Jaws: The Revenge Quiz

After your husband and son were attack and killed by a quiz you realized “wait on second, maybe the quiz is hunting us!” That is right before they locked you up in an asylum. But what if you were right? … You aren’t, but what if you were? You still aren’t.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

1) In the beginning of the film Ellen Brody lives on Martha’s Viney- … er, Amity Island with her youngest son soon after Martin Brody passed away. How did Martin Brody die?

2) After her son dies she heads off to live with her son Michael in The Bahamas. What does Michael do for a living? What does his lovely wife do for a living?

3) Once down in the Caribbean Ellen starts to hit it off with Hoagie, the lovable pilot who bums around town. What two concerns does Michael have about Hoagie though?

4) Michael and his bestie Jake (Mario Van Peebles) get a glimpse of Jaws and decide to track him. But why do they do that instead of immediately warning everyone?

5) How do they defeat the dastardly Jaws?



The 13th Warrior Quiz

You have been chosen as the 13th person to take this quiz. Actually … thay is entirely possible given the number of people who read this website (heeeeeyyyyyoooooo, sick burn on us). Get ready for it, because it’s …

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

1) Why was Antonio Banderas’ character sent to the north in the first place?

2) And then why is he chosen as the 13th warrior to go on a short jaunt even further north to help handle a super tiny … cannibal problem? Super tiny. Don’t even worry about it, you’ll barely notice it.

3) And during the journey the northmen can’t help but make fun of this weirdo that is now tagging along with them. They specifically note his horse and sword. Why?

4) Why could Banderas drink alcohol even though he specifically says drinking is against his religion?

5) During the film there are four major battles. The first in the hall. The second is the big stand in the village against the calvary. The third is when they take the battle to the cannibals in their lair. And the final battle again is in the village. How many of the 13 warriors died in each?


Slender Man Quiz

I guess I could ask a couple of easy questions about Slender Man. Like … how would you describe the body type of Slender Man? (He is slender). And … what get gender is Slender Man? (He is in fact a man). But instead I’ll throw you a few curves.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why do our four heroines decide to bravely go onto the internet and watch a video about a very very slender man?

2) But wait … then why didn’t all of the guys start getting slenderized later in the movie as well?

3) The moment where things stopped being polite and started getting real was when Katie is kidnapped while on a school trip. Where did they go for this school trip?

4) In order to try and get Katie back the three remaining girls go into the local Spooky Forest and use some internet advice to try and get Slender Man off their backs (jeez dude, chill out, you have a real weird stalker vibe going on here). What do they have to do to escape insanity / kidnapping / death?

5) Why does Wren (Joey King) show Lizzie the Slender Man video? For the record their friend was already shown this video, everyone was being haunted, and their friend had gone missing … but yeah, show your friend’s little sister the video. By all means.


Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties Quiz

‘Ello guvnaaah! Looks like Garfield is going to jolly ‘ol England he is he is! Enough of that, time for a quiz about your favourite (note the ‘u’) fat cat on the block and his fish-out-of-water adventure in the land of meat pies!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) On the night of the big proposal Jon is rudely waylaid by Liz’s announcement that she has been invited to give a talk in London. Who did she replace at this prestigious conference?

2) Prince is a big ol’ fat cat, but English. Weirdly … he looks exactly like Garfield. What number in Prince in his familial line?

3) The eeeeeevil nephew Dargis (Billy Connolly) wants to rid himself of Prince. One method he attempts is to teach his dog to literally eat Prince. But what does the dog eat instead?

4) How does Jon discover that Garfield is at Prince’s palace? This is after losing Garfield for roughly the sixth time in England, a country that he illegally imported two animals to. If he was Johnny Depp … pheeeeew lad!

5) After eeeeevil nephew Dargis steals the estate from Prince, what does he plan to turn the estate into?


Garfield Quiz

Garfield is a big cat with a ‘tude to match. Now, I know you all are huuuuuuuge Jim Davis-heads, so get on your thinking caps because this is a …

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Jon gets Odie after a miscommunication with his lady love Liz. What was Jon thinking Liz was asking him for when she foisted Odie onto him and Garfield?

2) Garfield isn’t exactly taken with Odie immediately, but he does teach Odie to dance his little heart out! What song does Garfield teach Odie to dance to?

3) Stephen Tobolowsky wants to steal Odie for his show, and lucky him, Odie ends up being found lost by a little old lady. What does Tobolowsky offer as a reward for handing over “his” dog Odie?

4) What trick does Tobolowsky want Odie to perform using the eeeeeeeevil illegal shock collar in order to quickly rise up the animal entertainment ranks?

5) In as much detail as possible how does Garfield escape the pound?


Vampire Academy Quiz

Ugh, high school can suck, aaaaaaaayooooooo! Welcome to the Academy … Patrick’s Academy of Hard-Knocks! Climb into the hurt locker, for I am your quizmaster, ready to ruin your GPA with a pop quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) During the course of the film, in an attempt to rattle Vasilisa, an unknown antagonist kills two animals and places them among Vasilisa’s things. What two animals were killed?

2) On the other hand, in a flashback the now absent Ms. Karp sees Vasilisa heal what animal shortly after it dies? And Karp is all like “say whaaaaaaat?!”

3) What is the name of the saint that also specialized in the super secret Spirit power that Vasilisa is able to control?

4) Time to open your notebooks you nerd-alerts, what does “shadow-kissed” mean? Rose is super shadow-kissed.

5) Vasilisa is getting hot and heavy with Christian Ozera an outcast at school which Rose does not like very much. Why does everyone dislike Christian (except Vasilisa … remember, they are getting super hot and heavy over here)?


The Game Plan Quiz

You might be a playboy star NFL QB, but zoinks! You just found out you have a daughter!!! Better put on your big-boy pants, learn to love again, and take this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Joe Kingman is the star quarterback of the Boston Rebels, but he’s also the star in his adorable dog’s life. What kind of dog does Joe Kingman have?

2) Joe just needs a place for his daughter Peyton to go during the day when he is practicing. Luckily she’s an above average ballerina for her age, and gets enrolled in a prestigious ballet school. Unluckily this means Joe has to participate in the school’s recital (oh no! Say it ain’t so, Joe!). What part does he play in the recital?

3) After hurting Peyton’s feelings Joe tries to make it up to her by singing a beautiful tune. What song did he sing? Bonus points if you can correctly tell me whether Dwayne Johnson is a good singer.

4) In The Big Game what injury does the distracted and distraught Joe Kingman suffer?

5) Joe Kingman’s Boston Rebels beat the New York Dukes for that elusive championship ring. What was the final score though?