The Country Bears Quiz

For all those Country Bear-heads out there, you know what time it is … Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. In one of the more dire sequences in the film, the band discovers that Ted Bedderhead is working as a wedding singer living in an apartment above who’s garage?
  2. When Ted Bedderhead declares that he won’t play in the concert a distraught Beary quotes: “The people who love you no matter what, that’s your family” causing him to run home as fast as his little bear legs can carry him. Who said this quote to Beary?
  3. In an opening sequence including the only example of wire-fu in The Country Bears, it is indicated that Fred Bedderhead, the band’s harmonica player, inventing what?
  4. At the beginning of the film we see Beary watching a recording of a musical documentary about The Country Bears in which they recount the band’s farewell tour amid musicians besmirching their good names for cameo money. What was the name of that tour?
  5. Not counting Beary Barrington (or Roadie, played by M. C. Gainey, the band’s human drummer) how many bears play in The Country Bears band? Straight up … think about the fact that I got this question wrong and how fundamental this fact is to the entire film I had literally just watched … think about it.

You just know Jamie got 100% (he is the number one Country Bears Fan in all of the world after all).


  1. Elton John, who they find gardening in a terrible yellow outfit overtly winking at the camera saying “get a load of these guys not knowing who Elton John is!” … it is terrible.
  2. His father. Upon saying this he realizes that it doesn’t matter that he’s adopted, and that The Country Bears can never replace the love of his family. Awwwwww.
  3. The stage dive. I figured they would show him crushing people underneath his enormous bear weight, but nope, in the documentary he crowd surfs quite effectively.
  4. The Hiber-Nation Tour. It was printed on the Country Bears Bus to this day and is shown to the audience at least five time.
  5. Five. Ted Bedderhead is the lead singer, Trixie St. Claire plays the piano, Tennessee O’Neal plays a guitar, Fred Bedderhead plays the harmonica, and Zeb Zoober plays the fiddle. Henry Dixon Taylor is the band’s manager and MC, he doesn’t actually play in the band, so half points if you said six.

BTW I said six. That’s right, I could not remember how many country bears were in the Country Bears Band literally five seconds after watching the movie.


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