Underclassman Quiz

You’re deep undercover. This conspiracy, the absolute gall, in a school no less! And then you think to yourself “wait … is my entire life just a rip-off of 21 Jump Street? Like … what have I done with my life where I’m a police officer going to legit high school to break up some car stealing ring?” You decide to quit on the spot. But not before taking this quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

  1. Let’s start with an easy one. Why did the LAPD send bike-cop-turned-amazing-detective back to school?
  2. Rob Donovan captains the school Blacktop Battle team. How many games does Trey (Nick Cannon) ultimately play in for the school … and I wonder if there is an age limit on competitors …
  3. Trey plays three sports with Rob’s crew during the course of the film. Name them.
  4. Trey prefers to give chance on foot or with his trusty BMX bike (fine, that was only once in the beginning of the film). But twice Trey gets ahold of a motorized vehicle in two chase/race scenes. Name them.
  5. During the film there are three cars stolen by the school carjacking ring. Name the type of any one of them.

BONUS What was the name of the designer drug Headmaster Powers was flipping the stolen cars for?


  1. A student had gotten killed, and the Mayor (whose child went to the school) became concerned. A piece of paper found at the crime scene had the name Rob Donovan written on it, so they wanted to send someone undercover to get to know him and figure out what he knew.
  2. He plays in two games. When he arrives at the school they are in the quarterfinals, where Trey plays the second half. They have an extended montage of the second game. And both Rob and Trey leave prior to the start of the finals.
  3. He plays basketball for Rob’s team in the Blacktop Battle, they teach him about playing unselfishly via a game of rugby, and the crew attempts to discern Trey’s possible deception in an intense paintball game.
  4. After abandoning his trusty BMX bike in the beginning of the film Trey commandeers an ATV to chase the … toy thiefs? Later, in order to gain Rob’s trust he borrows a jetski in a race at the marina.
  5. The first we see is a yellow Hummer H2 on the night of the students death. The second is the Jaguar stolen during Alex’s party which helps Trey crack the case. And finally, Juanita, the baby blue vintage ‘65 Chevy Corvette Stingray during Trey’s botched sting.

BONUS: Bliss. Which is amazing … it is 21 Jump Street. There is a weird fake designer drug and everything! Awesome.

Wowza, I know a ton about the movie and in no way is that depressing. Are you Trey, living up to your father’s expectations and becoming a quizmaster? Or are you Headmaster Powers getting got and exploding in a giant fireball in the harbor?


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