Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever Quiz

Agent Aitch, are you ready for your next assignment? In the coming days it may or may not be revealed that your long dead great-great-grandfather was in fact not killed in a mining accident in the old west, but is instead married to your former business partner who now owns a multi-national gunrunning business. He’s also a cyborg. If you are confused by your assignment, all I have to say is … good luck Agent Aitch, we’re all counting on you in this week’s quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. Why did Sever (Lucy Liu) kidnap Michael, Gant’s son (or so he thinks! Da-da-da), in the first place?
  2. On the other hand why was Gant desperately trying to get the boy back? I mean … he says throughout the movie that he’d basically kill his own family for a buck, so why oh why is Michael an exception?
  3. At one point it is noted that Sever was an Orphan Class assassin. What does Orphan Class mean? Note that in one scene it lists her as Werewolf Grade Wet Design Prime as well, but those are nonsense words and meaningless.
  4. After the intense fight in which Agent Ecks is “beat up by a girl” and Sever escapes, Ecks is taken into custody at the home of a fellow agent (Terry Chen). For what crime is he arrested?
  5. In the flashback scene to the day of Agent Ecks’ wife’s death (maybe? This is actually rather confusing), what does Gant say was the motivation for him faking everyone’s deaths?


  1. Sever had a family, and family, as Gant says, are expendable. In the process of completing a job Sever’s family was killed. This, understandably, made her quite upset, so she kidnapped Michael in order to set up an elaborate trap to murder Gant.
  2. It is because Gant put his super secret assassination nanobot stolen in Berlin into Michael in order to get it across international borders undetected. Gant has 48 hours (or so, a guesstimate I’m sure) to get it out of him before it … spoils or whatever.
  3. Due to the One Child Policy in China at the time it is insinuated that girls are put up for adoption by families who are hoping for a boy. These girls are then apparently recruited and trained as assassins.
  4. He is arrested for the attempted murder of Agent Julio Martin who was leading the task force and was shot by Sever (not Ecks). It seems to indicate that Ecks was framed by Sever as a way to get him onto her side … maybe? Because she springs him free moments later.
  5. At the time his name was Robert Clark a fellow FBI agent working alongside Ecks. In order to become an international shadow government operative though, he needed to “die” and be reborn as Robert Gant. He intended to kill Ecks, but Ecks narrowly escaped the twin car bombs. Ecks was presumably so saddened by his wife’s apparent death that he retired from the FBI and never followed up on Clark/Gant until the events of the movie.

Jamie busted out his minigun and blasted this quiz for a perfect score. Did you hold on to the careening explosion filled bus long enough to catch Sever and save the day? Or did you commit super crazy trick-gun hari kari like a chump?


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