The Darkest Minds Quiz

How dark is your mind? I think it is merely a darker mind, but perhaps you contend that it is the darkest mind? Well then en garde for a mind darkness quiz!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Name the different colors and what powers they denote.

2) Who are Ruby’s three friends and what powers do they have?

3) In the camp how do they detect that Ruby is an orange? There is a specific method which leads her to Mandy Moore.

4) The Children’s League is supposedly helping Ruby, but uh-oh! She learns that they might be up to no good. What does she learn, and what do they actually do/want?

5) What is the twist to the film? They are in Slip Kid’s camp and then …


1) Green = super duper smarty pants. Blue = telekinesis so you can float ladies around. Yellow = electricity like Pikachu. Orange = mind control bro, and accidentally erasing your family (whoops!). And red = fire breathing dragon people who get almost no screen time.

2) Liam is a blue and he floats twinkies (and ladies) around like non-stop. Zu is a very quiet yellow. And Chubs is a super duper smart Green.

3) Through nefarious research they discovered a audio frequency which is experiences more acutely by more powerful power-children (or whatever they are called). Since Ruby is an orange is hospitalizes her, and she is slated for elimination before Mandy Moore springs her.

4) This is actually confusing, but one of the Children’s League members killed a few of the powerful individuals. Why? It is unclear, but possibly because they aren’t useful, or because he’s evil or something, but this tips Ruby off. It is later suggested that they want to use the power-children to gain power for themselves. Which I guess isn’t so bad … the alternative is literally President Mind-Control so …

5).It turns out Slip Kid is basically President of the United States. He controlled his father’s mind, put him in a cell, and has been running the power-children concentration camps since. Sounds pretty great. Four more years! Four more years! Oh wait, I don’t think there are elections anymore.

So how dark is your mind? Jamie’s is like … jet black, that’s how much he aced this quiz.


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