Beverly Hills Cop III Quiz

Bust out that sweet 80s synth it is time to go back to Beverly Hills (Cop III)! What’s that? This was made in 1994?! Jeez Louise … I guess we are busting out our mid-90s synth now?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Axel echews the SWAT in the opening action scene because it is an easy breezy beautiful straight-forward bust. What do they think they are busting? What do they actually stumble into?

2) When Axel goes back to Beverly Hills following the rumors about the stolen van’s location he meets up with his old friend Rosewood. What is Rosewood’s job now?

3) And his old friend Taggert! Oh wait he’s not there, what happened to him?

4) Hector Elizondo really really is hoping Elis De Wald is clean … why?

5) The crazy gun Serge gives Axel to help infiltrate the amusement park has many capabilities. Name at least three things we see that it is able to do.


1) They think they are busting a peace-loving chop shop with no guns. They are mostly just jolly grease monkeys who love to sing. Unfortunately these jolly grease monkeys were hired to jack a government van filled with blank US Treasury notes. They stumble into a bloodbath as the villains eliminate the jolly grease witnesses.

2) He basically controls inter-departmental coordination, which has some ludicrously long acronym associated with it. Any “green line” on a map which separates jurisdictions he is in charge of. And boy howdy does that power go to his head.

3) Taggert retired to Phoenix. He’s apparently fishing for the most part. But very specifically he is not dead.

4) Hector plans on retiring in the next few years and the entire criminal conspiracy is focused around De Wald who runs a very well respected private police department whose main client is the definitely-not-Disneyland Wonder World. Hector naturally would like some of that sweet private police money dude.

5) It does many many things. The four things we see it actually do are: It plays music. It shoots a net. It actually shoots bullets. And it shoots a missile. The commercial we see also suggests it has a phone, fax machine, microwave oven, CD player, radio, night vision goggles, alarm system, microprocessor, and video camera with playback capabilities. The net is the most useless, and the music, naturally, is the most useful. What can I say, I love me some tunage when I indiscriminately murder like 40 corrupt police officers.

Phew! Did you get them all right? Or did you completely tank your beloved comedy franchise like an idiot? I know what Eddie Murphy did …


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