Cool World Quiz

Are you having one of those days where you just got out of prison, but you keep on getting transported to an alternative dimension populated by cartoons which you thought had come from your mind? Wait … what?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Brad Pitt is returning from where, and when does this sequence take place?

2) How is Brad Pitt’s character transported to Cool World (the parallel dimension populated by Doodles) in the first place?

3) During the course of the film Brad Pitt has a partner named Nails, an anthropomorphic spider. At one point Nails is semi-kinda-not-really killed? What is one way to kill a Doodle apparently?

4) In the end of the film Brad Pitt is killed after being shoved off of a Las Vegas casino by Holli Would. But, what is this? He lives! Why didn’t Brad Pitt ultimately die?

5) In the beginning of the film Gabriel Byrne is in prison … what was his crime?


1) He is returning from the European theatre of World War II (Italy specifically) in 1945, complete with a motorcycle won in a card game. He is ready and raring to … get his mother killed.

2) At the same time as the accident Dr. Whiskers is attempting to create a path to our universe using his Spike of Power. Instead of transporting himself however he accidentally pulls Brad Pitt through to Cool World. Trust me, all of this makes total sense and isn’t completely insane garbage.

3) A fountain pen is one of the most dangerous weapons in Cool World it turns out. One can suck a Doodle up into it and then it is trapped, presumably forever. Although once the pen is broken later on Nails escapes and returns Brad Pitt’s body to Cool World.

4) It is explained that because Holli Would was a Doodle when she killed Brad Pitt his fate is the same as if he was killed in Cool World by a Doodle. It turns out if you die in Cool World you become a Doodle permanently … well, I guess, until you have sex with a Noid? That bit is unclear, but I guess I assume if Brad Pitt became a Noid again his body would still have the injuries sustained in the fall? Whatever.

5) This is a really tough one because it is only ever mentioned in passing. He was in prison for murdering his wife’s lover years before. He created Cool World while in prison and comes out rather famous … I think. I can’t really remember everything from this film.

So what are you? Are you a hard-boiled detective hunting down Noids trying to have sex with Doodles? Or are you the mad Doodle who just wants to have sex with a Noid in order to herself become a Noid? For the record, that second one is the bad one apparently.


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