Godzilla (1998) Quiz

Back in 1998 you had Godzilla-mania, even if you didn’t know you had Godzilla-mania. But did you really understand the movie?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Dr. Nick (Broderick) explains like four times what his research was concerned with … but for reals what was his scientific research all about?

2) Back in NYC Audrey is just trying to break into the tv news biz. Working as an assistant to a supremely creepy (and comically short) news anchor, what very inappropriate thing does this sleazeball suggest to Audrey when she asks to discuss her future career in broadcasting?

3) Godzilla appears in four different places in the film. Can you name them?

4) After the initial trap to lure Godzilla out, how does Dr. Nick determine that Godzilla is pregnant?

5) Dr. Nick is then booted out of the army HQ because Audrey, his old college flame, leaked the Godzilla discovery tape to the press. So he decides to go with a gang of wacky Frenchmen to Madison Square Garden where they discover dozens of Godzilla eggs which begin to hatch! How do our heroes get the army’s attention before a hundred Godzillas are let loose into the streets!?


1) He was studying the effects of the nuclear fallout at Chernobyl on the size of animals in the surrounding ecosystem. Specifically he was collecting earthworms to proved they were larger than they should have otherwise been (and they were, by 17% he claims).

2) In a very #MeToo moment, when she asks about getting a chance to do on air broadcasts, he suggests they discuss it further at her place over dinner. Wink wink … she is rightfully appalled. And guess what? At the end of the film … nothing happens to him! He’s still a well respected news anchor on television in NYC. I assume his antics would have caught up to him, just a decade or so later as he’s comfortably and quietly pushed into retirement.

3) We start in French Polynesia where the original Japanese (presumably) ship is attacked at sea. The large footprints and another wrecked ship is found in Jamaica. Three fishing trawlers are pulled under the ocean off the coast of New York. And finally New York City itself. If Godzilla can make it there, he can make it anywhere.

4) The army shoots a buttload of guns at Godzilla and so Dr. Nick is able to collect some of its blood. He suspects that the reason Godzilla has come to the city is to nest and the amount of fish he is eating suggests to him that maybe he is preparing to lay eggs. So he grabs some home pregnancy tests, and determines that indeed, there are certain markers which could prove his theory true!

5) Audrey and Animal show up to try and get the big scoop, and Audrey knows that her television station broadcasts the Rangers games via an exclusive online connection. Contacting her television crew they use the Rangers feed to get a story out to the world: we hate MSG, it’s a dump, and now filled with Godzillas to boot. Blow it up please!

So did you get them all right like Jamie and defeat the nuclear beast? Or did you lay a bunch of eggs in Madison Square Garden and then let it get all blown up like a goober?


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