Knock Off Quiz

Huh, so I was facing down Jean Claude Van Damme and then all of a sudden I was bopped in the head by a can thrown by Rob Schneider! Well the long and short of it is that I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Knock Off?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Our hero of the film is Marcus Ray, who we meet seemingly as a fashion designer in Hong Kong alongside his handy assistant, Tommy, played by Rob Schnieder. What is Marcus Ray’s nickname though? HINT: It has to do with his somewhat unseemly past.

2) Why is there a rickshaw race almost immediately? One of the greatest sports moments in BMT history.

3) Now there is a nefarious plan going on though which ends up getting Marcus and Tommy caught up in a bit of light criminal activities. What is the big bad plan they are attempting to foil and what does it have to do with them?

4) And what secret is Tommy (and about four other people) in the film hiding from Marcus?

5) What big event is happening throughout this entire story?


1) He’s known as the Knock Off King of Hong Kong. In the past he was just that, the king of the underground knock off market. But he’s trying to make good on the up and up these days.

2) It is for charity. They apparently do it every year, and Marcus’ brother (he’s adopted, either literally or figuratively, it is very unclear) Eddie cheats every year, it’s all in good fun, and it is meant to help the image of the jeans company Marcus works for.

3) The big plan is that some bad dudes are trying to ship bombs all over the US to remotely detonate in order to wreak havoc in the West. It turns out they are trying to use knock off copies of Marcuc’s jeans as a vessel for these bombs. Uh oh!

4) Rob Schnieder is a CIA agent obviously. So is the other random employee of the jeans company we meet early in the film. And then like four other CIA agents float around in various capacities.

5) It is the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese from the British. In other words, the climax of the film takes place pretty precisely in the late afternoon of June 30, 1997. Not a day earlier, and not a day later. Excellent temporal setting.

Ah right, this film was just absolutely bananas, everyone is cops, and it is directed by a lunatic. I … remember that now?


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