Halloween II (1981) Quiz

Oh man, so I was in the hospital for a totally unrelated issue with a severe concussion I received at the big high school football game (I’m the star quarterback / running back natch), when this slasher just starts slashing everyone! Well, that’s what I was told since I coldn’t remember anything because of the concussion I had received. Do you remember what happened in Halloween II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Soon after getting shot six times by Loomis, Michael reappears and steals a new knife. Where does he get it?

2) Initially the police think Michael Myers is dead, despite Loomis insisting he is inhuman, able to walk away from being shot six times. Why do they think he’s dead?

3) How does Michael Myers get into the hospital? 

4) During the night Laurie Strode has an emergency!! They need a doctor. Why?

5) How do they kill Michael Myers? 

Bonus Question: What do the good guys ultimately do with Michael Myers’ charred remains?


1) He gets it from the Elrods, an elderly couple who lives nearby while the older woman is making ham sandwiches with mayonnaise, and maybe some mustard … Mr. Elrod never did wake up from his nap to indicate whether he wanted mustard.

2) The police think he’s dead because … well, someone who was weirdly dressed exactly like Michael Myers was struck and killed by a police cruiser and burned to death in front of Loomis and the police chief. Quite a coincidence that another person was wearing a bleached inside-out Captain Kirk mask.

3) Surprise attack! Michael Myers cuts the phone lines and then waits in the storage room for when the security guard comes to investigate. Luring him further into the storage room he then attacks with a hammer. After that Myers would have free reign in the hospital.

4) Evidently, Laurie has had a bad reaction to the medication she was given and is in a comatose state. This is, presumably, because the doctor was drunk. Bad new though, now the doctor is dead.

5) Loomis lures him into an operating room. After getting stabbed, Laurie shoots him in the eyeballs, and while blind Loomis and Laurie open up loads of ether and oxygen into the room. They then explode the whole room resulting in a truly excellent full body burn.

Bonus Answer: He was a monster, but he was also Laurie’s brother I guess, so they bury him in the family plot in Haddonfield … Huge mistake idiots! Turns out that that is an ancient Celtic burial ground, and that is exactly what the Cult of Thorn wanted them to do. And now Super Michael Myers is back from the dead and (1) still hates Laurie, (2) has a mask permanently affixed to his face in sleek buffed chrome, and (3) is super jacked. His insatiable bloodlust (pretty much exclusively focused on Laurie and her various progeny) drives him forever back to Haddonfield to kill and kill again, until the town becomes a ghost town without children. No children … only buff Super Michael Myers. That’s the plot of Halloween 2-10, the last one it called Halloween X obviously.

Ooops, I think I just mashed up the later sequels of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street all together.


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