Replicas Quiz

Uh oh, I got into a crazy bad car accident and my whole family was killed. I also don’t really remember what happened because I sustained a bad concussion in the process. Do you remember what happened in Replicas?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film a donor comes in to Keanu’s clinic to get his new body. Who is this donor, and what happens to him?

2) Well, no time to dwell on failure (even though if I fail a few more times the entire company I work for it going to go under … whatever), time to hit the beach! Where is the family going on vacation?

3) Whoops, Keanue killed his whole family (whoops!). Well … obviously don’t call the police, instead just clone them all! Except for the youngest one. Why can’t he clone the youngest one?

4) Keanu it turns out operates like a rare gemstone. Pressure makes diamonds! Under extreme pressure to both resurrect his family and resurrect his flailing research project, Keanu buckles down and thinks up some gnarly algorithms. How does Keanu solve the issue with the robots destroying themselves?

5) In the end Keanu and robo-Keanu part ways. What do each do with their lives?


1) The donor is a recently deceased soldier who was all blown up by something. They put his mind into a terribly rendered CGI robot and his mind was like “WHAT?!” and he tore himself apart. Whoops!

2) They are taking a boat (named I think the Cheating Hussy? I can’t quite recall, but something like that) out to sea. Time to relax to the max. I mean … if Keanu didn’t kill his whole family that is.

3) He can’t clone the youngest because they only have three cloning pods. And Keanu needs all of the clones to wake up at the same time, otherwise they’ll realize something is up. Best to just wipe any memory of her existence from all of your family members’ minds! Oh wait … that sounds like a fate worse than death. Uh … I guess I hope you burn in hell you monster?

4) He gives the robots a body. He maps his own body matrix (?) into the robot’s body matrix (?) and voila, there is matrix synergy (?) and the robot is all like “I’m Keanu too, yeah!”.

5) Keanu lives happily ever after with his family. And guess what, he snags a spare pod and clones his youngest daughter as well. Hope you saved everyone’s memories of her! And robo-Keanu obviously becomes a multi-trillionaire selling clone/memory transfer services to the ultra-wealthy. That seems … dark somehow. Like that’s what he wanted the whole time? To create some weird immortal 1% race of super-humans? Bizarre.

Ah, right, I cloned my entire family, and literally no one seemed too bothered that we all just disappeared for three weeks. And guess what? It totally worked out! Like I literally have a new body, it is great! We solved aging forever!


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