Wild Orchid Quiz

Oh man, so here I was dancing my little heart out at Carnivale when I get bopped on the head by this guy on a Harley and now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Wild Orchid?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Emily is a lawyer from the midwest who travels to New York City to pursue her passion in international law. Why does she want to do International Law specifically?

2) When she gets to Rio, why does Emily end up going on a date with the mysterious (and rich) James Wheeler?

3) What does Wheeler describe as his “pride and joy”?

4) Bruce Greenwood is a creep who very much wants to pay Emily for sex. Ultimately who is he (in relation to Emily) and why does their liaison get him into trouble?

5) In the end Wheeler kind of screws over the deal Claudia and Emily are working on. How?

Bonus Question: The usual, how long do Wheeler and Emily stay together?


1) Well, she knows like five languages because she always wanted to travel, and she likes the idea of working with people of different cultures and trying to read a consensus in that environment.

2) Her boss, Claudia, is called away to Buenos Aires because the boss on the construction job they are overseeing is allegedly there to go to a wedding, but she suspects he’s trying to double deal with the Argentinias. Emily has to cover with, presumably, a financier on the project.

3) His two Harley Davidson motorcycles … was he getting paid by Harley Davidson at this point? He was also Harley Davidson in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man two years late. They are pretty neat and yellow I guess.

4) Besides being a creep he is Emily’s counterparty in the land deal that is the main story of the movie. And guess what? He’s married, which makes their affair quite the boon for Emily’s partner Claudia. They got him, baby!

5) He wants a piece of that pie, yo. He knew Emily was all about that decrepit hotel, and so he bought it out from under them, straight cash. That hotel is key though, because that is how they got the Chinese investors on board. They still sign the deal with the investors, but it means they need to make a deal with Wheeler to actually get it done (and so that they aren’t in huge legal trouble)

Bonus Answer: You know it is like two months, right? Wheeler is one weird dude. They are all lovey dovey, and Claudia is like great, we got the hotel and everything is peachy keen, and Wheeler is like “definitely, sure, sure, sure”, but then two months pass and he still hasn’t submitted a bunch of paperwork and is evading Claudia all of the time. Eventually he admits that he wants a cool million to actually let go of the hotel, and ultimately Claudia caves and gets the hotel, as that is a pittance compared to the value of the overall property … but that really sours Emily on Wheeler. He talks this big game about pulling himself up by his bootstraps and his tragic upbringing not understanding women … but it turns out he’s manipulative and alone because he’s just a colossal asshole, you know? So Emily returns to the firm in New York and everything is smoothed over by Clausdia. Wheeler dies during a cocaine fueled orgy three years later.

Oooooof, what a downer. But on the bright side Wheeler seemed somewhat satisfied with his life … I mean, for a sex predator weirdo I suppose.


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