Wild Wild West Quiz

When you hear Wild Wild West what do you think? That’s right, you think flying bicycles, crossdressing, and giant spiders. Or at least I hope you do, because that is the primary focus of this quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The movie opens with Will Smith macking the mack and Kevin Kline singing in a brothel. An impressive fight sequence breaks out as both men end up pursuing the same man. Who?

2) Who is the president of the United States during this film (and actually the original television show which I have never seen)?

3) Our two protagonists then pursue our antagonist, Dr. Loveless, to New Orleans where he is having a kind of “welcome half-of-me back” party. At this party what is Kevin Kline dressed up as? Bonus if you can name what Kevin Kline dressed as in the brothel, and what Will Smith dresses as in the finale of the film as well.

4) Salma Hayek plays a young woman sprung from imprisonment with the eeeeeevil Dr. Loveless. Why does she say she is pursuing the eeeeevil Dr. Lovelace in the first place (and why is she really)?

5) In the finale of the film Jim West dodges a bullet Texas Rangers style and ends up hanging perilously over a desert canyon with Loveless. Loveless dares him to kill them both. What does Jim West do?


1) The initial sequence in which both protagonists are pursuing Bloodbath McGrath, the man who committed the massacre at New Liberty. So fundamental to the … first half of the plot, whereby he is merely dispatched in order to really kick that sci-fi nonsense up a notch.

2) President Ulysses S. Grant. Kevin Kline even impersonates him (twice) in a nod to the comedy classic Dave (I assume).

3) He is dressed as a fur trapper. And specifically a French fur trapper. Which makes sense I guess because the party is in New Orleans. Earlier Kevin Kline dressed as a prostitute in the brothel (and sang the Confederate song Arise), while Will Smith dresses as a belly dancer (that plan works like a charm too, Loveless is like “my my my, what do we have here?” and is totally distracted).

4) She claims she is trying to find her father, a famous scientist who was kidnapped by Dr. Loveless as part of the plan to create the giant spider machine. It turns out it was actually her husband and she had turned West and Gordon’s animal like lust against them.

5) He pushes that button, brooooooo. Jim West ain’t afraid of no death! But then he grabs hold of a chain and ends up surviving, hooray!

So were you Wicky Wicky Wicky Wild Wild West, Jim West? Were you a desperado? A rough rider? Do you not want nada? Or were you Dr. Arliss Loveless, the half-man robot who you just know was going to get all blown up at the end of this thing?


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