Speed 2: Cruise Control Quiz

Speed is so classic it was where the name of this quiz is from. Speed 2 took that formula … subtracted Keanu … and put it on a ship …  Do you remember anything about this film? Neither does the producer who was probably high on cocaine the entire time!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Start with a crazy one, no way you can get this, but Willem Dafoe says the name of the cruise liner they are on multiple times in this film … do you remember the name of the ship?

2) Why does Jason Patric know sign language? Quite handy for communicating with a deaf 14 year old on the ship, and doesn’t make him at all look like a Creepy McCreepster.

3) During the course of the film you see people watching two other films within the film. Name at least one of these films.

4) Why does Willem Dafoe have so many cute leech pets in his cabin?

5) Besides the fact that he is macking the mack with Sandy B, what else makes Jason Patric suspicious of Willem Dafoe’s character right off the bat?



Little Man Quiz

Calvin is just trying to recover a diamond he stole for his employer. Darryl just wants to be a father. You watched the heartfelt comedy Little Man and against all odds you haven’t scratched your own eyes out, so let’s take a quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Calvin and Percy are hired by some evildoers to steal an enormous diamond from the jewellery store, which they are somehow amazing at doing. But what foils their escape?

2) Calvin pretends to be an abandoned baby on Darryl’s doorstep, unfortunately CPS is closed for the weekend! Better take Calvin immediately to a pediatrician. What are the three tip-offs that Calvin is grown adult that the doctor somehow dismisses?

3) After Calvin steals Darryl’s car and leads the police on a high speed chase resulting in Darryl’s car getting totalled … Darryl decides he still wants to go to the hockey game with the boys (as a normal adult person would do after their child is kidnapped and is involved in a car accident). They live in Chicago, which city is their team playing that night?

4) At the aforementioned hockey game Calvin swallows the enormous diamond in order to later pass it and recover it for the mob bosses he stole it for. Unfortunately this diamond instead just stops Calvin up. What is the remedy to this problem?

5) Finally, how much were Percy and Calvin supposed to be paid for stealing the diamond? How much does Darryl ultimately get as a reward from the insurance company for its recovery?


Cool World Quiz

Are you having one of those days where you just got out of prison, but you keep on getting transported to an alternative dimension populated by cartoons which you thought had come from your mind? Wait … what?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Brad Pitt is returning from where, and when does this sequence take place?

2) How is Brad Pitt’s character transported to Cool World (the parallel dimension populated by Doodles) in the first place?

3) During the course of the film Brad Pitt has a partner named Nails, an anthropomorphic spider. At one point Nails is semi-kinda-not-really killed? What is one way to kill a Doodle apparently?

4) In the end of the film Brad Pitt is killed after being shoved off of a Las Vegas casino by Holli Would. But, what is this? He lives! Why didn’t Brad Pitt ultimately die?

5) In the beginning of the film Gabriel Byrne is in prison … what was his crime?


Righteous Kill Quiz

A quiz on the film Righteous Kill. To ace it won’t require much skill. Just patience and time. Obsess on fictional crime. And it’ll help if you’re mentally ill. – Poetry Sklog

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1. Detectives Cowan (De Niro) and Fisk (Pacino) intentionally do not use their names during the film (in order to not give away the big twist ending, what a twist!). What are their nicknames?

2. During the course of the film Poetry Boy (spoiler alert, it is Al Pacino) kills multiple people, but what event started it all?

3. Name or describe the five people we “see” Pacino kill during the course of the film.

4. When Pacino and De Niro send a lawyer into Spider’s club (a converted Bank, it is so Hollywood Badass I love it) to get some cocaine while wearing a wire, what does she say she needs the cocaine for?

5. We’ll end with a tough one. In the NYPD softball game we see De Niro score a run. How would you log the run in the scorecard?


Conan the Barbarian (2011) Quiz

You have battled and fought and made your body lean and sinewy, ready to cleave your enemies in two with your razor sharp sword. There is only one thing else to do, Crom demands it … it’s quiz time.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. In the beginning of the film Conan’s father sends the youths of the camp off to compete for a spot in the hunt. What is the competition?
  2. What’s more important in forging a blade, fire? Or ice?
  3. The day of his father’s death left indelible scars on Conan’s soul. But it also left slightly less metaphorical scars on his body (something he then shows to the eeeeeevil Khalar Zym to prove he was the boy destined to kill him, how convenient …). What injury was inflicted onto Conan on that fateful day?
  4. Conan frees the thief Ela-Shan from slavery, befriending him for life (convenient, perhaps his lockpicking skills will be vitally important for the climax of this film …). But why did Conan allow himself to be enslaved in the first place?
  5. Straight up … what is the plot of this film? Who is Khalar Zym, what is he looking for, and why is he looking for it?


Underclassman Quiz

You’re deep undercover. This conspiracy, the absolute gall, in a school no less! And then you think to yourself “wait … is my entire life just a rip-off of 21 Jump Street? Like … what have I done with my life where I’m a police officer going to legit high school to break up some car stealing ring?” You decide to quit on the spot. But not before taking this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. Let’s start with an easy one. Why did the LAPD send bike-cop-turned-amazing-detective back to school?
  2. Rob Donovan captains the school Blacktop Battle team. How many games does Trey (Nick Cannon) ultimately play in for the school … and I wonder if there is an age limit on competitors …
  3. Trey plays three sports with Rob’s crew during the course of the film. Name them.
  4. Trey prefers to give chance on foot or with his trusty BMX bike (fine, that was only once in the beginning of the film). But twice Trey gets ahold of a motorized vehicle in two chase/race scenes. Name them.
  5. During the film there are three cars stolen by the school carjacking ring. Name the type of any one of them.

BONUS What was the name of the designer drug Headmaster Powers was flipping the stolen cars for?


Alex & Emma Quiz

While dictating the next great American novel to the harried freelance stenographer you hired, your publisher called you up and said four words that would change the course of your romantic life! …

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. Throughout the movie Emma (Kate Hudson) bothers Alex (Luke Wilson) by doing what? Hint: It concerns books … I mean Luke Wilson seems perturbed throughout, this seems to offend him.
  2. Rob Reiner just loves Alex’s mojo. How many novels has Alex written in his illustrious career?
  3. In order to lure Emma to her murder … er, to be a freelance stenographer in a highly unlikely literary gambit, Alex advertised the job under what guise?
  4. What nationalities does Emma’s fictional alter-egos in the story-within-a-movie take on throughout the film?
  5. The target of Adam Shipley’s lust is the single mother Penelope Delacroix. Adam is worried that Penelope is going to wed the very rich John Shaw, to whom she owes an enormous sum. What two ways does Adam think to get her out from underneath her debt?