Bringing Down the House Quiz

Do you ever stare out the window wistfully thinking of the more innocent times when white people speaking in ebonics, dropping f-bombs (not the good kind …), and dancing to hip hop were not only acceptable, but the makings of a $100 million dollar comedy? Well, then you are well prepared for this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. At the beginning of the film Peter Sanderson (Steve Martin) is meant to go on vacation to where?
  2. The law firm of Peter Sanderson is courting the business of Virginia Arness the wealthy heiress. What is the breed and name of her dog?
  3. What crime was Charlene Morton (Queen Latifah) convicted of, how long was she supposed to be in prison, and who actually committed the crime?
  4. Peter Sanderson says he bought a new cellphone during the course of the film. What does he say it is made of?
  5. Some of the best bits of family comedies like this are the B-stories. Peter Sanderson has an ex-wife, and two children. Can you name all three of their B-stories?


  1. Hawaii. Him bailing on this vacation is supposed to be just yet another data point in the pattern of him being a workaholic who neglects his family. Hope nothing strange enters his life right at this pivotal moment to shake things up!
  2. The dog is a french bulldog and is named William Shakespeare, complete with many name-inspired outfits displayed throughout the film.
  3. She was convicted of armed robbery. She was sentenced to a four year prison term before escaping. Her ex-boyfriend Widow dressed up as her and robbed the bank. He’s been somewhat illogically just sitting on the money ever since waiting until … um, something happens I guess?
  4. This would seem like trivia, but in reality it plays a huge part in the film. For some reason Martin is shown specifically plugging it in every time he gets home. It is $600 dollars he says, and in the end it is gifted to Queen Latifah’s character so they can keep in contact while she is on the run. It is made of titanium, naturally, which is fortuitous because it means it can stop the potentially fatal bullet from killing her in the climax of the film! Phew, the Titanium Cellphone is basically a character in this film.
  5. The ex-wife is trying to date again with a golf pro named Glenn, but is realizing that she is still in love with Peter. The son has trouble reading, but it turns out Charlene know exactly what he needs (to read pornographic magazines I guess?). The daughter is sneaking out with a bad boy, which ultimately ends up in a no-means-no situation at a party. Everyone grows and learns and loves again, it’s beautiful.

Jamie knows what’s up and aced this quiz, how about you? Were you a square like Todd Gendler, or were you a baller like Howie Rottman? Do you even get the joke? I barely do and I watched this movie like … 10 minutes ago.


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