Proud Mary Quiz

You grew up in an assassinating family, and naturally grew up to be a badass assassin. Buckle into your Maserati, strap on some heat, because you have five high profile targets in your sights … these quiz questions!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Mary is a hitman and proud of it! How many official hits do we see Mary perform during the film?

2) Danny rips off a dealer in the beginning of the film after the dealer tries to rip him off. How much money does Danny get away with in the end?

3) Mary, Tom, and Benny (Danny Glover) have an interesting relationship and it is no surprise that those three (plus the kid Danny) end up at Benny’s house for dinner. What is their relationship?

4) How does Tom figure out that Benny is the son of the opening hit by Mary?

5) When Tom and Mary wipe out the rival gang (literally just wipe them out, all dead), Mary is injured. Where?

1) Three. First being Danny’s bookie father in the beginning making Danny an orphan. The second is Walter (Neal McDonough) whom Mary makes a sort of scapegoat in order to try and get the heat off. And finally there is the big hit that is meant to take down the rival crime family once the war is in full swing. I would accept six if you want to count the killing of Tom, Benny, and Uncle as well.

2) $500. Initially the dealer is $500 short, and then Danny takes a full $1000 after pulling a gun and getting his money.

3) Tom is Benny’s son and he is itching for a turf war. Mary was semi-adopted into the family when she was young and trained to be muscle for the crew. And Mary and Tom used to be an item as well, up until Mary realized she wanted out of this life, drawn to the innocence of Danny, a boy she orphaned in a hit years earlier.

4) Benny slips up and admits he lived in Jamaica Plains before getting adopted by Mary. Tom, naturally, knows that (1) that means Mary made him lie about it for some reason, and (2) this is the same area as a hit Mary performed prior. Viola!

5) She is shot in the side. Which gives us a sweet scene of her drinking straight vodka (natch) and putting on bandages (rad). What a crazy life they all lead. It could be a sitcom!

So did you shoot a bunch of people in the face and take down the rival quiz? Or did you take on Mary and get yourself got like a chump?


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