Super Mario Bros. Quiz

I had this very strange dream. I entered the world of Super Mario, but … like it was just a generic post-apocalyptic thing instead of being anything like the video game. I can’t remember anything else. Can you help me out?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film we are introduced to Mario Mario, Luigi Mario, and Princess Daisy who all, for whatever reason, live in real world Brooklyn. Daisy is tangled up with an eeeeeeeevil real estate developer over a construction site in Brooklyn. Why?

2) And how do the Mario Bros. get all mixed up in Daisy’s mess?

3) Dinohattan looks a lot like New York City … but filled with human dinosaurs, really dangerous, and covered in fungus. Wait … why is it covered in fungus?

4) Describe the path of the MacGuffin Meteorite shard from the instant we see it in the film.

5) What is King Koopa’s plan with the MacGuffin Meteorite?



Hellboy (2019) Quiz

Hmmm, the last thing I remember I was wandering around St. Paul’s cathedral in London, then all these monsters came out of a pit in the earth and … I can’t remember. Can you help me figure out what happened in Hellboy?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Hellboy is off to Mexico to try and save a friend and fellow agent who has gone missing. What happened to him?

2) Maybe a tough one to remember, but given it was in giant block letters on the screen … where is B.P.R.D. headquarters? A state will suffice.

3) In the flashback sequence showing Hellboy’s birth at the hand of Nazis, who is conducting the ceremony to raise Hellboy from hell, and what is the name of the hero who foiled the whole plot?

4) Milla Jovovich plays the Blood Queen, an evil sorceress who was cut into pieces by Excalibur. In the modern day, after her resurrection she goes back to the tree where all of this went down. Why?

5) Why is Excalibur key to Hellboy’s destiny as the bringer of the apocalypse?


Santa Claus: The Movie Quiz

Phew I was worried I had frozen to death while trying to deliver this quiz to out millions of fans. But I can’t remember all of the answers … can you help me?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Which two of the reindeer did Santa have in the beginning of the film? This is like a super expert level question BTW.

2) How does Santa and his wife get saved from freezing to death?

3) Joe, Cornelia, and the eeeeeevil toy maker played by John Lithgow all live in a rough and tumble 1980s New York City where everyone is munching on McDonald’s and smashing Coca-Cola’s. What is there relationship between them all.

4) After getting stripped of his administrative position Patch can’t bring himself to work in the factory anymore and instead goes off to find the eeeeeevil toy maker Lithgow. There he develops a super amazing product to give away on Christmas, because everyone knows the one way to get back your best friend Santa is through ruthless competition. What was the name of the product and what did it do?

5) But the Lithgow gets greedy, he wants Christmas II, and he wants it now! When is Christmas II and what is the new and improved product he is going to give away?


Double Dragon Quiz

Oh no, I think I got punched real hard in the head by a Double Dragon. Can you help me remember what happened in this terrible movie? It might help me remember what is happening.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Jimmy and Billy Lee are orphaned brothers. What happened to their father?

2) When our heroes first meet Abobo (before he becomes a monster) they are out after curfew. Why is there a curfew? And why are they out after it?

3) Shuko has three main minions (plus the monstrous Abobo which he has for literally a second before just abandoning him in the busted up theater). Can you describe them?

4) What does Shuko do to convince the gangs to rally behind him and take over the city?

5) What special super power does Shuko obtain by using the combined Double Dragon medallion?


Town & Country Quiz

Because this film lulled me into a weeks long coma, I nearly forgot to make a quiz. I would never fail our loyal fan(s) (I’m sure there is more than one, but you never know).

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) During the film we see Warren Beatty try to have an affair with four different women. Describe them.

2) There are, in the beginning of the film, seven people living in Warren Beatty’s house including himself. Name the other six.

3) What are Beatty and Keaton’s jobs? What is Shandling’s job?

4) This film is a-jet-setting, and Beatty ends up in four different locations during the film. Name them.

5) As Beatty and Keaton are proceeding through their divorce what item (I don’t need specifics) makes Keaton rethink her decision to go through with it immediately?


Troll Quiz

I’m quizzing them. And then I’m going to quiz you. Oh my goooooooooooooooooood! Wait … wrong Troll movie.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we first meet the Potters they are moving into their new digs in San Francisco. What very particular personal possession is Harry Potter Sr. proud of and his wife peeved by during the move?

2) What’s the story with the Troll? What’s his deal? Why is he making everyone into forests?

3) How does our hero Harry Potter Jr. figure out that Torok has taken on the guise of his sister? I mean … besides the fact that she acts like a feral animal and is super strong.

4) Name as many of the residents of the apartment building as you can.

5) How does our fearless hero Harry Potter Jr. claim victory and save his sister?


Godzilla (1998) Quiz

Back in 1998 you had Godzilla-mania, even if you didn’t know you had Godzilla-mania. But did you really understand the movie?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Dr. Nick (Broderick) explains like four times what his research was concerned with … but for reals what was his scientific research all about?

2) Back in NYC Audrey is just trying to break into the tv news biz. Working as an assistant to a supremely creepy (and comically short) news anchor, what very inappropriate thing does this sleazeball suggest to Audrey when she asks to discuss her future career in broadcasting?

3) Godzilla appears in four different places in the film. Can you name them?

4) After the initial trap to lure Godzilla out, how does Dr. Nick determine that Godzilla is pregnant?

5) Dr. Nick is then booted out of the army HQ because Audrey, his old college flame, leaked the Godzilla discovery tape to the press. So he decides to go with a gang of wacky Frenchmen to Madison Square Garden where they discover dozens of Godzilla eggs which begin to hatch! How do our heroes get the army’s attention before a hundred Godzillas are let loose into the streets!?