Fatal Instinct Quiz

Oh man. Last thing I remember I was watching Cape Fear, Basic Instinct, and Fatal Attraction all at the same time. I then fell and bopped myself on the head, and now I can’t keep the film straight, they’ve all smushed together in my mind like some sort of … parody film. Do you remember what happened in Fatal Instinct?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We meet our hero Ned Ravine at a carnival where he’s staking out a sneaky criminal. What is Ned Ravine’s job?

2) We also soon meet Ned’s wife Lana who is, let’s just say … having sex with the mechanic played by Shooter McGavin. What is the mechanic’s excuse for hanging around all the time?

3) Under what conditions does Ned’s life insurance policy pay out?

4) Why did Lana’s twin, the smouldering blond Lola, not look at all like her sister?

5) The story of Lola is very much a play off of two early 90s erotic thrillers. What are the two films? Bonus if you can name the movie the life of Laura the secretary is based off of.


1) He is a detective by night, and a defense attorney by day. The joke being that he arrests people and then offers to defend them in one fell swoop.

2) He’s been working on Lana’s car for the last seven months. This is unsatisfactory work and so Ned fires him, but not before the two can conspire to muuuuuuurder him.

3) He has to be shot and then fall out of a northbound train into a fresh water body of water. Luckily Ned is going on a trip to Santa Barbara which will take him over a reservoir. All Lana has to do is shoot him.

4) Lana smashed Lola in the face with a shovel when they were younger and Lola had to get radical appearance altering plastic surgery. And now Lola is out for revenge.

5) The titles are in the film and at the top of this quiz! Basic Instinct (the ice pick stuff is from that) and Fatal Attraction (the pasta scene and the bathtub scene are from that). The secretary’s life is based on the BMT film Sleeping with the Enemy. Double bonus, the whole killer bit of the film is based on Cape Fear. So we got a ton of pretty on the nose thriller parodies floating around.

Ah right. That is literally what it was … some smushed together parody film.


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