The Specialist Quiz

Oh boy. So I was wiring up this sweet bomb to have a controlled explosion (everyone knows bombs are more precise than guns … right?) as an assassination tool and it blew up in my face! Whoops. Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in The Specialist?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) May Munro has a dark past, so dark that only the special explosive skillz of Ray Quick can help her out. What does May want Ray to do?

2) Ned Trent though haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates Ray. Why?

3) Well, as usual with these “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy blows up the enemies of girl” stories there’s a twist. Well, the twist is that May knows Trent. What did Trent want May to do?

4) Well, as usual Ray gets his man, and gets out. But there was one thing Ray wasn’t counting on, Trent finding him. How did Trent find him?

5) In the end Ray and Trent have an explosion standoff in Ray’s warehouse loft. Where does Ray hide his bomb, and where does Trent?


1) May wants Ray to kill the three men she saw kill her father years prior. And specifically she wants Ray to blow them up.

2) Trent haaaaaaaaaates Ray because years prior Ray got Trent drummed out of the army for being a psycho who was willing to kill children to complete a mission. Trent wants to ruin Ray’s life like he ruined his.

3) Trent had found May knowing that she had a vendetta against his boss, and that her sob story would be enough to draw Ray out of the shadows. The plan was for May to get Ray to complete her vendetta, and in the process Trent would be able to figure out where Ray has been hiding in Miami.

4) Trent knew that there had to be a way for Ray to move around Miami relatively undetected. His team ultimately figured out that all of the major hits occurred on bus lines that cross in a specific area of Miami. Once there they found a delivery boy who delivered groceries to Ray and voila!

5) Trent hid his bomb in May’s cigarette case, showing he was yet again willing to sacrifice an uninvolved party in the name of his mission. Ray’s bomb was actually a series a tiny bombs wired throughout his warehouse set to pressure timers. Ray knew that someday he would have to make an explosive exit it seems.

Ah right, I’m a bombmaker. And not just any bombmaker … I’m the best (arooooooooound, no one’s ever gonna take me down, I’m the best!).


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