Toys Quiz

Oh boy, well I was in a fantastical toy company, and what a place it was. But then, suddenly, a little toy elephant popped out and bopped me on the head! Now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Toys?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Leslie’s father hand the company over to his brother instead of his son?

2) Why is Patrick Zevo, the general’s son, brought into the business?

3) Where does Leslie meet Gwen within the company?

4) What is Leland Zevo’s big secret project within the toy company?

5) What is the plan with all of the old toys they find during the culminating infiltration of Zevo Toys?

Bonus Question: How long do Gwen and Leslie stay together after the events of the film?


1) He doesn’t choose Leslie because he feels like Leslie, having grown up in the world of Toys, has never grown up. He thinks that working under his uncle will force him to finally mature into the leader he needs to be.

2) Patrick is brought in because the general gets wind of some industrial espionage. He brings in Patrick, also in the military, to interrogate everyone in the company and set up security.

3) Leslie meets Gwen in the duplication department … well, the copy room, but that’s what they call it. Patrick is accosting Gwen because she is supposed to oversee duplication, but Zevo is concerned about unsupervised copying of information.

4) Leland is basically frontrunning the entire US military’s drone program. They are training children to play video games (a la Ender’s Game) with the idea that they’ll eventually operate a smaller and cheap military.

5) The plan is to break into Zevo Toys with the help of Patrick (who designed the entire security system). Patrick will break off and shut down the system, and they’ll all rendezvous in the model Manhattan set. When the military toys attack, Leslie and the others set off all of the old toys as a distraction to lure the military toys in to start attacking them instead of the people. Eventually, Leslie uses the distraction to reach Manhattan and shut down the system himself using the flying airplane toy.

Bonus Answer: Forever, duh! They are in luuuuuuuuurv, endless lurv. And in the future Leslie has to admit to his one son Lyle that he thinks he’s just too darn serious to take over Zevo Toys (what a twist!). He instead appoints the unaging Alsatia as the head of Zevo Toys until Lyle can become sufficiently silly to understand the magic and whimsy that makes Zevo Toys such a special place to work. Bitter and disillusioned, Lyle goes to work for a rival company Gibson Toys. But uh oh! Alsatia is hacked by Gibson in an elaborate bit of corporate espionage exploiting Lyle’s ruthlessness. She begins insisting on building cheap AI apps for children with vicious microtransactional gameplay, sullying the good name of Zevo. Lyle, realizing what has happened, teams up Patrick’s son Leland Jr. to hack the Gibson (that’s the supercomputer that runs Gibson Toys) and restore Alsatia to her original silly self. Realizing the value of silliness in a world of corporate greed, Lyle takes his place at the head of Zevo, the end. Toys: Legacy … that is the name of this movie.

Hmmmm … I’m going to have to do something other than a sequel in the main recap I think, because that one is hot hot hot! Hack the planet!!!


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