The Snowman Quiz

Here’s the quiz all you kids are clamoring for … The Snowman! Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. In the film J.K. Simmons (you know … the guy who was like … there doing things) is a businessman pushing for Oslo to obtain hosting rights to what event?
  2. Harry Hole’s ex-girlfriend Rakel is dating a very nice (almost overly nice … hmmmm) doctor named Mathias. What type of medicine does Mathias practice?
  3. Harry Hole is a cop that don’t play by no one’s rules, so naturally he goes rogue to investigate Katerine Bratt’s father’s suicide (murder? Da da da) in Bergen. Along the way he meets Mathias who is attending a conference, what was the subject matter of this conference?
  4. In the beginning of the film, when Harry Hole discovers the little girl hiding in her basement and decides to dunk all over Katerine’s sloppy investigative skills, what animal was the girl wearing the mask of?
  5. What detail connects all of the victims of The Snowman Killer, how does he choose the women his is going to kill? You could go into more detail about his M.O., but do you really want to?

I full expected Jamie to have gotten a 100% again, but alas he did not. Who could blame him though, this film was a mess.


  1. The XV Winter Sports World Cup. I will accept just the Winter Sports World Cup obviously, I’m not a lunatic.
  2. I’m not exactly sure where he got the time to go to medical school given all the killing he’s been doing (spoiler alert? Why are you reading this if you care about spoilers?), but he is a plastic surgeon, which is what makes …
  3. The fact that he is going to a hormone treatment conference all the more suspicious (hmmm, wasn’t the killer obsessed with fertility … more on that in a second).
  4. She is wearing the mask of a donkey. I can’t help but like Michael Fassbender and he does an absolutely great donkey impression, Oscar for Best Sound Mixing right there IMO.
  5. They all have or were going to have children to unknown fathers. Although weirdly he did know his father was a cop, that is, presumably why he toys with them … this movie was pretty sloppy guys, unpopular opinion alert.

Wow that quiz was unpleasant to make because straight up I didn’t really know what was happening in this film half the time. I hope everyone had twice the amount of fun taking it though.


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