Eraser Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I went into witness protection, which was great because I have this really fun handler named John Kruger. He’s great. But then some high up government people broke into my house and bopped me right on the head! Now I can’t remember a thing … my memory has been erased! Wait, is that why they call this movie Eraser? I honestly can’t remember. Do you remember what happened in Eraser?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams) is working with the FBI to take down Cyrez, a defense contractor. What weapon has Cyrez developed and what illegal thing are they doing with it?

2) John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzeneggar) is a U.S. Marshal for the Witness Security Protection Program (WITSEC). Where does Kruger stash Lee, and where are they to meet if something bad happens?

3) Welp, something bad happened! A bunch of witnesses are getting killed across the country. Why, and who is doing it?

4) Why do Lee and Kruger have to break back into Cyrez and how do they do it?

5) The final showdown is in what city, and how does the witness Johnny Casteleone help Kruger to take down the bad guys? What ultimately happens to the bad guys?

Bonus Question: Where does Lee end up after the final testimony in the treason trial against the Under Secretary of Defense?


1) They have developed a handheld railgun (which Vanessa Williams ludicrously suggests shoots bullets near the speed of light … that ain’t true). It is even equipped with like a magic sight which allows you to see through things (fancy). They are planning on selling it to arms dealers across the globe in a giant government conspiracy. Now … why the Under Secretary of Defense feels like making the world a significantly less safe place is beyond me, but I guess … money?

2) He stashes Lee in Chinatown in New York with one of the many extremely grateful witnesses Kruger has successfully erased. It is how Kruger manages to navigate the world outside of the system, basically, a network of people who owe him their lives and also have no connection to him on record to trace.

3) It is all a very insane ploy to smoke out Lee. The plan appears to be to convince Kruger that all of the witnesses in the program are in danger, and specifically that Lee is going to be targeted next to get him to reveal her location. He is obviously too smart for that, but they drug him, trace his phone, and then trace all cabs in NYC to figure out exactly where he is going to meet Lee. The perpetrator is fellow Marshal Robert DeGuerin (who’s doing it for mo’ money) with the conspiracy headed up by the Under Secretary of Defense.

4) They need to break into Cyrez because the entire Cyrez system is air gapped and the files are hardware encrypted such that they can’t be read outside of the main maximum security terminal in the building. They break in by faking a medical emergency in the building, and entering the building as EMTs. And then they use a secret backdoor in the (deceased) Cyrez CEO’s office to read the files.

5) The final showdown is at the docks in Baltimore (a la The Wire season 2), and Johnny just so happens to be well connected with the organized crime person who runs the docks. They help to distract the bad guys by complaining about the ship being loaded without union labor, and then eventually kill a bunch of them as well (which seems above and beyond). In the end Kruger murders all of the bad guys by leaving their car on a railroad crossing to be destroyed by a train … I’m not joking, Kruger is a cold-blooded murderer.

Bonus Answer: She is starting to like the publicity, and so she writes a memoir / true crime book concerning the case and goes on a nationwide book tour. You thought maybe Kruger and Lee would get together? Naw, Kruger is married to the job, a Marshal for life, he wouldn’t know the first thing about settling down. But when he hears through the grapevine that Lee has been helping other whistleblowers get the information they need to take down similarly nefarious companies, he gets concerned. That’s the kind of business that gets some unwanted attention from the wrong kind of people. And indeed, while back in D.C., Lee hears about a conspiracy involving the President, a mistress, and the murder of the First Lady (who, it was thought, had merely died of illness months prior)! My god, it goes right to the top John!! Can they protect the witness, break into the White House, and take down a President? Damn right they can. They are the Erasers.

They are going the rare Aliens route for a sequel. Eraser3 and Eraser Resurrection … somehow both work for the other two films as well…


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