Young Guns II Quiz

Oh man, so I just had a huuuuuge adventure with all of my pals, and so I was just hanging out, murderin’. Normal guy stuff you know? When bang! Someone hits me right on the head with the butt of their gun. Now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember anything about Young Guns II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film where is Doc (Kiefer Sutherland) and why is he arrested? 

2) Why does the governor want to meet with Billy the Kid, and what does he promise in return? 

3) How do Chavez and Doc escape from the makeshift prison while awaiting trial?

4) What is Pat Garrett offered in exchange for hunting down Billy the Kid?

5) What item did Billy leave behind as a message to Pat Garrett when he was on his trail? Billy leaves his tobacco pouch, which Pat Garrett gave him. And guess what?

Bonus Question: What did Old Billy the Kid say he was doing all those years between his “death” and the present?


1) He is living and teaching in New York (as promised in the first film), and he is arrested with the intention of shipping him back to New Mexico as the governor promises to bring those who participated in the Lincoln County War to justice.

2) He wants to meet with Billy the Kid because Billy is making him look the fool by evading capture, and he wants Billy to turn state’s evidence against the Murphy boys. In exchange Billy the Kid will get a pardon for all of his illegal activities.

3) Billy the Kid springs them! They ride in as if they are a lynch mob and demand Billy, but ultimately “settle” for his friends Doc and Chavez. But what a twist! The lynch mob is in fact Billy the Kid and Friends, and they burn the town down and bounce.

4) He is offered the job of sheriff in Lincoln County, $1000 ($500 before and $500 after Billy is killed), and all the firepower he needs to get the job done. A generous offer indeed.

5) It is a buffalo scrotum from Pat’s first kill on the trail. And inside was the wanted poster from the newspaper declaring Pat as on his trail.

Bonus Answer: Well, he did make it to Old Mexico in the end. He opened a little trading post initially, but ended up losing that pretty quickly. He was a rustler and a vagrant for a spell before falling in with an old timer with tall tales about gold all over dem hills. The thing is, those tales, they weren’t so tall. Not tall at all it turned out. So he formed a gang, went south, and hoooooooweeeeeeeee did they find gold. But with gold comes suspicion. Paranoia. It ate away at them. And just when he thought they were home free, bang! His partner shoots him and leaves him for dead. The thing is, he wasn’t so dead. Not dead at all it turned out. And as he stumbled home, all he could do was laugh and laugh and laugh. From there he mostly worked as a fruit picker in California.

Oh wait a tic … that’s just the plot of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.


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