Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Quiz

Star Trek envisions a world where money no longer exists and humans explore the stars on missions of diplomacy. Similarly, in 2063 it is believed that BMT will also take to the stars to find the worst movies from alien cultures. Until then, take this quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open the film with Captain Kirk climbing a mountain. What cliff is he climbing and where?

2) Throughout the film there is a Klingon Bird of Prey following the Enterprise. Why?

3) When they get to Nimbus III Kirk has a brilliant plan: Pull a little switcheroo with Chekov playing the part of capitan while the rest of the essential crew wanders around on Nimbus III like goobers … er, I mean, the away team goes down and smashes it. But alas, they need a distraction to infiltrate the facility. What do they use as a distraction?

4) The key to Sybok’s power is in his ability to find your greatest pain and help you come to terms with it, giving you a state of bliss. What is McCoy and Spock’s greatest pains?

5) So obviously they get to the center of the galaxy and find God … wait is that right? What actually was at the center of the galaxy?



Alpha and Omega Quiz

We watched a literal child’s film. A film made for a child. So you’d think a quiz would be easier. But actually … since you probably didn’t pay attention to what what actually happening in the story, it is likely to be even harder than normal. Good luck.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Kate and Humphrey are an alpha and an omega destined to fall in love, but first Kate has to get engaged to Garth. Why does she have to get engaged to him?

2) But uh-oh, Garth has a fatal flaw (besides not being Humphrey). What is it?

3) When Kate and Humphrey are spirited away to Yellowstone in Idaho they meet a golf-playing goose and a duck. Where are each from (or so they claim)?

4) Meanwhile Garth and Lilly, Kate’s sister, hit it off. And, best of all, they improve each other! How does each improve the other?

5) By why is it that Garth and Lilly, and Kate and Humphrey are forbidden to marry? Wouldn’t that also unite the pack?


In Love and War Quiz

Dig into those trenches, acost the lovely nurses, lie about bedding them and pester them day and night … wait one second … was Ernest Hemingway a creep? Goddamnit, he was a creep. Well, I have to make a quiz regardless.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film when Sandra Bullock arrives at the hospital on the Italy-Austria border they set up the hospital in what kind of building? What used to be there?

2) Why couldn’t Hemingway join the actual army?

3) In order to save Hemingway’s leg the famous nurse Sandra Bullock employed what technique developed where?

4) Ernest’s Red Cross bestie comes in with some serious injuries … like burns all over his body kind of injuries (but you’ve never looked better buddy …). What ultimately happens to him?

5) Ernie gets two things for his battlefield heroics, one from the Italian army and one from an Italian citizen. What were they?


The Predator Quiz

Have you ever found yourself out in the jungle mano a mano with a true Predator! Or in heat wave Los Angeles, mano a mono with a true Predator! Or with Aliens and Predators. Or like … a bunch of goddamned Predators? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet! Now there’s … like a big goddamned Predator! Nailed it.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What mission was our main character on at the beginning of the film that was so rudely interrupted by the (good) Predator escape pod crash landing?

2) Why was Olivia Munn chosen to inspect the captured Predator?

3) Can you name all of the Loonies and why they are there? Descriptions will suffice.

4) And how did they all die (excepting the main character of course)?

5) Finally, why did the super Predator and regular Predator come to Earth?


Jaws: The Revenge Quiz

After your husband and son were attack and killed by a quiz you realized “wait on second, maybe the quiz is hunting us!” That is right before they locked you up in an asylum. But what if you were right? … You aren’t, but what if you were? You still aren’t.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

1) In the beginning of the film Ellen Brody lives on Martha’s Viney- … er, Amity Island with her youngest son soon after Martin Brody passed away. How did Martin Brody die?

2) After her son dies she heads off to live with her son Michael in The Bahamas. What does Michael do for a living? What does his lovely wife do for a living?

3) Once down in the Caribbean Ellen starts to hit it off with Hoagie, the lovable pilot who bums around town. What two concerns does Michael have about Hoagie though?

4) Michael and his bestie Jake (Mario Van Peebles) get a glimpse of Jaws and decide to track him. But why do they do that instead of immediately warning everyone?

5) How do they defeat the dastardly Jaws?


The 13th Warrior Quiz

You have been chosen as the 13th person to take this quiz. Actually … thay is entirely possible given the number of people who read this website (heeeeeyyyyyoooooo, sick burn on us). Get ready for it, because it’s …

Pop Quiz Hot Shot

1) Why was Antonio Banderas’ character sent to the north in the first place?

2) And then why is he chosen as the 13th warrior to go on a short jaunt even further north to help handle a super tiny … cannibal problem? Super tiny. Don’t even worry about it, you’ll barely notice it.

3) And during the journey the northmen can’t help but make fun of this weirdo that is now tagging along with them. They specifically note his horse and sword. Why?

4) Why could Banderas drink alcohol even though he specifically says drinking is against his religion?

5) During the film there are four major battles. The first in the hall. The second is the big stand in the village against the calvary. The third is when they take the battle to the cannibals in their lair. And the final battle again is in the village. How many of the 13 warriors died in each?


Slender Man Quiz

I guess I could ask a couple of easy questions about Slender Man. Like … how would you describe the body type of Slender Man? (He is slender). And … what get gender is Slender Man? (He is in fact a man). But instead I’ll throw you a few curves.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why do our four heroines decide to bravely go onto the internet and watch a video about a very very slender man?

2) But wait … then why didn’t all of the guys start getting slenderized later in the movie as well?

3) The moment where things stopped being polite and started getting real was when Katie is kidnapped while on a school trip. Where did they go for this school trip?

4) In order to try and get Katie back the three remaining girls go into the local Spooky Forest and use some internet advice to try and get Slender Man off their backs (jeez dude, chill out, you have a real weird stalker vibe going on here). What do they have to do to escape insanity / kidnapping / death?

5) Why does Wren (Joey King) show Lizzie the Slender Man video? For the record their friend was already shown this video, everyone was being haunted, and their friend had gone missing … but yeah, show your friend’s little sister the video. By all means.