Speed 2: Cruise Control Quiz

Speed is so classic it was where the name of this quiz is from. Speed 2 took that formula … subtracted Keanu … and put it on a ship …  Do you remember anything about this film? Neither does the producer who was probably high on cocaine the entire time!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Start with a crazy one, no way you can get this, but Willem Dafoe says the name of the cruise liner they are on multiple times in this film … do you remember the name of the ship?

2) Why does Jason Patric know sign language? Quite handy for communicating with a deaf 14 year old on the ship, and doesn’t make him at all look like a Creepy McCreepster.

3) During the course of the film you see people watching two other films within the film. Name at least one of these films.

4) Why does Willem Dafoe have so many cute leech pets in his cabin?

5) Besides the fact that he is macking the mack with Sandy B, what else makes Jason Patric suspicious of Willem Dafoe’s character right off the bat?


1) Seaborne Legend. It has quite the wikipedia page I have to say. And yes, almost a week after I watched this film I somehow remembered that. I just thought it was a weird name for a boat.

2) Because he wanted to learn a second language … not “my sister is deaf” the obvious reason both Jamie and I immediately thought of, but no … Jason Patric just wanted to learn a second language and decided to learn sign language.

3) First, after Jason Patric signs with the 14 year old girl you later see Sandra Bullock watching Lolita … which is weird as fuck. Second, right before the oil tanker realizes the cruise ship is going to crash into them you see a sailor watching The Enemy Below, specifically a scene in which two ships crash into each other.

4) They clean his blood from … copper poisoning? Wait, from heavy metal poisoning? But I think you just take like … a binding agent or dialysis or something to cure that, that isn’t a chronic condition. Once you take the person away from the heavy metal, they are no longer poisoned. So the real answer is: because he thinks leeches are super cute.

5) Willem Dafoe was complaining about the cruise ship employees losing his bombs golf equipment. But yet, the Players Championship is on at the bar, and he gives nary a glance! Watson, I smell a rat international terrorist!

You notice how all of these questions never actually discuss the plot? That’s because this plot is nonsense and garbage. So … don’t be like this plot, be like Jamie who gets a perfect score on all of these quizzes.


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