The Island of Dr. Moreau Quiz

Hmmm, last thing I remember I was in a plane crash on my way to help resolve a conflict with Indonesia. After that everything is a blank … I mean, I obviously remember the animal people, but besides that, I remember nothing. Do you remember The Island of Dr. Moreau?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) There were two other survivors of the plane crash alongside the main character. How did they die?

2) When he arrives on Dr. Moreau’s island Montgomery, played by Val Kilmer at peak scenery chewing glory, locks him in an upper floor room “for his own good”. But Thewlis escapes. What does he witness after escaping, prior to being saved by the alluring young woman he met earlier.

3) What are the three laws of the beast people?

4) How many true “children” does Moreau have? What animals are the combination of?

5) What was Montgomery / Dr. Moreau’s intention with Thewlis, why did they bring him to the island?


1) They were fighting for that sweet sweet last canteen of water within the lifeboat (getting blood everywhere), and then fell out into the shark infested Pacific waters. They were presumably eaten soon after.

2) He witnesses some sort of beast-woman giving birth to a beast-child while beast-doctors perform the procedure. He is driven into the forest where the young woman find him and tried to get him to escape.

3) You are not to walk on four legs like a beast. You are not to drink water from the stream like a beast. And you are not to eat the flesh of animals like a beast. If you obey those rules you can be a glorious five-fingered man like Dr. Moreau.

4) He has four children. Three of them are dog-men, ranging from very shy, helpful and polite, to the evil eldest son. And then the fourth is the young woman who is a cat lady.

5) They were eager to get his blood and genes onto the island in order to mix them with some of the beast people in an attempt to reverse their reversion to a beast. They are giving them medicine and drugs throughout, but by the end the animal-people are all becoming bestial, and they seemed to think an injection of some fresh DNA might be needed to create their glorious beast-man master race. Something like that.

Ah right … nope, still only mainly remember the animal people. I mean, for real though that is all I really needed to remember about this film in the end.


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