Freejack Quiz

Oh man, so I was really going super fast in my definitely regulation size F1 car, when I crashed and thought I was dead for sure. But then I woke up and instead just had a massive concussion and can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Freejack?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Emilio Estevez is Freejacked or whatever. Why and how?

2) During the course of the film Emilio meets three people who recognize him from back before he “died”. Who?

3) When Emilio meets up with Rene Russo she turns him in to the authorities. Why?

4) Well, Emilio and Rene Russo strike a deal. Anthony Hopkins is going to help them out … but what a twist, it is a set up! They are confronted by two groups of armed men. Who are these groups and who hired them?

5) Who actually wants Emilio’s body and why?

Bonus Question: What is the first act of business for Emilio-turned-neo-McCandless as head of the corporation?


1) The why ends up being pretty straightforward, he had a very very public death as a race car driver. Because they know the exact location and the exact time it happened they can snatch his body to the future. The how is like science mumbo jumbo, laser beams, and time travel, but the key is that knowing the exact location and time of a person’s death makes them a prime candidate for body snatching.

2) Two are obvious. His agent recognizes him and tries to turn him in. And his girlfriend (at the time) obviously knows him. The third is a bit more subtle, the person who ran the apartment building where Rene Russo lived also recognizes him and lets him into the building. Amusing how much of the “recent past” the film deals with, everyone looks the same!

3) She thinks he’s been Freejacked! So that he isn’t really Emilio, he’s some other guy who is using Emilio’s body to get to her. Nefarious indeed. He suggests he just got into the apartment because the door was open, her apartment says there was no illegal entry, and the audience smells a conspiracy.

4) The main group is lead by Mick Jagger and he’s just trying to save Bone Jackers Inc. his company which was originally commissioned to capture Emilio from the past. The other (using hard ammo) was hired by Mike from Breaking Bad and he just wants Emilio dead before he causes an uprising of the unwashed masses, Freejack be damned!

5) McCandless baby! Wasn’t that obvious? He died from a virus, and he was in love with Rene Russo (awwwwwwwwwwwwwww). He figured if he got the body of her former flame that maybe she would find a way to love him back. True love, the point of this all.

Bonus Answer: He’s all about F1 remember? He establishes the future version, F-Zero (Formula Zero … get it? That’s why the video game is called that). In the sequel it has been five years and McCandless is dominating the tour. Bored with dominating the competition he uses the Corporation techmologies to transport Cole Trickle from Nascar to the future! That’s right, we have a crossover with Days of Thunder. Cole and McCandless have a topsy turvy relationship, and yeah, they bust up a few rental cars on the beach and shit, but in the end they are fast friends. But when Racer X comes and almost ends Trickle’s life, Emilio is out for blood. Who is this Racer X? … Fine I’ll spoil it since it isn’t a real movie, it is Michelette’s son Michelette Jr. In the final race for the crown Emilio must go under the same Nissan sign he died with all those years ago, can he make it?! Find out in Freejack 2: Months of Thunder.

Love the combo sequel name, like it is both the sequel to Freejack and obviously (obviously!) the sequel to Days of Thunder would be Months of Thunder.


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