Angel Has Fallen Quiz

Quite literally a huge part of this story is just how many concussions the main character has. I barely remember my own name, let alone what happened in this film. Do you remember what happened in Angel Has Fallen?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What piece of legislation does President Morgan Freeman announce at the beginning of the film?

2) What is the vice-president’s (spoilees!) plot to kill the president? And why does Wade Jennings go along with it?

3) Why does the FBI think Mike Banning tried to kill the president?

4) Where does Mike’s estranged father live?

5) What position is Mike promoted to at the end of the film?


1) He announces the impending signing of legislation banning private military groups like Blackwater. This ain’t going to make the military-industrial complex very happy.

2) Kirby just wants that powah baby! He’s been slinking around Washington like a snake in the brush for too long, it’s Kirby’s time to shine, baby! Wade Jennings goes along with it because he owns a private military group. You remember that answer from question 1? Yeah, Wade Jennings is one of those people who isn’t very pleased with President Morgan Freeman.

3) Because he’s framed. They have his military gear in the van where the drones are launched. They have an offshore bank account with a boatload of Russian cash in it. And we have a cagey agent with a concussion / opiod problem he’s been hiding for months. It … honestly, it is a pretty open and shut case, Mike.

4) West Virginia … mountain mama. Country road … bring me hoooooooome!!!

5) Director of the Secret Service. It would have been great if instead Morgan Freeman was like “I need a new vice-president, what do you say?” Then in the sequel, I Has Fallen, President Mike Banning has to save himself from the threat for which he, the president, is framed for. He’s a fugitive President of the US! Wait a tick, don’t write that down, this is actually a good idea. Fugitive President … You can’t impeach what you can’t find (that’s the tagline).

Ah right … nope, I still have so many concussions I’ve again forgotten what happened in this film. I sustained three more while taking this quiz.



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