Whiteout Quiz

Uh oh. I was a down and out U.S. Marshal stationed at the South Pole and I am ready for a holiday (I tell you what). Unfortunately there’s a killer on the loose, and he bopped me on the head with an ice ax (how am I not dead?) and I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Whiteout?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with our hero Carrie taking a shower and talking to her best bud Dr. Fury. Why is this a very very special day for Carrie and Fury?

2) What is the reason Carrie came to the South Pole? Bonus points if you can explain vaguely why Dr. Fury is there.

3) They soon meet up with Robert Pryce while investigating (spoilees) missing diamonds from a crashed Russian Cold War aircraft. Who does Robert Pryce work for?

4) How did Carrie lose two fingers during the film?

5) Ultimately who is the culprits and what were their motivations and plan and what happens to them?


1) This is the day they will both be leaving the South Pole. It seems quite likely that they have both been there for years and years, so they are excited to not be incredibly cold for the first time in forever.

2) Carrie is a U.S. Marshal. At one point she was a rising star in the department, but then her partner betrayed her, intending on allowing her to get killed so that a drug kingpin could escape all for mad money. Carrie, distraught with the realization that this person she knew so well could have turned on her without her knowledge, uh … goes to the South Pole? Alright. As fro Fury he seems quite bitter at being drummed out of private practice, and the South Pole appears to be one of the last options he had to practice medicine.

3) He, amazingly, works for the UN Security Department. I assume this is just supposed to be Interpol, but then why not just call it Interpol?

4) While being chased by one of the bad guys, Carrie ends up somewhat exposed outside and between two buildings at another research center. Being chased by a masked murderer she has to quickly get into the next building and lock the door, but without gloves two of her fingers get immediately and devastatingly frostbit. They have to be amputated a few hours later.

5) An Australian pilot, Russel, and Dr. Fury were working with three ice core researchers who had accidentally uncovered the downed Russian aircraft, and the diamonds contained within. Russel, specifically, gets greedy and kills the three researchers. He, presumably, left Fury alive because they intended to hide the diamonds within a body being evacuated from the base a few days later. Russel is obviously motivated by greed, but Fury became bitter from his experience of getting drummed out of private practice and seems to consider the diamonds a sort of payback for the life he lost. Russel is killed in the whiteout, but Fury kills himself instead of allowing himself to be arrested by Carrie in the end.

Ah right, it turned out to be … the only other person without 1000 square miles who could have done it (da da da!!!!!!). What a twist!!


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