I Spy Quiz

I spy with my little eye … a laughless comedy featuring Eddie Murphy. Oh, and a quiz … because it’s Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. In the cold open (emphasis on the “cold” ayyyyyooo) BNS Agent Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) is in charge of recovering a defected US pilot being held in a secret military prison in which country?
  2. Meanwhile in Las Vegas Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy) is in the process of very quickly knocking out his most recent Middleweight opponent. Obviously very proud of his very impressive undefeated record, how many wins has he recorded after his victory?
  3. The aforementioned pilot had sold a super-secret military aircraft called the Switchblade to our eeeeeeevil villain Arnold Gundars (Malcolm McDowell). But what does Kelly Robinson call it? Also why is it called the Switchblade?
  4. While teaching Alex Scott to seduce Special Agent Rachel Wright (Famke Janssen) Kelly Robinson … well, he literally just has Alex sing a song to her (in a kind of Owen Wilson-y talk-sing way). What song?
  5. Ultimately in a very messy standoff on top of the Chain Bridge the winner of Gundars secret auction of the Switchblade has a very eeeeeeeeeeevil plan for the plane. What is the plan?


  1. Uzbekistan, on a snowy mountain top in a prime avalanche location.
  2. 57. Also it is completely absurd, but he is planning on defending his title a second time only three weeks later in Budapest setting up, you guessed it, the plot of this film.
  3. He calls it the Leafy Bug, after those weird looking bugs in the rainforest which look like leafs … but they’re bugs. Like how the Switchblade has an invisibility cloak. It is called the Switchblade because the wings retract.
  4. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. And glory glory the scene is online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIOvOmiB-B0
  1. They are going to fit an old school thermonuclear bomb to the Switchblade and then blow up Washington D.C. … it is shockingly straightforward.

Jamie, being the super spy that he is nailed this quiz. Actually … obviously we should star in a film where we are separated twins who have to team up as a super spy team! … I think that is actually pretty close to the plot of Double Impact starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Too bad, it’s gold!


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