The Darkest Hour (2011) Quiz

Oh boy, last thing I remember is glowing things falling from the sky, and then I got bopped on the head and woke up a week later in a desolate city. Do you remember what happened in The Darkest Hour?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open on our heroes, Sean and Ben, heading off to Russia to close a big deal for their startup. But what does their startup do?

2) After that deal … doesn’t happen, the boys hit the town and meet up with Natalie and Anne. How do they know / have heard of these two women before?

3) After the aliens attack the, now fivesome, hide in a storage room in the bar. After that they make a plan to escape to where?

4) In the shopping center they figure out a way to detect the aliens, a way to hide form the aliens, and later on with the help of Sergei, how to kill the aliens. How?

5) In the end, the reason the aliens have come to Earth is alluded to. Why?


1) They have an app that basically tells them all the hot bumping places to go in a city. And with this Moscow deal they’ll be the real deal and rich af. About that though … turns out their Swedish partner totally boned them. Ugh. Time to party.

2) The two women had solicited online advice about where to go in Moscow. Seeing as they were setting up an app to do just that for young partying adults, the boys gave them a few tips. And naturally they just had to say hello when they bumped into each other at the sweeeeeet bar.

3) They are attempting to go to the U.S. Embassy … unfortunately it is abandoned as well. As a matter of fact everything but an apartment inhabited by Sergei and Vika are abandoned.

4) They detect aliens using anything electric, so throw out a ton of lightbulbs and voila! You can see the aliens coming. They can hide behind glass which is an insulator, they detect people via their electromagnetic field. And they can kill the aliens by freezing them with a microwave gun, and then using standard bullets to blow them apart.

5) They are mining in some capacity. It is suggested that they seem to eat copper and gold and stuff form the ground as those are good electrical conductors. They could just as easily be just you know … mining it, but I’m going to take the screenwriter’s word on their intentions.

Ah right, basically the entire world was destroyed by crazy lightning-aliens, and now we live in a submarine to help with the worldwide human resistance. Sounds like a living nightmare.


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