Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Quiz

You were all still distracted by the three B’s: Beer, Boobs, and Bobcat Goldthwait. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t figure out the non-plot of this plotless garbage film.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film we see poor poor Sweetchuck locking up his shop and then getting assaulted by Zed and the gang of hoodlums at an ATM. But … what does Sweetchuck sell?

2) To take care of the hoodlums the city decides to try something difffffferent, and calls up the Academy for a batch of their best and brightest. Which of the recruits from the first film make the cut and what are their stereotypes … er, I mean defining characteristic?

3) Meanwhile the eeeevil Lt. Mauser is tasked with running the new recruits out of town. How does the gang get back at him twice?

4) As a final desperate act what does Lassard do in order to try and regain control of the streetz?

5) In a very Never Never Land Lost Boys type of situation Zed and the gang are holed up somewhere outside of the city. Where?



Police Academy Quiz

I know y’all were distracted by the three B’s: Beers, Boobs, and Buffalo Wings (fine, only the first two were in the film I think), but try desperately to remember what this plotless film is actually about.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What did Mahoney do to get himself trapped in the Police Academy, either committing to complete the training, or get thrown in jail?

2) How many of the police academy crew can you name and their defining stereotype … er, I mean characteristic?

3) In one of the weirder gags the head of the Academy gets a blowjob while standing behind a podium giving a presentation. He thinks it is from the Gutes (he wishes), but it was actually by a prostitute. Why was there a prostitute in the Academy though?

4) Prior to the big finale both Hightower and Mahoney are kicked out of the Academy. Why?

5) In the grand finale a giant riot breaks out and Hightower (who had returned to his florist job in the area) and Mahoney save the day. How did the riot start?


The Nun Quiz

The Nun is a-comin’ to getcha guys, she’s in rural Romania but itching for that big-city London park life! She just needs a partner in crime to, you know … get all possessed and shit. Are you that vessel, do you deserve it? Well then get ready, let’s go!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why is our friend Frenchie called Frenchie?

2) Father Burke is a mysterious figure with a dark past. One of the figures in his past is Daniel, who is Daniel?

3) Frenchie is entangled in the story because of a nun that hanged herself. What was she holding when she hanged herself, and what was it for?

4) For a while our main character Sister Irene is alone in the Abbey with spooooooooky ghosts with Father Burke trapped by a clockwork gate. How do Burke and Frenchie infiltrate the abbey?

5) Give me the whole backstory of Valak as best you can, this is an origin story after all!


Mile 22 Quiz

Do you love guns and Mark Wahlberg? Hell yeah I do, well strap on your sidearm, it is time to foil some international hi-jinx!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When the crew attacks the Russian safe house they need a little distraction from their best thespian crew members. What do these skilled actoooooors pretend to be doing near the house?

2) Now in Indocarr everyone is super duper chill and definitely not being total dicks to each other and their families. What does Wahlberg’s right hand woman Alice do to get herself locked out of MyFamilyWizard while talking to her ex-husband. Bonus if you can remember why they were fighting in the first place!

3) Now when the double (or triple …) agent comes to give himself up at the American embassy he is handcuffed for a little physical. This obvs gives us a cool martial arts scene, but before that how does Mr. Martial Arts figure out that the doctor is actually an assassin sent to kill him?

4) The double (or triple …) agent has brought a fancy schmancy drive with him which will tell Mark Wahlberg all about the very-bad-stuff the very-bad-people have stuck into the country! Buuuut there is a trick to it! What is it? And the trick isn’t that it was written by a woman like one character very confusingly insinuates.

5) Now they are on the move (fun!) and their Malkovichian super squad is assembled across the globe. What little figures does Malkovich keep in the room they set up right up until, uh oh, they are all killed because Mark Wahlberg is a dummy.


The Darkest Minds Quiz

How dark is your mind? I think it is merely a darker mind, but perhaps you contend that it is the darkest mind? Well then en garde for a mind darkness quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Name the different colors and what powers they denote.

2) Who are Ruby’s three friends and what powers do they have?

3) In the camp how do they detect that Ruby is an orange? There is a specific method which leads her to Mandy Moore.

4) The Children’s League is supposedly helping Ruby, but uh-oh! She learns that they might be up to no good. What does she learn, and what do they actually do/want?

5) What is the twist to the film? They are in Slip Kid’s camp and then …


Proud Mary Quiz

You grew up in an assassinating family, and naturally grew up to be a badass assassin. Buckle into your Maserati, strap on some heat, because you have five high profile targets in your sights … these quiz questions!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Mary is a hitman and proud of it! How many official hits do we see Mary perform during the film?

2) Danny rips off a dealer in the beginning of the film after the dealer tries to rip him off. How much money does Danny get away with in the end?

3) Mary, Tom, and Benny (Danny Glover) have an interesting relationship and it is no surprise that those three (plus the kid Danny) end up at Benny’s house for dinner. What is their relationship?

4) How does Tom figure out that Benny is the son of the opening hit by Mary?

5) When Tom and Mary wipe out the rival gang (literally just wipe them out, all dead), Mary is injured. Where?


Midnight Sun Quiz

We all know you love teen romantic dramas. You watched The Kissing Booth or whatever, and you’re like Jacob Elordi youz a hottie! I know it, you know it, so sit down and watch Midnight Sun and prepare for this quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Katie is a girl who doesn’t want to just be known as a disease. But what is that disease called? We know it is that she’s allergic to the sun (basically), but what do they call it? The short name will suffice.

2) But hey, Katie can go outside at night, that’s neat. What does she usually do at night?

3) But then her world gets turned upside down by Charlie, the somewhat morose boy Katie has been in love with her whole life. What makes him so morose? Why isn’t he having a ton of fun with his cool friends?

4) Charlie is just to best. He takes her to parties, and to Seattle to see a concert. But then, uh oh! When they get back from Seattle they go skinny dipping and then Katie sees a little bit of sun. How did she blow it so hard? How did she miss curfew?!

5) Katie passes away from her bad brain, Charlie goes to Berkeley, and Rob Riggle continues his life. Rob Riggle has had a tough life. How did his wife die? Actually, for good measure why not also tell me what he does for a living for a bonus point.