Fire Birds Quiz

Oh boy. So get this, I’m training to be a sweet helicopter pilot and I was just about to definitely kill this drug lord when I got shot down, broke both of my legs, and got a massive concussion. Now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Fire Birds?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When the movie opens Nic Cage is testifying to an investigative committee about an incident he was involved in. What happened during the incident?

2) What kind of gum is Nic Cage’s absolute favorite? 

3) Nic Cage has an issue (and it isn’t that he’s the greatest). What is it and how do they find out about it?

4) How does he get over this issue?

5) During Operation Fire Bird our Fire Birds get off the ground and go after the bad guys. How many bad guys get got, and how many good guy casualties do we see from the three birds?

Bonus Question: How long does Nic Cage’s a Sean Young’s relationship last this time?


Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Quiz

Oh man, so here I was, back on the streetz trying to get a handle on a crime spree sweeping the city, when these three jokers pop out of a jewelry store and bop me right on the head! Needless to say I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Police Academy 6: City Under Siege?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film a crime wave has gripped the city with the Wilson Heights Gang robbing stores at will. Oh no! And during the latest robbery Captain Harris has a front row seat. Where did the Wilson Heights Gang strike this time, and where did Harris think they were going to strike?

2) After a bank robbery the officers figure out that the bad guys are being paid by someone to commit the robberies. How do they figure this out?

3) After all of their “old-fashioned police work” falls flat, a trap is devised. What is the plan?

4) Eventually the team is dismissed from the case (oh no! Won’t these people ever learn that the Police Academy recruits are the best?). Why?

5) So … who’s the bad guy and why did he do it?

Bonus Question: Again, where was Mahoney during all of this?


Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach Quiz

Oh man, so I was supposed to go to Miami for an award ceremony for my best friend / commandant, and wouldn’t you know it? I bumped into a mafiosi and got bopped right on the head! Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Commandant Lassard is going to be forced to retire. Why?

2) Smash cut to Miami! And some bad dude robbers and … well they’re robbing! A museum specifically. What do they steal, and how do they later lose their bounty?

3) Time for some real trivia. We see the police officers participate in three sports while chilling in Miami Beach. What are they?

4) Remember the bag switcheroo? Well the diamonds aren’t just sitting out in the open. They are hidden somehow within the bag as well. How are they hidden?

5) What is the bad guy’s plan to get away, and why do the recruits decide to rescue Lassard in the end?

Bonus Question: Where do they say Mahoney was during all of this?


Space Jam: A New Legacy Quiz

Oh man, so I got disintegrated by an algorithm and put into a server at a giant production studio … that’s wild. In a way I was murdered and am now no more real than a robot … it is an existential nightmare. I don’t remember a thing about anything in my past “life”, especially anything about this film. Do you remember what happened in Space Jam: A New Legacy?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The beginning of the film is alllllllll family drama because LeBron and his son Dom just don’t see eye-to-eye on what Dom should be doing this summer. What does LeBron want him to do, and what does he want to do?

2) The entire conflict of the film between Al-G Rhythm and LeBron is kicked off based on the sweet pitch by the algorithm for LeBron’s next big business opportunity. What is that opportunity?

3) Why is Bugs Bunny all alone in Tune World?

4) The Goon Squad is a team of monsters which are a mix of real NBA and WNBA players and animals/elements/other stuff. Where do they come from?

5) What is the “one weird trick that algorithms hate” that the Toon Squad needs to pull off in order to win the game?

Bonus Question: What was Dom’s next big game?


Wild Orchid Quiz

Oh man, so here I was dancing my little heart out at Carnivale when I get bopped on the head by this guy on a Harley and now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Wild Orchid?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Emily is a lawyer from the midwest who travels to New York City to pursue her passion in international law. Why does she want to do International Law specifically?

2) When she gets to Rio, why does Emily end up going on a date with the mysterious (and rich) James Wheeler?

3) What does Wheeler describe as his “pride and joy”?

4) Bruce Greenwood is a creep who very much wants to pay Emily for sex. Ultimately who is he (in relation to Emily) and why does their liaison get him into trouble?

5) In the end Wheeler kind of screws over the deal Claudia and Emily are working on. How?

Bonus Question: The usual, how long do Wheeler and Emily stay together?


K-9 Quiz

So here I was trying to make the big bust with my new K-9 partner Jerry Lee, when wham! I get bopped on the head by my dog who is quite the rascal. Anyways, I can’t remember a thing since I sustained a pretty serious concussion. Do you remember what happened in K-9?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Dooley is a cop with a ‘tude, and he needs a new car. Why does he need a new car and under what condition will he get one?

2) And Dooley needs a car because he’s going to get a big bust. And to get the big bust he needs a dog. But under what condition can Dooley get a dog from Ed O’Neill?

3) Dooley and his new pal Jerry Lee head out to the port to check out the bad guy’s warehouse where oh shit! They are going to find some drugs. What do they find though?

4) So what is the big deal going down, what big plan is Dooley chasing with the big bad guy?

5) What is Belushi’s big plan to nab the bad guy and get his girl back?

Bonus Question: What big case landed on Dooley’s desk just as Jerry Lee recovered from his gunshot wound?


1) Well, his car was blown up by the bad guys because he was getting too close to their operation. So a helicopter came through and blew up his car, tough luck. But he’ll only get a car from the department if he takes a partner, which he doesn’t want to do. I have a feeling he’s going to get one anyways.

2) Ah, Dooley has to handle the dog himself. You see, Ed O’Neill is all out of K-9 unit handlers, he can’t spare a handler. So Dooley will have to command the dog himself for the big bust. I’m sure that’ll work out fine without any issues at all.

3) Well … they do find some drugs. The issue is that it is some guy smoking a joint in a back room instead of a giant cache of cocaine or whatever. But Dooley is going to be back, you can swear by that!

