Point Break (2015) Quiz

Alright, this time I’m serious guys. I did like eight different super x-treme things with by x-treme buds, and I got like eight x-treme concussions in the process. I don’t remember a thing about what just happened. Do you remember what happened in Point Break (2015)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with Johnny Utah killing his best friend in an x-treme pol-athletic venture, but let’s just skip that dumb bit. Now he’s a rad FBI agent (sweet), and there are some x-treme athletes committing some crime. What tips Johnny Utah off that the people they are dealing with are x-treme poly-athletes?

2) Johnny and his British contact jet out to the middle of the ocean to catch the gnarliest of all gnarly waves. Why does Johnny know that this is where he can find his x-treme poly-criminal?

3) How are these extreme poly-athletes / criminals funding their venture?

4) How do the criminals / x-treme poly-athletes / Johnny Utah’s new best friends know Ozaki, the inventor of the challenges they are all pursuing?

5) Name the eight Ozaki challenges (generally, I don’t need the actual names).


Holmes & Watson Quiz

So here’s the thing. I’m Sherlock Holmes, but like a bumbling version of him (you know?). So I was stumbling about for clues and naturally smashed my head with a cricket bat and got a concussion. I’ve forgotten everything! Can you remember what happened in Holmes & Watson?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The beginning of the film is a flashback to Sherlock’s childhood (fun …) where it is revealed why Sherlock is so smart. Why?

2) In the beginning of the film Sherlock is very very late for a very important date! What is the date? And name two reasons he ends up late.

3) After a dead body turns up in Holmes’ celebratory cake (along with a threat to the Queen’s life), what do Holmes and Watson determine happened to him?

4) How does Sherlock come to suspect his loyal companion Watson of betraying him, sending him to the gallows for murder?

5) Who is the real culprit and why are they attempting to kill the Queen?


Cats Quiz

Oh boy, it happened again, I got a concussion and forgot all about this movie I watched … what’s that? I didn’t have a concussion, I just watched the incredibly bizarre film Cats? … Well, do you remember what “happened” in Cats?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Before our hero Victoria can be delighted by the song about Jellicle Cats she needs to arrive into the world of the Jellicle Cats. How does she get there?

2) Name as many of the cats as possible. Spelling doesn’t matter. As a matter of fact names don’t matter, just like … describe as many as you can.

3) What are all of the cats competing for?

4) What is the eeeeeevil Macavity’s plan for winning the competition?

5) Who actually wins and why?


Serenity (2019) Quiz

I think my years of living off the grid and drinking massive amounts of run on Plymouth island has given me brain damage because I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Serenity (2019)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film McConaughey is out fishing with some tourists. When one of the rods gets a nibble McConaughey takes over, much to the chagrin of his paying customers. Why does he take it over?

2) Might as well get this over with: Where is Plymouth Island located?

3) What three ways do we see McConaughey make money during the course of the film?

4) What two gifts does he receive to help him catch the giant tuna Justice?

5) Oh yeah, the plot of the film … McConaughey is asked to kill his ex-wife’s abusive husband. How much would he be paid to complete this task, and why is this person so rich and powerful?


Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Quiz

Hmmmmm. I remember getting captured by a cannibal family, and then getting a series of light concussions from a nearly-dead old man trying to hit me in the head with a hammer. Do you remember what happened in Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At a creepy gas station our heroes Michelle and Ryan are accosted by the creepy attendant and saved by the handsome Tex. After witnessing Tex getting shot, Ryan insists they go down a back road. Why?

2) Soon after it becomes dark Michelle and Ryan crash their car into Benny, a gun-loving militia man. What caused them to crash?

3) After getting split up from Michelle and Ryan, Benny meets another woman in the woods. Why is she wandering around the swampy backwater?

4) Michelle and Ryan, unfortunately, are captured by a psychotic cannibal family. Can you name the people in the family?

5) Who survives the whole ordeal, both the good and bad guys we’ve met throughout?


Replicas Quiz

Uh oh, I got into a crazy bad car accident and my whole family was killed. I also don’t really remember what happened because I sustained a bad concussion in the process. Do you remember what happened in Replicas?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film a donor comes in to Keanu’s clinic to get his new body. Who is this donor, and what happens to him?

2) Well, no time to dwell on failure (even though if I fail a few more times the entire company I work for it going to go under … whatever), time to hit the beach! Where is the family going on vacation?

3) Whoops, Keanue killed his whole family (whoops!). Well … obviously don’t call the police, instead just clone them all! Except for the youngest one. Why can’t he clone the youngest one?

4) Keanu it turns out operates like a rare gemstone. Pressure makes diamonds! Under extreme pressure to both resurrect his family and resurrect his flailing research project, Keanu buckles down and thinks up some gnarly algorithms. How does Keanu solve the issue with the robots destroying themselves?

5) In the end Keanu and robo-Keanu part ways. What do each do with their lives?


Angel Has Fallen Quiz

Quite literally a huge part of this story is just how many concussions the main character has. I barely remember my own name, let alone what happened in this film. Do you remember what happened in Angel Has Fallen?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What piece of legislation does President Morgan Freeman announce at the beginning of the film?

2) What is the vice-president’s (spoilees!) plot to kill the president? And why does Wade Jennings go along with it?

3) Why does the FBI think Mike Banning tried to kill the president?

4) Where does Mike’s estranged father live?

5) What position is Mike promoted to at the end of the film?