Extreme Ops Quiz

Are you ready to get Xtreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme!? Ba-da-bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (those are guitar noises). The most Xtreme quiz you’ll ever take, how Xtreme are you?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. The commercial our heroes are putting together appears to be comprised of very little content and costs a whole buttload of money. During the film we get to see all three segments of this Xtreme Xtravaganza, what three sports are featured in the commercial?
  2. Not counting our fearless and very French helicopter pilot how many people are on location in Austria to film?
  3. Creating an impromptu hot tub using heated rocks the gang decides to do some serious bro-time brooooo. Just broing out with the bros yo. What game do they play in the hot tub?
  4. The main feature of the film is an exciting race against an avalanche featuring a Gold medalist downhill skier (what is the budget of this goddamned commercial?!). How many seconds do they have to do the run in in order to guarantee they beat the clock and smash that gnarly powder duuuuude?
  5. The crux of the very not-chill war crimes portion of the film involves a Serbian soldier faking his own death and hiding in the Austrian pistes with our intrepid heroes. Ultimately what was the actual eeeeevil plan the villains feared our Xtreme athletes would foil?

Now those are some Xtreme questions. I know my bro go all of them right, what about you?


  1. The two obvious ones were downhill ski racing against an avalanche and whitewater kayaking over a waterfall (the segment from the beginning). But, you might recall the inexplicable mountain biking over a cliff segment from the opening credits, subtle one that.
  2. Seven. The owners of the company are Jeff (the money man) and Ian (creative lead). The stunt coordinator is Mark. Will appears to be Ian’s full time employee. Kittie (a punk rocker) and Silo (a skateboarder?) are recruited for the shoot. And Chloe is a gold medalist downhill skier and star of the commercial.
  3. Truth or Dare. We see Chloe take bubblegum out of Kittie’s mouth, and Silo run around naked in the snow.
  4. They have 30.8 seconds, which, naturally, they nail right on the nose first try no problem. Ultimately they end up just completing the shoot while (quite literally) killing terrorists, so … that’s pretty rad.
  5. After faking his own death convicted war criminal Slobodan Pavlov was waiting for his agents in The Netherlands to blow up The Hague in order to save his accompliced. Presumably … this was supposed to help his situation somehow? I don’t know, but his son suggests they have 48 hours to murder a bunch of snowboarders so that this brilliant plan doesn’t get foiled. Very very not chill.

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