Exit to Eden Quiz

Oh man, so here I am, a straightlaced cop (some would say too straightlaced), and what am I asked to do? Go undercover at a BDSM island resort! Well, needless to say, I bopped my head, and now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Exit to Eden?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film we find Elliot returning from a trip abroad and meeting an exotic French woman at baggage claim. It turns out this person is a smuggler! What is why smuggling into the country?

2) How do they figure out that their diamond smuggler is the same diamond smuggler that Elliot saw in the airport?

3) Elliot is a submissive on the island, but for the most part he ends up only canoodling with Lisa. Why was he put on work detail for the majority of the film preventing him from being taken by other dominants?

4) Why do Elliot and Lisa go to New Orleans?

5) After the big shootout, Lisa runs away from Elliot and won’t return his calls. Why does she get cold feet concerning her love for him?

Bonus Question: In the end of the film we see Elliot and Lisa live happily ever after. But do they? How long does their relationship last?


1) They are very specifically smuggling in diamonds. Usually I would say the bad guys screw up by caring too much about the insignificant photographer, but no, thinking through the plot, Omar’s photograph would have definitely ended up in the hands of the police if he didn’t try and destroy it.

2) In the airport, Nina very conspicuously, has a cold and loudly sneezes frequently. Later, in the strip club Nina misses a shot because she loudly sneezes. Fred and Sheila put together that these two things are connected and go on a quest to find Elliot.

3) Elliot, after initially being too shy to go on stage, begins to show off. This is behavior unbecoming of a submissive and Lisa puts him on work detail. She keeps him on work detail and insists on personally training him because she is falling in love with him (awwwwwwww).

4) Elliot seems to indicate that that is his home base of sorts, or where he grew up, or something. Lisa merely says that she had always wanted to go, but rarely gets to do much of anything because she is always busy running Dr. Halifax’s spa.

5) After the big shootout Elliot and Lisa have to go and get debriefed at the police station. While there Lisa sees a group of battered woman, and fears that she will once again become emotionally subjugated by a man, namely Elliot. So she runs. Don’t worry though, Sheila talks some sense into her.

Bonus Question Answer: It lasts three months. That is partly because that is how long it takes that dastardly jewel thief Omar to escape jail. On a single-minded vendetta he finds Elliot and Lisa holding each other tenderly in their Los Angeles home. He goes to shoot Elliot, but … his heart melts at their overwhelming love for each other, and he too falls in love with Lisa … and Elliot! They tentatively form a throuple, exploring yet another unconventional romantic relationship, but after a week Elliot realizes that Lisa’s true love has been Omar all along. He isn’t heartbroken, because he understands that people grow apart, and he appreciates that Lisa taught him to live, laugh, and, most importantly, love again. He bids the happy couple adieu and drives into the sunset, knowing that he’ll find true love one of these days.

I just tells ‘em like I sees ‘em. I suppose I might have read a bit between the lines concerning the ending though.


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