Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Quiz

Oh man, so I went to Haddonfield (again) on Halloween (again) and I got bopped on the head (again) by Michael Myers (again). Well, now I can’t remember anything (again). Do you remember what happened in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The film opens in a spoooooooky cult … factory? Anyways, Jamie escapes from there with her child. Who helps her escape?

2) While being chased by Michael where does Jamie hide her newly born child (who eventually Tommy Doyle finds the next day)? How does Tommy know this?

3) What does Tommy name the baby?

4) We get quite the exposition dump about Thorn. Mainly two things stuck out. Why was a child from each tribe inflicted with the Curse of Thorn according to old Celtic legend? And why, does Tommy suggest, Michael only occasionally strikes on Halloween?

5) Who, is it finally revealed, is the Man in Black? Ultimately it is his game … where does he want to play it?

Bonus Question: Michael Myers is dead, long live Michael Myers. In the mid-credits scene who do we see the severely injured Michael meet up with once again?


1) The doctor who delivered her baby for the cult. She looks all scared and is like “what have I done?!” so she helps Jamie escape. For her trouble she is almost immediately impaled on a spike by Michael.

2) In a small cupboard in the bathroom of a bus station that was, the night before, closed due to the raging storm. Detective Tommy Doyle figured it out by listening to a radio program from the night before and hearing an announcement of an arriving bus.

3) Steven. Which I guess would make him names Steven Strode? Or Steven Doyle? Or maybe he spells it Stephen? Just so many questions about this choice. I’ll have to go to the script to really find out.

4) A single child from a tribe would be chosen to be inflicted with the Curse of Thorn and would commit a blood sacrifice of his next of kin (get it?). This was to sacrifice a family to save the tribe basically. And Michael only attacks on occasion because it coincides with the appearance of a constellation of stars in the form of the mark of Thorn as well … which literally makes no sense, but whatever. Like what are they, planets and comets and shot? Constellations don’t appear “every so often”, right?

5) Dr. Terence Wynn is the Man in Black. That’s right, the character from the first film! What a twist! I … guess? Apparently they didn’t know who the Man in Black was until this film, so it ultimately was kind of random. And naturally he wants to play a home game, on his turf, the Smith’s Grove – Warren County Sanitarium.

Bonus Answer: His mother! That’s right, that’s the big twist. After the murder of his sister, it was thought that Laurie Strode’s parents died (leaving her to be adopted by the Strodes). But nay! The mother killed her husband and faked her own death in order to orchestrate the Cult of Thorn. She’s the top dog, the Man in Black merely a minion. Well, once again, the prodigal son returns to his mother to be treated for his wounds and turned upon the world once again. The game? It’s the same as always, to gather enough sacrifices to the Ancient Gods to gain immortal life and a place in the kingdom of death. In the sequel though, our heroes begin to research the cult and come across a question: Why doesn’t Michael kill his mother? The answer to that question may just be the key to taking down the Cult of Thorn and destroying Michael once and for all.

This was the plot of the unmade seventh film called Halloween 7: The Cult of Thorn. Boring name I know, but don’t worry, they make up for it with the tagline “The mother of all horror franchises returns.” Get it?


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