Midnight Sun Quiz

We all know you love teen romantic dramas. You watched The Kissing Booth or whatever, and you’re like Jacob Elordi youz a hottie! I know it, you know it, so sit down and watch Midnight Sun and prepare for this quiz.

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Katie is a girl who doesn’t want to just be known as a disease. But what is that disease called? We know it is that she’s allergic to the sun (basically), but what do they call it? The short name will suffice.

2) But hey, Katie can go outside at night, that’s neat. What does she usually do at night?

3) But then her world gets turned upside down by Charlie, the somewhat morose boy Katie has been in love with her whole life. What makes him so morose? Why isn’t he having a ton of fun with his cool friends?

4) Charlie is just to best. He takes her to parties, and to Seattle to see a concert. But then, uh oh! When they get back from Seattle they go skinny dipping and then Katie sees a little bit of sun. How did she blow it so hard? How did she miss curfew?!

5) Katie passes away from her bad brain, Charlie goes to Berkeley, and Rob Riggle continues his life. Rob Riggle has had a tough life. How did his wife die? Actually, for good measure why not also tell me what he does for a living for a bonus point.


1) Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP). Which in reality just makes you much much more likely to get skin cancer and form cataracts. But in this case she literally dies from some sort of “bad brain” disease if she gets even a little bit of light.

2) She usually strums her guitar to the adoring crowds at the old-fashioned train station that somehow exists within hours of Seattle. She’s a talented lady!

3) He’s sad because he was supposed to go to Berkeley, but he BLEW IT! He decided to hot dog at the pool and he hurt his shoulder. And guess what you get stripped when you hurt your shoulder? Your swimming scholarship to Berkeley. So he’ll probably just be like … a hobo in town now. His life sucks.

4) Because her watch isn’t waterproof! So it stopped at around 2AM or something. But before she knows it it is past 4AM and the sun is coming up! Should have probably told Charlie that you have a disease which means you are allergic to beautiful sunrises, girl!

5) His wife died in a car accident when Katie was young. And he’s a photographer. You might have thought this was just a hobby during the film, but later you see him listening to Charlie’s Song in his office and his job is clearly “photographer”.

Well there you have it. So are you a teen rom-dram superfan? Or are you a pathetic loser? Y’all know it, love those rom-drams.


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