4) Well, there is a big shipment of drugs coming in, but it isn’t going to the streetz of San Diego. Nope, it is going to a single person, which Dooley, it turns out, ends up finding and chasing down at the beach. He’s really on the trail now!

5) Well, he waits for the transport to go by because he knows where the drugs are coming from, and he ultimately hijacks it with the help of Jerry Lee. He then pretends to make an exchange pretending his little Game & Watch is a bomb trigger, and when it goes off a big firefight ensues where ultimately the bad dude is killed. Much like Dooley’s general attitude towards law enforcement, the plan is a bit half-baked.

Bonus Answer: You have to follow the Beverly Hills Cop route so the second film should be about police corruption. I mean, in the first film the bad guy was all but openly discussing all of the drugs he was running and people he was murdering so there must have been loads of corruption. Dooley is handed a notice from those bums down in internal affairs who drag him into a secure interrogation room. He has a choice, help them root out corruption in the department, or go to jail for all the shit he pulled in the last investigation. Using his contacts (and Jerry Lee of course) Dooley rolls into the San Diego red light district to hit up the strip joint that is frequented by the SDPD brass. Dooley long suspected it was a front for more nefarious police-endorsed business. Instead of investigating though he just releases Jerry Lee on the terrified patrons and unloads multiple rounds into the ceiling (f rulez amirite?). Well, … that doesn’t work out, he’s arrested and internal affairs is pretty displeased by how much he hates rulez. After three years in prison he is released, moves to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, and becomes a school teacher (and now he loves rulez). The end.

It’s a prequel to Dangerous Minds obviously. Jim Belushi is basically George Dzundza in the film. It actually makes a ton of sense that former marine Louanne Johnson would know a former San Diego police officer as there is a big naval base there.

Two of a Kind Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I’m a huge piece of shit grifter/inventor who is really driving his life into the ground, and I got chased by a bunch of gangsters and then fell off of a bridge (long story). One thing led to another, and now I have a massive concussion and don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Two of a Kind?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) God’s back jack! And he ain’t happy with his angels, who’ve let the world go to shit. What’s God’s big plan for the world and what deal do the angels strike to save humanity?

2) Let’s get a little back story. Zach (Travolta) is a giant piece of trash who is being chased by gangsters. Why?

3) Debbie (Olivia Newton-John) is a bank teller and aspiring actress. Why does Zach suspect Debbie of screwing him over in his heist-turned-farce?

4) Well naturally, this odd couple falls in love (awwwwwwwww) but it all comes to a head when Zach flips on Debbie concerning the failed heist. Why does he flip on her?

5) In the end Zach totally redeems himself during an encounter with a robber who has taken Debbie hostage on the roof of a restaurant. How?

Bonus Question: How long do Debbie and Zach stay together?


Soul Survivors Quiz

Oh man, so I got in a huge blow up with my girlfriend and was distraught and distracted on the road and wouldn’t you know it? I flipped my SUV and got into a terrible accident where I bopped my head pretty hard. Naturally I can’t remember a thing (because of ghosts, you know?). Do you remember what happened in Soul Survivors?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Cassie and Sean are young high school sweethearts saying goodbye as college begins. Why are they saying goodbye, where are they going?

2) Then they become Soul Survivors after a traumatic event. What event?

3) After having what looks to be a super fun paint fight, Cassie falls asleep and has what looks like a really fun dream. What happens in the dream?

4) Luckily Cassie meets a nice priest named Father Jude. But there is something off with Father Jude that she learns from the other father at the church?

5) In the end how does Cassie survive?

Bonus Question: How long do Cassie and Sean stay together after the tragic events of the film?


Half Past Dead Quiz

Well, it’s a long story, but let’s just say I am in deep cover with the FBI and had to get beat up in prison to get my cred with the inmates up enough to find a big bounty of gold. And I did it, I learned where the gold was! Except … when getting beat up I sustained a massive concussion and now can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Half Past Dead?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Sasha Petrosevitch (Seagal) is an FBI agent in deep cover with some bad dude criminals (including his friend Ja Rule). What crimes are they committing specifically before they all get pinched by the cops?

2) When Seagal goes to Alcatraz 2.0 he’s called on specifically to talk with Lester McKenna the day he is set to be executed for stealing a bunch of gold and getting some FBI agents killed in the process. Why does Lester want to talk to Sasha in particular?

3) On that same day, the opening day of Alcatraz 2.0, there is also a Supreme Court justice visiting. Why?

4) Morris Chestnut is on the scene though and he wants that gold aaaaaaaaaaall for himself. What is his plan to get the gold?

5) In the end how does Seagal and Lester conspire to save the Supreme Court justice, foil Chestnut, and get the gold?

Bonus Question: Ja Rule got out of prison two years after the events of the film, what job does he get afterwards?


Son of the Mask Quiz

Oh man, so one day my dog brought me this gnarly (literally) mask and I put it on and I became just like Jim Carrey in that movie from the 90’s … but then I bonked my head while doing my signature Tasmanian Devil spin and I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Son of the Mask?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film we meet Tim Avery who lives in Fringe City and is deeply fearful of fatherhood. What is his job?

2) But his life changes when he gets the mask. Where does he get it from?

3) Meanwhile Loki is looking for the mask. Why?

4) Well, now Tim has a kid and something is a … bit off with him. And their dog actually. The literal baby forms a master plan to get Tim out of the picture. What is the plan?

5) In the end Tim faces Loki, saves his son, and gets his big break. What is the concept of the cartoon he ultimately makes at the end of the film?

Bonus Question: In one of those intertitle sequences they explain what happens to everyone after the end of the film. What ultimately happened to Alvey, the titular Son of the Mask?