Gone in 60 Seconds Quiz

Hmmmm, I remember tearing around town in this stolen car, but after a big bridge jump I knocked m’head about a bit and can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Gone in 60 Seconds?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Kip done done it now! He blew the job and the boss ain’t happy. Not only that, but they left tons of evidence behind in the warehouse they were working in. What three key pieces of evidence were left behind?

2) Well Kip is in some hot water and they need to call big bro Memphis up to patch things up (as usual). What does Memphis do now?

3) Why do they nickname all of the cars with women’s names?

4) Can you name the crew? Even just getting the numbers would be pretty impressive.

5) Why are they stealing all 50 cars in one night, and why is Eleanor saved until last?



Bye Bye Love Quiz

Hey, I’m new here with the McMasters program, but I can’t remember all the bits and bobs of Mickey D’s. But you’re my teenaged trainer! You can help me remember! But first, what happened in the movie Bye Bye Love again?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In an initial voice over monologue it is explained precisely why McDonald’s plays such a prominent role in the proceedings. Why?

2) With three divorcees there comes three ex-wives with lives of their own. Can you describe the marital / relationship status of all three.

3) Young adult Max and old-timer Walter both work at McDonald’s and have an interesting relationship, what is it?

4) Paul Reiser’s daughter is rather upset at her father during the run up to her graduation, including driving drunk at a party the night before. Where does she drive to and why is she so gosh darn upset?!

5) At the very end Quaid goes to confront Rob Reiner during his radio program. Just give me the gist of Quaid’s reasoning for why Reiner is oh so wrong about divorced dads.


Medicine Man Quiz

Uh oh. In addition to forgetting the cure for cancer, I also drank too much native Amazonian alcohol during the celebration last night. Can you help me remember what happened in Medicine Man?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When Bracco finds Connery in the rainforest he’s celebrating with his Amazonian friends. He’s decided to get shit faced and dress up as an animal. What animal?

2) The problem is that Connery has forgotten the cure for cancer! Whoops! He keeps making the solution, but none of them have the mystical peak 37 which is, of course, everything. What is the serum made from? In the end what was the actual source of peak 37?

3) Connery is naturally a tragic hero. What is he beating himself up over, so badly that even his wife is like “for reals, get over it”?

4) In addition to the frustrations that forgetting the cure for cancer poses (again, whoops), there is also an increasingly pressing issue facing Connery and the tribe. What is it?

5) In the movie two people in the tribe get cancer, despite the fact that Connery specifically sought out the tribe because they had an unusually low cancer rate. Why did these two people get cancer then?


Jungle 2 Jungle Quiz

Huh, the last thing I remember was my long lost son from the Amazon shot me with a dart and I fell into a deep slumber … do you remember what happened in Jungle 2 Jungle?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with Michael Cromwell travelling to the Venezuelan Amazon where he meets his long lost son. Why did he go to the Amazon in the first place?

2) It just so happens that it is Mimi-Siku’s birthday! And it’s a big one, he’s being declared a man in the eyes of the tribe. What is the task he is given by the chief of the tribe?

3) The B-story in this children’s film is a very interesting story about coffee speculation. Please describe in as much detail as possible the trajectory and issues involving these certificates.

4) What is Michael’s fiance’s job?

5) What does Leelee Sobieski’s new Amazonian tribal name mean? I won’t make you try and remember the actual name … it was Ukeme.


Dark Phoenix Quiz

Huh, last thing I remember I was going on a sweet space mission with my team of mutants … but then something happened and I can’t remember. Do you remember what happened in Dark Phoenix?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

(1) What mission are the X-men sent on in the beginning of the film that kicked off the whole Dark Phoenix saga?

(2) Can you tell me literally anything about the aliens and what their purpose on Earth is?

(3) We learn a lot about Jean Grey in this film. What is the story given here that she learns in the course of becoming Dark Phoenix?

(4) Dark Phoenix then finds Magneto hanging with his buds in the forest. He gets preeeeetty pissed at here for downing a military helicopter and goes after her with two other eeeevil mutants. What were their powers?

(5) In the end what happens to Jean Grey and all of the mutants?


Lost in Space Quiz

Oh no! Un sabateur! My deep space exploration vessel has been ruined (ruined!) by a dastardly act of sabotage. But maybe … if I can remember the plot of Lost in Space, I can stop being … lost in space. Can you remember anything?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Matt LeBlanc is hired on at the last minute for the babysitting job as the pilot of the mission to Alpha One. He basically will act like a monkey, press a few buttons, and absolutely nothing will go wrong necessitating piloting expertise. Anywho, why did they need a replacement pilot?

2) Ooooooooooo, Mr. Robinson is in the dog house. Why is his family just in general not too pleased with him. I’m mainly looking for the issue with Will, his son.

3) Why is Dr. Smith trying to sabotage the mission and how does he end up lost … in space?!

4) Once lost in space the ship passes through two time bubbles. What do they find there that indicates how far into the future each bubble puts them?

5) What happens to Dr. Smith, and how do they dispense with him/it?


Armageddon Quiz

Don’t wanna close my eyeeeeeeeees. Don’t want to fall asleep, ‘cause I’d miss you baby, and I don’t want to miss a thiiii-iiing. Did you miss anything?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Harry is the baddest m-f-ing oil driller on the high seas, and his crew? It’s the best. AJ though, he can get a little wild. What two major mistakes does AJ make to get himself fired?

2) Let’s get into some asteroid facts! How big was the asteroid, which city do we see get hit by the asteroid in the beginning of the film, and which city is completely destroyed by the asteroid in the middle of the film?

3) Describe in as much detail as possible the actual plan to destroy the asteroid. And while you do this please laugh as little as possible.

4) Who were in the crews, who died, and how did they die? No need for names, but please, an hour of silence for our fallen heroes.

5) At the end of the film all of the remaining heroes draw straws to see who has to stay behind and detonate the bomb manually. Why do they have to detonate it manually?