Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Quiz

After smashing the Deuce Bigalow quiz for the first movie you must have thought you were pretty hot shit eeeeeh? Not so fast, turns out that was only 50% of your grade for the semester, because Pop Quiz Hotshot!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. When Deuce meets TJ in Amsterdam they go to a coffee shop where Deuce insists he has never and will never do drugs. TJ decides to commit a serious felony by secretly feeding him drugs via a baked good. What was the name of this baked good that Deuce appears to eat five or six servings of?
  2. Eva is the new love interest for Deuce in the sequel because … well probably because the actress who played Kate, Deuce’s wife from the first film, wisely said no thanks to the role. How did they say Kate tragically died?
  3. Eva’s condition that can only be cured by the kindness of Deuce Bigalow is that she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The offensive characterization of this disease in this film is just that she does weird things in very specific situations. What does Eva do when someone sneezes?
  4. When Deuce goes out with the ladies he ultimately helps them realize their inner beauty in one way or another. In this installment we see him go out with a hunchback, a very large lady who dresses him up as a baby, a girl covered in dirt, a girl with large ears, and a girl … *gulp* who literally has a penis for a nose. What does he do to help these ladies. One point each.
  5. In one of the more obvious twists in cinematic history it is revealed that Eva’s uncle Gaspar Voorsboch is the gigolo killer and is planning on killing all of the gigolos in Amsterdam. What two reasons does he give for killing the gigolos?

Jamie probably slam dunked all over you guys. You might want to consider dropping out of the PhD program for Deuce-Bigology. Slink away with your Masters, slink away.


  1. Space cake. “There are drugs in space cake?” Deuce asks, right after hallucinating that he walks into a portrait to molest a milkmaid (not joking).
  2. On their honeymoon Deuce accidentally feeds sea turtles with lettuce covered in meat sauce, which in turn attracts sharks, who ate Kate. He only has her fake leg, which is carries around for quite a bit during the film.
  3. Eva does many things, but this one in particular is shown several times and is a key part of two scenes. She hits herself in the face three times when someone sneezes. We also see her scream when she hears an ambulance, and sniff her fingers when she hears an accordion, among other things.
  4. He makes the hunchback a fake backpack to cover the hump, he helps the large lady adopt a baby, he cleans the dirty girl, and … *gulp* he gets the girls with the large ears and penis for a nose breast implants (not joking).
  5. First he claims that the occupation (along with cannabis sales) has attracted disgusting tourists (all of which are Canadian for some reason) who defecate in the streets. A little while later it is revealed he actually dreamt of being a gigolo himself, until it turned out his fiancee was the one being used in a demonstration of the Portuguese Breakfast at gigolo school. He, naturally, overused a penis pump until his penis exploded, and has blamed the gigolos ever since … (*sigh* not joking).

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