Mercury Rising Quiz

Oh man, The last thing I remember I was helping this autistic child run away from assassins and murders most foul. But then I must have gotten quite the blow to the head because I can’t remember anything else. Can you remember what happened in Mercury Rising?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What group is Bruce Willis asked to infiltrate and what traumatic event occurs in the eventual FBI standoff right in the beginning of this film?

2) After punching out his superior Bruce Willis is relegated to grunt work … but what kind of grunt work?

3) Little Simon is autistic and he’s about to solve an NSA encryption puzzle in a game magazine. Where does he get the magazine, and why? Bonus if you can name the number of the puzzle he solves.

4) Why is Alec Baldwin so concerned about Mercury and the ability of this kid to decrypt it on sight?

5) How many people are killed during the course of the film?


1) He infiltrates a sovereign citizen group who believes the government itself is illegal. And the young member he befriends is killed in the ill-timed raid. Ooooooh what you saaaaaay, that you only meant well?

2) Only the gruntiest of all grunt work. He is sitting on a wiretap of a bookie, which appears to be rather boring. They do not like these bets they are hearing. Not one bit.

3) He gets the magazine from his special education teacher who offers it to him if he joins the group at school. And Simon loves puzzles (like me), so of course he’s going to participate for that sweet puzzle hook up. And the puzzle number is 99.

4) Alec is concerned because it has already been rolled out as a specific protection for spies in dangerous situations in foreign countries. Its compromise is obviously extremely concerning … plus it’ll ruin his career which hinges on his personal guarantee that Mercury is uncrackable. So really there is only one thing to do: kill a nine-year-old in cold blood.

5) The two NSA employees, the parents, and the assassin on the train earlier on in the film. Let’s not count any potential random FBI employees which may have died in the firefight atop the helipad, but Alec Baldwin and his crony died right at the end. The middle had a woeful lack of murder/vengeance though, in case people are thinking of making Mercury: Still Rising.

Ah right, I took on the NSA single-handedly and flexed my Bruce Willis man muscles right in that nerd Alec Baldwin’s face. Boom. My mercury’s rising just thinking about it.


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