Daylight Quiz

Wow, the last thing I remember I was stealing a bunch of jewels with my super cool bros, and then we totally exploded a tunnel and stuff, and then Sly Stallone was saving me. That’s cool. Do you remember what happened in Daylight?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) SPLOSION! That’s the beginning of the film. But what causes the Holland Tunnel explosion of 1996?

2) And shock horror!! Mah God! There are people trapped in that tunnel! But how many people survive the blast to be trapped in the tunnel?

3) Sly Stallone is a taxi driver with a heart of gold, but he used to be an EMT with a heart of gold, and the chief of all EMTs in New York City! So why is he a taxi driver again?

4) There is only one man to save these tunnel bound fools, and that’s Sly the ex-EMT taxi driver! So what’s the plan? And what goes terribley wrong for our hero right off the bat?

5) Finally, how many people die, and how many people survive from the original thirteen. Bonus if you can name how everyone dies.



1) Some chemical company is being naughty. You see they want to get this toxic waste dumped yesterday! And they know just the sketchy trucker to do the job. One small cash transaction later and he’s on his way to New Jersey (where toxic waste belongs, heyooooo). Meanwhile some … meth heads? Druggies at least, steal a bunch of diamonds and are attempting to evade police when they crash into the toxic waste truck (whoops!) and blow the entire tunnel to smithereens.

2) Twelve. Amy Brenneman the jilted lover escaping her disgusting playwright existence in Manhattan. Viggo Mortenson, a blustery extreme sports entrepreneur. Four young convicts. A family of three who had just gone on vacation in the city. An elderly couple with their cute doggie friend. And a police officer just trying to hold everything together. Ah, but you’re like “what about Stallone idiot!” Well guess what hot shot? He wasn’t trapped in the tunnel, he went into it after the fact, remember?

3) Because he has a deep dark secret … he murdered a bunch of people. Wait … that can’t be right. Oh, no, he just got a few EMTs killed during a fire or something. And one of them was his bestest friend’s brother who then stabbed him in the back like Brutus. Et tu Frank, Et tu? Long story short Sly was fired.

4) The plan is to get Sly into the tunnel via the ventilation system which can be turned off temporarily (convenient!), but only for like 30 seconds and only once before it can literally never be turned off again (oh … inconvenient, but like … you could just cut the power right? Never mind). He’s to locate the survivors, bring them to high ground, and try his best to keep them alive while the crew up top formulates a rescue plan. One immediate problem: The tunnel has a massive leak and now it turns out it’ll be filled within about an hour and they are totally boned! Time to improvise.

5) Four of the thirteen die: Viggo Mortensen disregards Sly’s warning and gets all smashed up while trying to climb to safety. One of the convicts goes a bit nuts and dies after getting impaled by the same accident that killed Viggo. The police office dies after snapping his neck when part of the tunnel collapses, he’s rescued, but then convinces Sly to leave him behind to presumably freeze to death or drown. And finally the old lady freezes to death after swimming up to the eventual exist point Sly discovers near the end. So three convicts, the family of three, the old man, and Sly and Amy Brenneman eventually make it out alive.

Ahhhh right, Sly totally flexed his muscles and bicep curled all of the survivors out of the tunnel free solo style. That’s at least how I remember it, it was rad.


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