Vampire Academy Quiz

Ugh, high school can suck, aaaaaaaayooooooo! Welcome to the Academy … Patrick’s Academy of Hard-Knocks! Climb into the hurt locker, for I am your quizmaster, ready to ruin your GPA with a pop quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) During the course of the film, in an attempt to rattle Vasilisa, an unknown antagonist kills two animals and places them among Vasilisa’s things. What two animals were killed?

2) On the other hand, in a flashback the now absent Ms. Karp sees Vasilisa heal what animal shortly after it dies? And Karp is all like “say whaaaaaaat?!”

3) What is the name of the saint that also specialized in the super secret Spirit power that Vasilisa is able to control?

4) Time to open your notebooks you nerd-alerts, what does “shadow-kissed” mean? Rose is super shadow-kissed.

5) Vasilisa is getting hot and heavy with Christian Ozera an outcast at school which Rose does not like very much. Why does everyone dislike Christian (except Vasilisa … remember, they are getting super hot and heavy over here)?



The Game Plan Quiz

You might be a playboy star NFL QB, but zoinks! You just found out you have a daughter!!! Better put on your big-boy pants, learn to love again, and take this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Joe Kingman is the star quarterback of the Boston Rebels, but he’s also the star in his adorable dog’s life. What kind of dog does Joe Kingman have?

2) Joe just needs a place for his daughter Peyton to go during the day when he is practicing. Luckily she’s an above average ballerina for her age, and gets enrolled in a prestigious ballet school. Unluckily this means Joe has to participate in the school’s recital (oh no! Say it ain’t so, Joe!). What part does he play in the recital?

3) After hurting Peyton’s feelings Joe tries to make it up to her by singing a beautiful tune. What song did he sing? Bonus points if you can correctly tell me whether Dwayne Johnson is a good singer.

4) In The Big Game what injury does the distracted and distraught Joe Kingman suffer?

5) Joe Kingman’s Boston Rebels beat the New York Dukes for that elusive championship ring. What was the final score though?


Wild Wild West Quiz

When you hear Wild Wild West what do you think? That’s right, you think flying bicycles, crossdressing, and giant spiders. Or at least I hope you do, because that is the primary focus of this quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The movie opens with Will Smith macking the mack and Kevin Kline singing in a brothel. An impressive fight sequence breaks out as both men end up pursuing the same man. Who?

2) Who is the president of the United States during this film (and actually the original television show which I have never seen)?

3) Our two protagonists then pursue our antagonist, Dr. Loveless, to New Orleans where he is having a kind of “welcome half-of-me back” party. At this party what is Kevin Kline dressed up as? Bonus if you can name what Kevin Kline dressed as in the brothel, and what Will Smith dresses as in the finale of the film as well.

4) Salma Hayek plays a young woman sprung from imprisonment with the eeeeeevil Dr. Loveless. Why does she say she is pursuing the eeeeevil Dr. Lovelace in the first place (and why is she really)?

5) In the finale of the film Jim West dodges a bullet Texas Rangers style and ends up hanging perilously over a desert canyon with Loveless. Loveless dares him to kill them both. What does Jim West do?


Cannonball Run II Quiz

Now, if you had to do the Cannonball Run a second time, which car would you choose? Trick question! You’d use the same grey Volvo 240DL Wagon from the first time. Why mess with perfection? It (obviously) won you the race the first time. Sexy boxy curves, so sexy. Mmmm … oh yeah, time for a quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why are they running a second Cannonball Run anyways? I mean … you obviously can’t have some normal storyline like suggesting it is run every four years or something like normal people, that would just be too logical.

2) Why does the Sheik hire the doctor from the first film to ride along with him? Obviously it wouldn’t be a Cannonball Run film without the hilarious gross-out humor of the famed proctologist Nikolas Van Helsing!

3) Why does Don Don Canneloni (Charles Nelson Reilly) want to kidnap the Sheik? By the way, this is one of the most confusing subplots I’ve ever seen put to film, so I don’t blame you if you cannot figure this one out.

4) How does Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and Sammy Davis Jr. infiltrate Don Don Canneloni’s camp to save the Sheik?

5) So … who wins the race?


The Cannonball Run Quiz

If you had to choose a vehicle to do The Cannonball Run in, what would it be? That’s right, you would choose a grey 1984 Volvo 240DL Wagon … hrrrrg, look at those boxy curves. It feels like it is shaking apart when you hit 80 mph, feels so good. Huh, what’s what? Oh yeah quiz time!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the cross country road trip of a lifetime, what state did the race start in, and where did it end?

2) What is the name of Dom DeLuise’s secret identity, referred to as “him” for the vast majority of this terribly terrible film.

3) Farrah Fawcett plays a kind of spacey lady who ultimately gets picked up by Reynolds and DeLuise. How did she get involved in the Cannonball Run in the first place?

4) How does Reynolds and DeLuise get around the roadblock set up by the main antagonist (who just wants to stop literal crazy people from drunk driving across America at 150 MPH, I mean … who’s the real antagonist in this film? Dean Martin is literally shit faced when he starts the race for godssake!)?

5) Who wins the race?


Crossroads Quiz

You ready for a true-blue cross country roadtrip with the girls?! Well hop on in, sing some karaoke, and hope you can remember anything about this heartwarming coming-of-age tale.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Justin Long and Britney Spears get miiiiiighty close to doing it. Unfortunately for him she gets cold feet (to go with his blue balls, heyyyyyyoooooooo). In a last ditch effort to drum up some confidence she has him read three items from the list of reasons for them to have sex. Name at least two, bonus if you get all three.

2) Instead of having sex with Justin Long, Britney Spears instead goes to dig up a time capsule (almost as cool, whatevs) with her besties. What item did each of the girls put into the time capsule. Bonus if you can name the fourth and final item as well.

3) In a true-blue cross country bonanza Britney and the gang grab Anson Mount and drive to California. Where did the trip begin, and what two other states play a major role in the trip?

4) Throughout the film Taryn Manning is pregnant, but not by her boyfriend. Who knocked her up and how?

5) Let’s finish with an easy one. What Britney Spears smash hit was Crossroads presented as a kind of origin story for? She sings it at the end when (spoiler alert) she smashes it at the singing competition.


Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Quiz

If you’ve seen Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid then I just have two words for you: mating ball. After that I have four more words:

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The research group wants that sweet no-research-needed botanical panacea, and they think they’ve got it with the super rare Blood Orchid. For how long does the Blood Orchid bloom, and how many years between blooms?

2) Give me the name of either of captain of the ship Johnny Messner’s true loves. His pet monkey. Or his super janky ship.

3) During the course of their travels they meet a cute little spider friend that might just nab them a pretty penny on the medical drug market. What is the name of the spider and what are the symptoms from it’s bite?

4) After crashing and trekking through the jungle to check out a tribe of headhunters, they discover proof (!) that the blood orchid does what they hope it will do, provide a fountain of youth to extend life. What is the proof?

5) How many people survive the mating ball to live another day in Indonesia?