Double Impact Quiz

Oh man, as an aging action star I have taken some serious blows to the head in my day. Which is to say, I don’t remember why I’m in Hong Kong and who this person who looks exactly like me is! Do you remember what happened in Double Impact?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open on a beautiful British family living in Hong Kong and clearly killing it financially. And there is a reason to celebrate on this particular day. What is it?

2) In the end our heroes are separated and each inexplicably grow up either in France or among French nuns (odd coincidence that). Chad lives in California with his adoptive father Frank. What do they do in Los Angeles?

3) And why do Frank and Alex go to Hong Kong?

4) Throughout the film we see a fairly significant keepsake that the bad guys now own. This item is a physical representation of their betrayal of Alex and Chad’s parents. What is it?

5) Finally our heroes kill everyone and the world rejoices. How do the two main villains die? Bonus point for noting how Bolo Yeung dies as well.


1) They just opened a tunnel that connects Hong Kong with mainland China, and dem sweet tolls are going to start rolling in and making them big bucks. Hope no one decides to kill some of the interested parties to get all the loot for themselves!

2) They run a very successful dojo in which, it seems, Alex spends most of his time doing side splits in front of ladies and probably later having sex with them.

3) Frank has been trying to find Chad / figure out what to do to get revenge for the deaths of Chad and Alex’s parents. And now he has the key information from an investigator: Chad is alive and living in Hong Kong. Time to jet and start working on their plan to straight murder some fools.

4) It is a cigar box that Frank gave Alex and Chad’s parents. Somewhat inexplicably one of the bad guys just like … keeps it around and gives offers Chad (or Alex posing as chad) cigars from it. It is a bizarre power move, but I suppose it does make one thing clear: these guys are dirtbags and deserve to die.

5) One guy gets tossed off a crane and dies on impact. The other thinks he got one of the twins after forcing him into the harbor using a forklift, but it turns out he circled back around. He is then crushed with a shipping container. Bolo Yeung was killed a bit prior by electrocution during a fight with Alex.

Ah right, I found my polar opposite twin living in Hong Kong and now it is time to avenge our parents’ deaths. You ‘bout to get got Nigel!


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