Troll Quiz

I’m quizzing them. And then I’m going to quiz you. Oh my goooooooooooooooooood! Wait … wrong Troll movie.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we first meet the Potters they are moving into their new digs in San Francisco. What very particular personal possession is Harry Potter Sr. proud of and his wife peeved by during the move?

2) What’s the story with the Troll? What’s his deal? Why is he making everyone into forests?

3) How does our hero Harry Potter Jr. figure out that Torok has taken on the guise of his sister? I mean … besides the fact that she acts like a feral animal and is super strong.

4) Name as many of the residents of the apartment building as you can.

5) How does our fearless hero Harry Potter Jr. claim victory and save his sister?



Godzilla (1998) Quiz

Back in 1998 you had Godzilla-mania, even if you didn’t know you had Godzilla-mania. But did you really understand the movie?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Dr. Nick (Broderick) explains like four times what his research was concerned with … but for reals what was his scientific research all about?

2) Back in NYC Audrey is just trying to break into the tv news biz. Working as an assistant to a supremely creepy (and comically short) news anchor, what very inappropriate thing does this sleazeball suggest to Audrey when she asks to discuss her future career in broadcasting?

3) Godzilla appears in four different places in the film. Can you name them?

4) After the initial trap to lure Godzilla out, how does Dr. Nick determine that Godzilla is pregnant?

5) Dr. Nick is then booted out of the army HQ because Audrey, his old college flame, leaked the Godzilla discovery tape to the press. So he decides to go with a gang of wacky Frenchmen to Madison Square Garden where they discover dozens of Godzilla eggs which begin to hatch! How do our heroes get the army’s attention before a hundred Godzillas are let loose into the streets!?


Beverly Hills Cop III Quiz

Bust out that sweet 80s synth it is time to go back to Beverly Hills (Cop III)! What’s that? This was made in 1994?! Jeez Louise … I guess we are busting out our mid-90s synth now?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Axel echews the SWAT in the opening action scene because it is an easy breezy beautiful straight-forward bust. What do they think they are busting? What do they actually stumble into?

2) When Axel goes back to Beverly Hills following the rumors about the stolen van’s location he meets up with his old friend Rosewood. What is Rosewood’s job now?

3) And his old friend Taggert! Oh wait he’s not there, what happened to him?

4) Hector Elizondo really really is hoping Elis De Wald is clean … why?

5) The crazy gun Serge gives Axel to help infiltrate the amusement park has many capabilities. Name at least three things we see that it is able to do.


Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Quiz

Like a precog from Minority Report this film makes you feel like you took a bunch of drugs and can see into the future … and that future just might involved Smaddies Baddies awards and the Hall of Fame. Can you understand anything from this film?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Wait, I thought they won the tournament and saved Earth for a generation. What is the Bad Guy even talking about?

2) But how would the Elder Gods let this happen?!

3) After Johnny Cage get killed like an idiot our heroes, Raiden, Lui Kang, Sonya Blade, and Kitana decide they have to split up. Where do all of them go and why?

4) What is the lame ass reason the Elder Gods are letting this happen?

5) Oh God can you even piece together the good and bad guys’ plans at this point? My head hurts.


Mortal Kombat Quiz

Are you ready for Mortal Pop Quiz Hot Shot! You best be, Fight!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) There are three main fighters of concern fighting to save Earth from the Outworld Trashpeople (that’s their team name, I think I heard it one time), Johnny Cage, Lui Kang, and Sonya Blade. Why are they in the tournament?

2) There are six main baddies on the Trashpeople side, Goro, Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, and Kane (Trashpeople are stacked!). Name their powahs!

3) What is the political structure of Outworld, from what you can glean from the movie at least?

4) Why does Shang Tsung want to kidnap Sonya?

5) Ultimately why does Kitana help our heroes defeat Shang Tsung and thus prevent Outworld from taking over Earth?


Ernest Goes to Jail Quiz

So you’re Ernest. You’re a janitor, you’re kind to a fault, you got friends and maybe (oooooooo) a girlfriend, and fine … you might be a bit slow. But gosh darn it you want to be a bank clerk! Well you can’t … until you take this quiz that is!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) As was explained Ernest is a janitor at a bank (but he wants to be a bank clerk). The night we meet this kind misfit he’s busy innocently trashing the bank. What unfortunate action by our hero sets off the chain of events whereby the bank is messed up?

2) Like normal human beings Ernest, when electrocuted, becomes magnetic (and much hilarity ensues). How many times did Ernest become magnetically charged?

3) Ernest is very very excited to serve on Jury Duty. What case does he very coincidentally and inconveniently get to be a juror for?

4) After a little switcheroo with Bizarro Ernest (i.e. Nash), Ernest ends up in prison. Whoops! Afterwards Ernest attempts to escape three times prior to his execution. Describe each attempt.

5) Why is Ernest able to fly in the climactic battle scene with Bizarro Ernest?


Highlander: The Final Dimension Quiz

There can only be one! This movie is obviously the worst because it begs the question: What happens if there were twin Highlanders? Huh? One would have to kill the other? Bullshit. Quiz time.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open by completely ignoring Highlander II: The Quickening, and instead blast to the past to join up with Conor McCloud (he’s back jack!) after the death of his wife. What does McCloud decide to do after this unfortunate event?

2) Meanwhile our heroine Alexandra arrives in Japan circa 1994. What is her job and why is she there?

3) How many Highlanders die in the film?

4) Why does McCloud go back to the Scottish highlands?

5) Name at least three things Kane transforms himself into during the course of the film.