Alpha and Omega Quiz

We watched a literal child’s film. A film made for a child. So you’d think a quiz would be easier. But actually … since you probably didn’t pay attention to what what actually happening in the story, it is likely to be even harder than normal. Good luck.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Kate and Humphrey are an alpha and an omega destined to fall in love, but first Kate has to get engaged to Garth. Why does she have to get engaged to him?

2) But uh-oh, Garth has a fatal flaw (besides not being Humphrey). What is it?

3) When Kate and Humphrey are spirited away to Yellowstone in Idaho they meet a golf-playing goose and a duck. Where are each from (or so they claim)?

4) Meanwhile Garth and Lilly, Kate’s sister, hit it off. And, best of all, they improve each other! How does each improve the other?

5) By why is it that Garth and Lilly, and Kate and Humphrey are forbidden to marry? Wouldn’t that also unite the pack?


1) Garth’s pack is encroaching on Kate’s decree, and in order to save both packs Kate’s father has promised Kate’s hand in marriage to Garth.

2) He cannot howl sexily, which is totally a deal-breaker. Like no joke, no sexy howling and no … wolf marriage I guess.

3) The goose is a Canadian Goose and is French-Canadian (although he claims he is just French). The duck is British. Why they are in Yellowstone? … We’ll never know.

4) Garth teaches Lilly to hunt like an alpha, and Lilly taught Garth to howl sexily without killing all the birds. Uh oh, sounds like someone is falling in love, and it is Garth and Lilly!

5) Aha, and there’s the rub! Alphas marrying omegas is strictly forbidden! Until now! Breaking down that old wolf caste system, how progressive!

So which are you? An alpha? Or an omega? In this case I am literally saying omega is worse than alpha. Actually you can be many things depending on how many questions you got right. You could be a beta, or a gamma, or even an iota. Which are you?


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