The 15:17 to Paris Quiz

In 2018 Clint Eastwood decided to conduct an experiment: make a movie based on a true story with the people (non-actors) who took part in the actual event! Time to conduct your experiment: desperately try and remember anything about this film.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open the movie with a teacher chastising Spencer and Kyle’s mothers about their behavior and suggesting, much to their chagrin, what diagnosis?

2) In the end Spencer makes a few friends, Alek and Anthony, at his Christian school. But alas, but ultimately move on. What happens to each of them?

3) Why can’t Spencer be a part of the Search and Rescue team?

4) Name at least two countries the men visit in Europe on their trip. Three for full points.

5) In the final fight our hero, Spencer, is almost killed twice, and should have probably died. What two things did he luck out with in thwarting the attack?


1) She suggested they might have ADHD. And it was like she had suggested they be lobotomized or something. The result was what I would have expected out of a Scientologist film. I really did not understand the anti-psychology bent to the beginning of the film and would love for someone to illuminate me.

2) Anthony decides Christian school isn’t for him, he wants the laaaaadieeeeees. Alek is finally sent away to live with his father when the two boys’ behavior becomes too unmanageable and the principal suggests a change.

3) He apparently has no depth perception. Which it seems is a requirement. It does seem odd though. Eyes are weird man, like … is that just a brain thing? Not having depth perception?

4) They started in Venice I think. They are there at one point, and Italy was definitely there. They then moved on to Germany, where they embarrass themselves on a tour of Berlin. And they hit up Amsterdam on the suggestion of a musician they meet there. So Italy, Germany, and The Netherlands. France doesn’t count, although I guess I’ll take it. They probably were in France when the train ultimately stops to get emergency personnel on board.

5) First, the automatic weapon jammed, which Alek suggests is a one in a million event. The second thing is that the smaller firearms the attack had weren’t prepared as they were only going to be used once the attacker ran out of ammunition. So as the attacker goes to shoot Spencer, the gun ends up not loaded and innocuous. Scary stuff!

So were you Spencer, a man who in a moment became a hero due to split second decision making? Or were you Clint Eastwood, the man who then cast Spencer in an ill-fated adaptation of his own novel?


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  1. I apologize that my comment is not related to this post, but I just wanted to let you know that I posted a link to my Queen of the Damned review in the comments section of the Queen of the Damned Recap post.


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