Days of Thunder Quiz

Oh boy. Here’s the thing. I was racing my sweet car in the Winston Cup Series (yeah this was decades ago) and then I go into a gnarly crash and hit my head real hard. Pros: I met a hot doctor and we are now dating. Cons: I had a massive concussion and might not be able to race again and also I don’t remember anything. Do you remember what happened in Days of Thunder?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why did Duvall quit stock car racing?

2) Well, the start of the season really doesn’t go well. What is causing the failure of communication between the driver and pit crew?

3) Cole and his arch nemesis Michael Rooker get into an accident while trading paint on the track. What injury does Cole suffer?

4) What super duper secret maneuver are Harry and Cole working on to help they win Daytona?

5) Why does Cole get fired from his team, and why does he end up using Michael Rooker’s car instead?

Bonus Question: How many more races does Cole win in Nascar?


1) Because his driver died at Daytona. Randy Quaid suggests he left to avoid an investigation, but he claims that isn’t the case. It certainly is the reason he couldn’t come back before, because Quaid has got Nascar to promise not to open an investigation.

2) Well, Tom Cruise is a moron. That’s his words, not mine. He basically says he has no idea how cars work, he just drives them, and he doesn’t have the vocabulary.

3) He has a severe concussion which leave him temporarily blind due to brain swelling. Ultimately, he is just fine, but it does attract the notice of the Nascar higher-ups which want Rooker and Cole to have a make-up dinner.

4) The slingshot! A la Talladega Nights, the plan is to draft behind the lead car so that you have some power in reserve, and then on the last turn to slingshot around to victory. Shake and bake!!!!!

5) He intentionally smashed into his owner’s other car after he wrecked him … it legit would probably get you thrown out of the sport and blacklisted in real life, it was insanely dangerous. He uses Rooker’s car because it turns out Rooker has a brain bleed and won’t be able to race again that year if ever, and Rooker needs a good place at Daytona for his car for his sponsorship deals to come in.

Bonus Answer: None you dummy. Don’t you remember? Cole is only doing the Winston Cup Series because he lost his spot with open tire cars, but his dream is IndyCar. That wouldn’t change with a little success. Parlaying his Daytona victory (complete with televised footrace with his pit crew chief, the headline story on Sportscenter the next day), he manages to get a solid car in IndyCar and moves over to that series like the nomad that he is. He does quite well there as well.

Cole Trickle is now the host of Trickle and Hammer, a half hour NASCAR podcast series exclusive to Spotify, co-hosted with Phil Hammer, former Nascar crew chief. A little bit of a rough listen early on, but once they brought in Buck Bretherton for the segment Buck’s Luck about NASCAR gambling tips it really picked up I think.


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