Blame it on Rio Quiz

Oh boy, yikes. Well … so I was hooking up with my friend’s *gulp* daughter, and then I got bopped in the head (by a coconut I guess, we were in Rio) and I’ve blessedly forgot everything. Do you remember what happened in Blame it on Rio?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Caine and Bologna are good friends going on holiday to Rio (Rio babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!). But how do they know each other? 

2) Who is going on the trip?

3) When they arrive in Rio it is time to hit the clubs and the beach. That first night, Caine dips out on Bologna and “accidentally” hooks up with Bologna’s daughter played by Michelle Johnson. Where did Bologna go? And what event did Caine and Johnson meet up at?

4) When Bologna learns his daughter is hooking up with a geriatric who obviously blows his stack. He, amusingly, enlists Caine to snoop about for him and figure out the culprit. Prior to admitting his guilt, two men are accused of being the mystery lover. Who are they?

5) In the end how do all of the tangle relationships ultimately end up?


1) They work together. They have worked together for quite a while it seems, and it is finally time for a holiday. Rio babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

2) It is just Caine, Bologna, and their two daughters played by Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson. Caine’s wife is going to Club Med by herself for literally a month. Bologna is divorced.

3) Bologna hooked up with a recent divorcee who was smoking a cigar (his eyes popped out of his head when he saw her lighting up, the pinnacle of sexiness for Bologna). And Moore, Johnson, and Caine end up hanging at a beach wedding (oh … and Johnson and Caine have sex).

4) They accuse the singer at a cheesy nightclub first, leading to a very amusing fight. And second they accuse the next door neighbor to their rented house who owns a restaurant. It seems that both were ploys by Johnson to force Caine’s hand to make him admit their relationship to Bologna.

5) Well after Caine and Johnson break up Johnson tries to kill herself. She survives, but ultimately moves on soon after Caine’s wife arrives in Rio. It turns out Caine’s wife and Bologna were having an affair, but that is over now. So in the end Bologna is still alone, Johnson has moved on to other people, and Caine and his wife decide to work out their many issues back at Club Med.

Oh right … it’s exactly as bad as I thought it was. Who made this movie?!


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