Hunter Killer Quiz

Quizzes for BMT Lives are always tough. It is a challenge to try and recall what happened in a film you really only get to see once on the big screen. But let’s give it a show. Man the torpedoes boy, it’s time for a quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we meet our dashing new captain, what is he doing? And why does that make you love him so goddamned much?!

2) What makes Gerard Bulter’s character unique as a submarine captain? Hint, it has something to do with the coin he carries around with him. Partial credit if you can just indicate what the coin is.

3) What is the bad guy’s plans in the end, what are they after?

4) How many people were on the team operating surveillance, and how many died and how? In the most pointless garbage story of them all … I mean really, if you aren’t on a sub I don’t care about you.

5) Why can’t Gerard Butler just shoot up the defense minister at the end? Why the weird stuff about just having to wait until they get blasted apart?



The 15:17 to Paris Quiz

In 2018 Clint Eastwood decided to conduct an experiment: make a movie based on a true story with the people (non-actors) who took part in the actual event! Time to conduct your experiment: desperately try and remember anything about this film.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open the movie with a teacher chastising Spencer and Kyle’s mothers about their behavior and suggesting, much to their chagrin, what diagnosis?

2) In the end Spencer makes a few friends, Alek and Anthony, at his Christian school. But alas, but ultimately move on. What happens to each of them?

3) Why can’t Spencer be a part of the Search and Rescue team?

4) Name at least two countries the men visit in Europe on their trip. Three for full points.

5) In the final fight our hero, Spencer, is almost killed twice, and should have probably died. What two things did he luck out with in thwarting the attack?


Exit Wounds Quiz

Steven Seagal is Orin Boyd, an angry cop who hates crime and injustice. DMX is a billionaire tech entrepreneur trying to catch dirty cops in the act. It’s a match made in heaven, and this is a quiz made in heaven. Let’s go!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with Orin Boyd (ridiculous name) running late for a speech by the Vice-President, who is a lame-o liberal loser. But, uh-oh (!), some terrorists want that Vice-President to be vice-dead! Where we these terrorists from?

2) After tossing the VP into the river (whoops) Orin is transferred to the roughest toughest precinct in the city. After embarrassing himself in front of his boss (a beautiful lady no less!), she informs him of a single condition for his reinstatement. What is the condition?

3) He then immediately violates the conditions of his short leash because he’s a goober. What does he do, and what is his punishment?

4) DMX and the dirty cops have hatched a plan to get tons of heroin out of Detroit. What is this dastardly plan?

5) But (what a twist!) DMX is actually a good guy! He’s a billionaire trying to catch dirty cops on tape. How did he become a billionaire?


Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Quiz

Star Trek envisions a world where money no longer exists and humans explore the stars on missions of diplomacy. Similarly, in 2063 it is believed that BMT will also take to the stars to find the worst movies from alien cultures. Until then, take this quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open the film with Captain Kirk climbing a mountain. What cliff is he climbing and where?

2) Throughout the film there is a Klingon Bird of Prey following the Enterprise. Why?

3) When they get to Nimbus III Kirk has a brilliant plan: Pull a little switcheroo with Chekov playing the part of capitan while the rest of the essential crew wanders around on Nimbus III like goobers … er, I mean, the away team goes down and smashes it. But alas, they need a distraction to infiltrate the facility. What do they use as a distraction?

4) The key to Sybok’s power is in his ability to find your greatest pain and help you come to terms with it, giving you a state of bliss. What is McCoy and Spock’s greatest pains?

5) So obviously they get to the center of the galaxy and find God … wait is that right? What actually was at the center of the galaxy?


Alpha and Omega Quiz

We watched a literal child’s film. A film made for a child. So you’d think a quiz would be easier. But actually … since you probably didn’t pay attention to what what actually happening in the story, it is likely to be even harder than normal. Good luck.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Kate and Humphrey are an alpha and an omega destined to fall in love, but first Kate has to get engaged to Garth. Why does she have to get engaged to him?

2) But uh-oh, Garth has a fatal flaw (besides not being Humphrey). What is it?

3) When Kate and Humphrey are spirited away to Yellowstone in Idaho they meet a golf-playing goose and a duck. Where are each from (or so they claim)?

4) Meanwhile Garth and Lilly, Kate’s sister, hit it off. And, best of all, they improve each other! How does each improve the other?

5) By why is it that Garth and Lilly, and Kate and Humphrey are forbidden to marry? Wouldn’t that also unite the pack?


In Love and War Quiz

Dig into those trenches, acost the lovely nurses, lie about bedding them and pester them day and night … wait one second … was Ernest Hemingway a creep? Goddamnit, he was a creep. Well, I have to make a quiz regardless.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film when Sandra Bullock arrives at the hospital on the Italy-Austria border they set up the hospital in what kind of building? What used to be there?

2) Why couldn’t Hemingway join the actual army?

3) In order to save Hemingway’s leg the famous nurse Sandra Bullock employed what technique developed where?

4) Ernest’s Red Cross bestie comes in with some serious injuries … like burns all over his body kind of injuries (but you’ve never looked better buddy …). What ultimately happens to him?

5) Ernie gets two things for his battlefield heroics, one from the Italian army and one from an Italian citizen. What were they?


The Predator Quiz

Have you ever found yourself out in the jungle mano a mano with a true Predator! Or in heat wave Los Angeles, mano a mono with a true Predator! Or with Aliens and Predators. Or like … a bunch of goddamned Predators? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet! Now there’s … like a big goddamned Predator! Nailed it.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What mission was our main character on at the beginning of the film that was so rudely interrupted by the (good) Predator escape pod crash landing?

2) Why was Olivia Munn chosen to inspect the captured Predator?

3) Can you name all of the Loonies and why they are there? Descriptions will suffice.

4) And how did they all die (excepting the main character of course)?

5) Finally, why did the super Predator and regular Predator come to Earth?