After Quiz

Here’s the thing, I’m a super bad boy with a British accent who loves literature. I have a bunch of horrible friends and I, like, think love is like … dead you know? I’m so broken and brooding. So broken in fact that I don’t remember anything that happened to me, do you? Do you remember what happened in After?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When Tessa goes to college she pretty much immediately falls in with a crowd including Hardin, the bad boy with a heart of gold and a literary mind. There are typically four other people floating around Hardin. Vaguely describe them.

2) Hardin and Tessa got into a heated argument in her literature class about what book? Describe their arguments as well.

3) What is Tessa’s backstory with her mother and Noah. Why is Tessa’s mother so over-protective?

4) Why does Hardin hate his dad?

5) Where does Tessa apply for an internship at the end of the film, and how does she get those sweet connex to make the interview happen?


1) Tessa meets Hardin through her roommate who, illogically, is a sophomore to Tessa’s freshman. There is also Molly, who is maybe Hardin’s hook-up / ex? There is another guy who is … well he’s just another guy, he doesn’t have much to do in the film. And then there is a townie tattoo artist who is honestly a huge douche. Really, only Tessa’s roommate comes across remotely well, it is pretty nice of her to continue to invite Tessa to things despite the fact that Tessa never seems to have fun at the parties she goes to.

2) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Hardin’s argument is that Elizabeth Bennett liked that Darcy was a dick and if he hadn’t have acted like an asshole he would have never caught her eye. Tessa’s argument is that Darcy was lucky Elizabeth could look past Darcy’s initial frosty exterior to eventual see that he was a man worth falling in love with. I side with Tessa, it is a thoroughly feminist novel, and any other reading is foolhardy.

3) Tessa’s father left her family when she was ten and her mother had something of a breakdown. This required Tessa to effectively take care of her mother for an extended period of time. Tessa’s mother thus is very suspicious of men, and also wants to make sure her daughter is self-sufficient enough to need no man. Noah has been Tessa’s friend forever, and helped Tessa out with her mother, and there is something of an unspoken idea that they would eventually get married.

4) Hardin’s dad is a recovering alcoholic. Presumably he used to run a university / was a professor in England, and he licked a Cheeky Pint (as they call it in jolly old England) on Wednesdays, and Tuesdays … and, well he was in the pub all the time it is implied. One day he angered the wrong people at the pub, and looking for payback, they came to Hardin’s flat and assaulted his mother. It is implied that Hardin’s father left Hardin’s mother in the lurch, although it is also suggested that he only addressed his alcohol issues once he moved back to America and met the woman he marries half-way through the film.

5) She applies to Vance Publishing. You see, Tessa loves literature, but also understands the practicality of majoring in something like business or economics. Hardin’s dad is like “Combine those two things Tessa! Book publishing!” Tessa gets the interview via Hardin’s dad who is a Big Deal.

Ah right, I met Tessa who is also, like broken, but in the exact opposite way as me, so that we, like, fit together like a puzzle piece and become two fixed people instead of two broken people. Love isn’t dead and now we are all romantical and love literature together. The End.


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