Ernest Goes to Jail Quiz

So you’re Ernest. You’re a janitor, you’re kind to a fault, you got friends and maybe (oooooooo) a girlfriend, and fine … you might be a bit slow. But gosh darn it you want to be a bank clerk! Well you can’t … until you take this quiz that is!

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) As was explained Ernest is a janitor at a bank (but he wants to be a bank clerk). The night we meet this kind misfit he’s busy innocently trashing the bank. What unfortunate action by our hero sets off the chain of events whereby the bank is messed up?

2) Like normal human beings Ernest, when electrocuted, becomes magnetic (and much hilarity ensues). How many times did Ernest become magnetically charged?

3) Ernest is very very excited to serve on Jury Duty. What case does he very coincidentally and inconveniently get to be a juror for?

4) After a little switcheroo with Bizarro Ernest (i.e. Nash), Ernest ends up in prison. Whoops! Afterwards Ernest attempts to escape three times prior to his execution. Describe each attempt.

5) Why is Ernest able to fly in the climactic battle scene with Bizarro Ernest?


1) He is attempting to polish the floor like a good night janitor, but it just isn’t starting. Naturally, as you are wont to do, he started to just flip the on/off switch rapidly back and forth. This is incorrect though, as the explicit warning on the machine suggests, and the machine suddenly and violently turns on and drags Ernest willy nilly about the building.

2) Four times. First in the bank as mentioned above. The second when checking the short in his high speed drier. The third when he is electrocuted by the electric chair in prison. And finally back in the bank by the new fangled criminal cage.

3) It is a murder case. But not just any murder case! An associate of Bizarro Ernest (i.e. Nash, our villain) is accused of murdering a fellow inmate by throwing him off a balcony (at the behest of Nash as we are told).

4) First Ernest carves a gun out of soap, but it becomes all floopy. Second he tries to fish a key off of the guard with a spring attached to a string, but instead pulls his trousers off (classic Ernest). And finally he dressed as an old woman and tried to walk out the east gate, but he drops his comically giant iron jail balls by accident.

5) Because of his magnetism. You see he’s polarized, and thus gravity has lost its grip. Naturally … that is how things work right?

And sadly that’s where the movie cuts out. We never do get to learn whether Ernest gets that bank clerk job. Did you? Did you get them all right like Jamie, who is now contractually obligated to quit his job and become a bank clerk?


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