Sliver Quiz

Man, so hear me out. I moved into this swanky high rise, and all these people start being murdered! I don’t really know much about it, but I did get invited to a cocktail party and got real drunk and now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Sliver?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Early in the film Carly Norris is approached by an older man who wants to discuss some of the gossip of the building she is moving into. Why?

2) Jack Landsford is an author, and Carly Norris publishes books. But Jack hasn’t written a book in 5 years, why not?

3) Who owns the “haunted building” and why is it so secret?

4) Why does Zeke suggest he watches everyone in the building?

5) Where is Zeke’s hidden compartment and what does Carly find inside?

Bonus Question: How long does it take Zeke to get his sweet voyeur system back up and running?


1) He approaches her because she is moving into the apartment of a person he was friends with who, he thinks, killed herself. Further, she looks very much like his late friend, which he finds odd.

2)  He doesn’t need to write a book. His last book, Flesh and Blood, made so much money that he no longer needs to write to make a living, but Carly’s publisher should would like to snipe him and publish his next book, whenever that might be. But … maybe, just maybe, he can’t write anymore. Ba ba baaaaaaaaa.

3) Zeke does. He’s a computer video game programmer by trade, but his father owned hotels and he used his inheritance to buy the building and refurbish it (with lots of cameras too …). He says he keeps it a secret so people won’t hassle him … but I would bet there is a more sinister reason he keeps that to himself.

4) His mother was a soap opera star and he mostly stayed with her. On his super machine ($6 million custom job from Osaka, NBD) he watches because it is real drama, a real soap opera he gets to watch. It is really creepy.

5) The hidden compartment is underneath his swanky shoes in his closet. And she finds sex tapes with both Naomi and Vida. Ooooo he must be the murderer! Oh wait no … it was Berenger all along for some reason. Huh.

Bonus Answer: Two months, but he had most of it back up and running in a few days. The monitors are easy. She only shot the monitors in some misguided idea that that would, you know … kill all of his cameras or something? But naw, he went out and bought a boatload of monitors that very day. But because it all is housed in his super secret (and super creepy) man cave you can’t just get an electrician in to wire the whole thing up, so he wired up the main one first himself, and then fixed the controls to operate manually after. That gave him a ton of stuff to watch while wiring all of the other monitors up himself over the span of two weeks. He just couldn’t live without the impressive touchscreen and custom remote though, so he special ordered that from Osaka. It took two months, but was well worth it. It is all very very gross, but that’s 90s erotic thrillers for you.

The bonus question reminds me of an NCIS episode where the agents just shoot a monitor to stop a bomb countdown … like that isn’t how any of this works!


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