achievement Unlocked – 90’s Erotic Thrillers


Full cycle – Short and Sweet, New Sklogs on the Block, Alternative Dimensions, Merde de la Merde, The Past and Future Kings, Movies from 2022

BMT Live! – Moonfall (Winter Season), Morbius (Spring Season), Don’t Worry Darling (Summer Season), Prey for the Devil (Fall Season)

Achievement Unlocked – Films set in the Future


Full cycle – Clearly Good Movies, The One and Only, Wisdom of the Crowd, …

BMT Live! – 65 (Winter Season), …

Achievement Unlocked – A Celebration of Art

Oh thank God, we’re done … until we add more structure. Come back and find out about us planning decades long cycles with double chain reactions and shit. It will happen.

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