Monte Carlo Quiz

Y’all ever just feel like you deserve better than being a sweet southern belle? Well pack up your things, because you and your three besties are off to Paris! And what wild adventures you’ll have, hope you paid attention because it’s Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. We are treated to three delightfully different young ladies having a graaaaaand adventure in Europe, Grace (Selena Gomez), Emma (Katie Cassidy), and Meg (Leighton Meester). How do they all know each other?
  2. Meg bumps into Riley three times during the course of the film before scootering off to swiftly fall in love. What three places did they meet?
  3. Grace pulls an Ocean’s Twelve and happens to be a perfect double of the rich British socialite Cordelia. After playing polo terribly in Cordelia’s place what does Grace teach her royal escort Theo that makes him fall in love with her?
  4. Emma’s beau Owen chases her to Europe after realizing he BLEW IT by trying to stop her from going to Paris. After arriving in an Emma-less Paris, how does Owen find out the girls are in Monaco?
  5. A little essay question … so what is Riley the dashing australian backpacker’s backstory? Why is he bumming around Europe slaying ladies and taking names?


  1. Meg and Grace are step-sisters, Meg’s father recently having married Grace’s mother. Emma appears to have been a classmate of Meg before dropping out to pursue modelling, and now is a co-worker and best friend of Grace at a diner.
  2. First she stumbled into him at Sacré-Cœur, second they happen upon each other at the Eiffel Tower, and then finally they scooter off from the beach in Monte Carlo.
  3. She teaches him to whistle loudly with his fingers. It’s a regular grass-whistling scene from Here on Earth! No man or woman can resist such charms.
  4. After sleeping on the street (instead of the empty hotel room left by his fiance … whatever) he happens to see a newspaper featuring Grace-as-Cordelia at a party in Monte Carlo.
  5. So, he had a terrible rugby injury in high school (it sounds spine related) which laid him up in the hospital for a year. After getting well he decided to take to the road to find himself again since his previous self-image was shattered (much like his spine, heyyyoooo … I assume). It sounds like his parents are none too happy about this, but Riley don’t play by no one else’s rules.

Jamie pays close attention to every movie we watch, but most of all the important life lessons our girl power movies offer. In this film I learned that a trip of a lifetime won’t change who you are. I mean … sure, on the trip you met a Baron’s son or whatever and that’ll probably be really important to your life’s trajectory … and you happen to look like a rich British socialite which could be helpful. But the lesson is … be yourself … I think.


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